Sunday, June 11, 2006

Special Code From Al-Qaeda?

I just received an email yesterday.
The email is about a "CODE" and it's really shocked me. I'm wondering either people in this world noticed about it or not, but clearly it's quiet mysterious.

So, let me share with you what the thing that played inside my head. It's all about the code. It's not a HTML code, it's not a C++ code, it's not a Morse code but it's the WINDINGS code. This code is a multifont style that listed in the Microsoft Office Word.

Now, let's cracked the code;
Do you still remember the flight number of the 9/11 tragedy? Yup, the day that shocked the world. If you forgot, the flight number is Q33 NY. Now what you have to do is that just open your Microsoft Word and type it down.

After that, highlight it and change the font to the size of 100.
Then, highlight it again and change it to the Windings font.

Now, what do you see??
Do you think it's a coincidence or is it a superb planning that Al-Qaeda did?



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