Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just a small advice.

So now you are planning to go for your next vacation right?
Have you prepare all the things that you should do?
Have you done what you should do specially your travel insurance or maybe you still not get your term life insurance quotes?

Bear in mind that wherever we go what whatever we do, we must have a back-up like life insurance because we can't predict what will happen in the next day in our life. Hope this simple entry can make you well-prepared.

Happy holiday!

I'm no logo designer but I can create my own logo!

Well I already have my own company at but I think there's a problem with my logo. The logo looks so simple and that's why I need to find a solution to upgrade it. (Opsss... sorry because this entry is not about travel but I do believe travelers also can get some knowledge from this entry ... to excited to share this experience!!! )

But after I saw this awesome logo design website, I know that I can do something from it. In fact, I'm quite shocked after I saw their very damn good D.I.Y logo creator. It's amazing because I just need few steps before I can see our logo in fully specs. I even can watch the 60 seconds demo ( you also can watch it if you have no idea what to do). Simple said, we can see how easy to merge the idea from other logos.

Now let me guide you on how to do it:

1- Click the TRY IF FREE icon.
2- Choose your image.
3- Fill in the data that you want to put in your "card".
4- Edit your additional with the superb drag and click tools at the right side of the Logoyes logo design platform.
5- Tadaaaaaa....! Now you're done! Hey look at my new logo design below:

Hey, I’m no designer but the tools in this site really makes me look so professional. But if you think the logo looks bad, just forgive me. It’s only because of my skills. Wahahahaha...!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

School holiday just around the corner.

School holiday is one of the best moment for all families in this world. This is the time that can make a family enjoy with themselves and at the same time, can build back the bonding each other. In my country, school holiday is just only 2 weeks more.

Not only that, holiday also is the perfect time for many business people. For a designer jewelry, this is time where they can see many clients from all over the world. In case if you don't know what designer jewelry offer you, just visit their website and I bet you want to get one for yourself.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Langkawi - have you been there before?


So now you're looking for your next destination to go holiday right?
If you don't have any idea on what place that you want to go, why not you consider Langkawi Island, Malaysia?

Man... I have been there for 3 days before and all I can say is, it will not enough for me to stay there for 3 days. There's so many interesting places for me to go. I think 1 week will be fine for me to spend my time in that very beauty island. Now let me tell you my experienced and how you can get there from KLIA (KL International Airport) or Puduraya Bus Station.

Okey once you arrived at Puduraya Bus Station, you have to look for the bus that will take you to a small town in Kedah called Kuala Kedah. From there, you will see a Kuala Kedah Jetty and keep looking for a counter that selling the Langkawi Island ticket. After that, you will be served by a comfortable and fully air condition ferry. It will take you to your next destination and 45 minutes after that, you will see Jetty Kuah, Langkawi. Once you see the big eagle statue below, that's mean you already in Langkawi!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Buzz the wave!


So what is the best way to earn more money online?
Do you have any idea for that?

Now here is come the best source for us to earn more money online. Advertising media on blogs now become one of the hottest industry on internet lately and that's why I think Bloggerwave just can be the perfect choice for a blogger like us.

We already have our own blogs and what you should do is to make some noise about the task that we got. It's very easy right. But if you have something that you need us (bloggers) to buzz on, then get your own advertiser account and then you will know how powerful Bloggerwave are!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Plan and prepare.

Do you know why plan and preparation important before you go for a holiday?
Well, good plan and preparation always bring a good result. Based on my experienced, all our holiday's schedule will be organized automatically one we planned it correctly. From the stuff that we should bring untill the budget, all must be done perfectly.

I also have my own stuff to bring list before I go to holiday. My MP3, sunglassess, HDMI and my digital camera. How about you then?

Friday, May 09, 2008

Expose yourself!

Do you ever have a dream to be a famous women like a Miss World or Miss Universe?
If you do, then why not you try to give yourself a chance to join this beautiful contest. This is a contest that can give you an opportunity to expose yourself because once you won the contest, you will be spotted by an agency for model career.

So all you need to do is your beauty face and your confidence to win USD10,000.00. After that, you will have a big chance to be the next model working in Paris, New York or Milan. Hey, just grab this great chance while you were young!

Rehab first, then vacation.

I don't understand why some people still afraid to send their family member to drug rehab center even after they know their family member was a drug addict.

I think they should change their mind because from what I can see, they dare to bring their problem family member to go vacation with them but at the same time, they don't want to settle down the problem.

Come on... help them because they need your support and your help. Don't ignore them. Send them to the drug rehab center and once they okay, you can bring them for your next vacation. Am I right?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Romantic trip at France.

I'm sure that I will have my first trip to France next year because my bestfriend just further his study there. One for sure, I will not waste this opportunity because France is one of the best place to go. I will start manage my financial properly because I really want to go to Paris, Marseilles, Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Actually, all 4 places above are my favorite places to go in France. I have made my own survey and the result was good. What I'm trying to say is I know how to get a good rate for my accomodation. Yup, I don't want to stay in my friend's hostel because it's not cool to do that. So based from my survey, there's many Paris Hôtels that provide a good rate. You know what, I can get as low as EUR 41 per night. I will make sure that romantic will be my theme for this trip... ahaksss..!

Same goes if I wantto stay at any Marseilles Hôtels. As we know, Marseilles is a second largest city in France and the largest commercial port. I can imagine myself drive a car and have a nice view of Place Thiar, Vieux Port and the Escale Borely. Damn... I can feel it!

Not only that, I also will ensure that my next destination will be Toulose. Known as Pink City, Toulouse is an absolute must for everyone wanting to explore France. But I will make sure that my trip will be between September and October because the The Festival Occitania will be held in that month. I just need to make my booking at any Toulouse Hôtels via online to attend that festival.

I also will continue my driving to Bordeaux. It's because I was told that Bordeux is an attractive city that preserves its historic charm. My girlfriend will like it , definitely and I know there's many Bordeaux Hôtels for me to choose!

Save your holiday money!

Holiday is one of the best moment in our life. Everyone loves to go for a holiday. No matter how far the place is, holiday always can release our tension and stress. But today, many tourists make their holiday as one of their moment for body treatment. What I'm trying to say is they always look for a resort that provide spa and salon services.

They also look for a resort that can help them for ance treatment. As for me, I prefer to bring my own blemish acne cream. It's more cheap and more afforadable. Don't you think so?

Take a ride at Germany!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad to tell you guys here that my web business just make me more money lately. I am so happy for it and I think I will keep aside some of the money for my next trip to Germany.

Yeah... I have my own plan next year for my first round tour in Germany. I have 4 must places to go in Germany and I already included it in my list. That 4 places are Berlin, Köln, Frankfurt and Munich. The reason for me to choose this places because I was told that it easy to get an accommodation there.

As we know, Berlin offers some of the best hotels to it's visitors. They also have good Bundesstraßen for us to drive around the place. It is the largest city of Germany and boasts of many tourists attractions and places of interest. That's why Berlin Hotels always be the first choice by many tourists.

Same goes if you want to look for a hotel at Köln. There were many Köln Hotels for you to stay. The best part about booking an accomodation is you can do it via online. So don't woory about your "sleep" anymore allright!

I also love to drive and take a tour at Frankfurt. All I know, Frankfurt will make you feel like a rich person because this is one of the world's richest cities. That's why you can see there's many beautiful Frankfurt Hotels here. But if you think you want to have highlights on the nightlife, dining, shopping, cultural, and historical attractions.. look no further at Munich. Many tourists said Munich is second only to Berlin. For sure, Munich Hotels always welcome you. Opsss .. and me too!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Do you bring your pet on your holiday?

Having a pet is a great feeling but do you ever think what will happen to them if we want to go for a holiday?
Who will take care of them?

Untill today, I am so lucky because my brother can take care of my cat while I was not at home. I also leave my cat tree at his home so that he will not be burdened by my cat. In fact, that tree is the best place for her to play with.

Blur picnic and blur holiday.

I'm not sure how you enjoy with your picnic while at the same time, you have a big problem with your eyes. If you are a person who wear an eyeglass like me... picnic, swimming and something like that are not a good activity to do because you can't see and feel comfortable with your own sight seeing.

Lasik is the best choice if you want to get a clear bright view. Check more info at their website and I believe you will know how you can get a new view in your life.


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