Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hottest Travel + Leisure magazine.

This is one of the best magazine's travel that most people look on the internet. Travel + Leisure reveals the best travel destinations in the world. You can discover where to find the best hotels, the best shopping, the best food, and the most fun. With Travel + Leisure, you even can keep up on hot deals on vacation travel and get tons of insider travel tips to help them save money, reduce travel headaches, and enjoy every trip more than ever.

Travel and Leisure is unapologetic about writing for people who want to be pampered when they are on vacation. It inspires readers with pretty pictures, and promises paradise to those with money to spend and time to plan. This is not a magazine for those who prefer youth hostels. It is not for people whose goal is "adventure travel."

Travel and Leisure is for people who want to relax, to be pampered, and to be charmed when they are on vacation from their otherwise hectic lives. What if you don't have time to take that vacation? Well then Travel and Leisure is precisely the magazine you should read to help you imagine what that trip would have been like.

From Italy With Love.

As you know, Italy seems to have endless number of tourist spots. Visiting Italy may not be possible for a tourist, even during the course of a long vacation. That's why we have to plan our vacation nicely including our accommodation's budget . Without a good plan, our vacation will be suck because our expenses will be out of control.

There is so many hotels in italy and you should choose the best rate for your accommodation. Bear in mind that Italy has the Coliseum than can attracts thousands of visitors every year. Rome’s Coliseum is undeniably an impressive ancient wonder. So never just walk in to do your reservation. Make you reservation via online because it's more fast and secure.

Same goes if you want to find any hotels in rome. It's better if you can book your hotel's room online. Rome is not like what you see in last 10 years. even Vatican City now is more beautiful than before. This is the governmental capital of the Catholic Church. If Mecca is for muslims, then this is the place for the Holy See (La Santa Sede). So make sure you bring camera also. Who knows, you can take a shot with the bishop of the Diocese of Rome, The Pope!

Or maybe you want to take a picture at Palazzo Grassi. But if you want to go to this monument, take a ride and head to Venice. After that, find your accommodation at any venice hotels.

You never heard of it before?
Well Palazzo Grassi is an imposing white monumental marble mansion on the Grand Canal of Venice. It is a world famous art and history museum with a 600-seat garden theatre. Or if you want to make a Last Minute Deals, make sure you go to They can help you for this because they have long lists for hotel's rate.

Swiss Pass- pass to heaven.

This is my first post about on how to travel by a train. I wonder why I don't do it before. So today, I want to share with you guys about a new way to travel in Switzerland.

Frankly, I never been to Switzerland before and I don't know how it feel. But from what I know and based on what they told me, I believe this is the best way of travelling for everyone. As for me, I can feel the beauty scenary of Switzerland Sightseeing from the train because I always watch the Hindustan movies. Well, you also know Indian movies prefer to choose Switzerland country as their main dance and song scenes.

Anyway, if you want to make this Swiss Railways journey as your honeymoon trip, you could choose one of their exciting Swiss Train Tours and discover one of the world’s most spectacular countries. Just find everything you need to know about the Alpine Classic Glacier Express, Arosa Express, Virgin Train and a lot more. These unaccompanied tours are ideal for independent travellers who prefer to see and do things at their leisure.

As long as you have your Swiss Rail Pass, no one gonna stop you to have fun on the train. A Swiss-Pass offers unlimited travel days on almost all Swiss Travel System’s network (without paying any extra fee at mountain trains, lake boats, museums and several tram ways and buses). This pass is like a pass to heaven.

One more thing, if you want to make this trip as the sweetest moment in your life, don't ever forget to bring your camera because the panorama through the Alps is the greatest moment ever that you can't have at others place. It's speechless!

Travel to Germany.

Have you ever go to Germany before?
Well I am not... but I know many things about Germany. It's because I always update myself about the place that I want to go. Germany is located in central Europe and stretches from the Alps in the south up to the North Sea in the North. It's a fascinating country with a vast array of cultural heritage and religious celebrations.

Germany also has a rich cultural heritage. Before the late 19th century, Germany was a collection of individual fiefdoms and regions. Not only that that, Germany also famous of it's castles. Castles are one of Germanys most historic prized possessions. With at least one Castle in every single decent sized town in Germany, I believe you will feel amazed and thet's why all hotels in germany always welcome the tourists all the time.

Berlin also one of the most favorite place for the tourist. As for me, I like to travel in Berlin because there's so many hotels in berlin that I choose. If possible, I will choose the hotel that's located near the Egyptian Museum. Yup, Berlin also famous with their museum. You will come across the Egyptian Museum which incredibly houses 6000 year old artifacts!

But if you don't like to go to the museum, maybe you should find your accommodation in one of the hotels in munich. It's because Munich has got many things to do. Not just the common Oktoberfest that the tourist looking for, Munich also has it's own attraction.

The city’s center, Marienplatz, could potentially be traversed on foot in no longer than 30 minutes from one side to the other. This is the part of the city where you’ll find the most malls, markets, and churches, as well as the royal palace. Man....I wonder when I can go for a holiday at Germany.....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Find The Right House Plan For Your Family.

A planning is like milk that you leave a day outside the fridge. Same goes if you want to find a house plan for you and your family. A house plan is the pattern that will be followed by the designing and constructing team. Imagine constructing a house without a house plan. I believe you know the asnwer.

Actually, finding the right house plan for your family is not a difficult thing to do unless you know what this website can benefit you. is a great website where you can find and download your dream house plan based on your taste and your budget.

Family size is the most important indicator of how many square feet of living space will be required. The number of bedrooms, bathrooms and size of the common living areas should also be considered. That's why you should find the perfect house plan for your family.

You just choose your own house plan. If you like one of these like this Log Cabin House Plans, English Cottage House Plans and Small Ranch House Plans, just contact them and you may discuss about the next plan.

Life is great if your house great!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Heatlh supplement.

There are many people who take many different types of health supplements and products to make themselves healthy and have an overall good health. But little do we know or even realize that the medicines and things that were done years and centuries ago still work.

Like this colloidal silver, it still works and helps prevent those flus and colds that occur for practically everyone throughout the colder months of the year.

Actually, colloidal silver supports the natural defence system of the body and is powerfully alkaline. At the same time, it can provide the body with minerals to maintain optimum health unlike the other cheap colloids.

In fact, now many people have known that colloidal silver products and even silver metal itself possess powerful antiseptic, disinfectant and germicidal properties and as such may offer help to our immune system in fighting against body invaders.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Germany is for Everyone!

Berlin is the capital city of Germany, and is its largest city. As the working capital city and a province of Germany, Berlin now become more famous after the 2006 World Cup Finals. Furthermore, it is built around the River Spree and its hospitality extends a warm welcome to tourists and visitors.

Travel in Berlin will be more happening if we can go more places than we expected. That's why we need to prepare a good budget so that there will be no reason for us to limit our travelling in Berlin. By that reason, we must grab the best rate for our accomodation at any Hotels in Berlin. In order to ensure we can get the best rate, we have to book our stay by online. Now booking a room at Hotels in Berlin will become more faster and easier. One thing you should know is Germany is for everyone... that's why official partnership for gay and lesbian couples is possible in Germany!

Same thing you should do if you want to look for your accommodation at Hotels in Vienna. After you got your ticket from Sky Europe, you may continue your travelling to many places there. As we know, ski season and Christmas hit, it will be a much busier place. While you were reading this article, Vienna is coming to their red season where many tourists start to make a booking for their vacation. Yup, the crowds are in May and early June and September and October.

Not only that, Vienna also is the best place to watch a stage show like Vienna State Opera, Musikverein – Golden Hall, Vienna Mozart Orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and also Vienna Boys’ Choir. This is rare to see in Germany.

So don't forget to find your own accommodation at any Hotels in Vienna.

My dream.

Have you ever have a dream to be a King?
Well I do.
If only I can have a chance to be a King, that will be the greatest moment in my life. I have a servants to help me. I have a beautiful maid who can take care of my Bed and Breakfast. I have my own kingdom and I can have more than 1 wives!

I'm joking!
That's only my fantasy. It's impossible for me to have that kind of environment. Sigh** what the hell I'm talking about?

Malacca Historical City.

Tomorrow I will go Malacca with my parent. It's already more than 1 year since my last trip to Malacc. I miss Malacca so much because this is where I found my first love. Not only that, this is also the place where 3 womens fall in love with me at the same time without I noticed.

But that's a history for me. Now I want to concentrate to my work. One of the best about my trip tomorrow is I can have a good view because I will pass through many villages and small town. I also will pass the alcohol rehab center and the paddy field. Mean time, I hope not many alcohol rehabs will be built because that is not a good sign for the society.

Luxury holiday in Hawaii.

Do you think work as a real estate agent can make you rich?
If the answer is NO, what is your reason for you to say that?

As for me, everybody can be a rich man unless he/she don't have an effort to change their mindset. What I'm trying to say is if they always think life is unfair, they will not achieve it.

Life is unfair and that is true. But real estate agent is only a job and it will be there for all the times. The different between a good agent and the other is their effort. So change your mindset and set your own goal like "I will have my first luxury holiday in Maui, Hawaii 5 years from now!".

How about that?

The Fantasy Towers

This is the The Fantasy Towers at Palms, Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. This is one of the World's Most Expensive Casino Suites.

Atop the Palms tower sits the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, featuring an indoor Playboy pool and an outdoor Jacuzzi high above the Vegas strip. From the eight-foot diameter round, rotating bed to the pop-up plasma televisions, this suite is all about showmanship. Along with a living room, media room and dining room, the suite includes a fully equipped gym with sauna and a space for private spa treatments.

Not for me, but maybe it is for you!

For more information, visit

Travel tips.

I think it is an important thing for me to share these useful tips with you guys. May be some of you won't need it but for a first timer, it will be the best source before you take your first flight.

1. Only bring the necessary thing for your trip. Never bring your laptop if your destination not have an internet access.

2. Check with the airline or your travel agent before packing for your trip at least 3 days before the flight. Then check it again one day after that.

3. Ask the resort that you want to stay either they have a dobby service or not. If yes, then bring along maximum 5 clothes.

For kids:

1. If you have a "bangle or family band-tag", then ask your kids to wear it. This is so useful when you want to attend a big festival and a theme park.

2. Encourage them to remember the name of the hotel or the accomodation's name.

3. If something happen, like missing or something like that, ask them to go to nearest shopping complex (if located) and search for a help from the information counter.

Do you think this tips is useful?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Van- best transport for long journey.

So what do you think a van can do for you?
If you think van can help you for a business purpose, well I can think more than that. Actually, van can be the best transport for you to go for a long trip or a long journey for your holiday purpose.

Opss.... we are not talk about a 'caravan" okay, we're talking about a van. The only vehicle that more cheaper than caravan but more affordable compared to a car.

So do you have a van in your garage?
Have you use it for your travelling or something like that?

As for me, van really can help for our trip because I can put so many stuff inside the van and also outside the van. With only a little bit touch of van rack installation, you can put your surf board above it.

Now you tell me can your car do the same thing like a van?

Royal Caribbean International Vacation.

Every year, more and more families are sailing with Royal Caribbean International. A cruise vacation gives families a chance to spend time together and create memories while exploring exciting new places.

If you never on board with Royal Caribbean, this video will push your desire. Believe me because I also never been on board. Listen to the music... I'm sure you will fell like you are on the board. Come on .. let's dance!

My favorite video music.

I'm watching my favorite music video at Youtube right now. Man.. sometimes, it feels great when you can hear your favorite song together with the video clip. I wonder when can I meet my favorite singer.

Hey do you have your own favorite music video?
Don't mind if you share it with me?
Now let me share with you my favorite video first okay?

And if you want to know the whole story of this vids, make sure you watch it till the end.

Here it is:

Choose the best for your business.

So now you’re looking for a software that can help you for your online business but yet still confuse which one is good?
Then this the right time for you to get a little bit of exposure on ecommerce software from

Basically, an ecommerce solution can be defined in many ways. But here we gonna share an info about Ashop Commerce shopping cart. Currently, Ashop Commerce shopping carts is a world-class provider of shopping cart software. It has been chosen by thousands of both novice and professional users. As we know, An ecommerce solution makes it possible for any sale or transaction to be made.

There are many reasons why this shopping cart software can become the first choice for may people. Ashop has been rewarded as one of the best “My Business Award Fuji Xerox 2006″ and they also provides FREE of charge custom online store design and also a FREE trial signup. With the many advantages that have been offered by Ashop (for this shopping cart software), no wonder why many ecommerce website still using this great software.

So if you have a planning to build your new business online, make sure you have a shopping cart software because the more convenient you give to your customers, the more chances they will come back again…and.. again… to your site.

Google slap your pagerank?

I think the time has come for you to check your pagerank now because Google just update their pagerank logarithm. Google hust downgrade the pagerank of this blog from RR3/10 to PR2/10. This is so not cool because the pagerank of this blog was so stable for the last 2 years.

Well, there's nothing that we can do because Google is the big conqueror. They have their own law and we have to strict for that law. Hey, have you check your blog's pagerank lately?

Better you check it now and tell me your latest result!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blackpool Hotel.

If you have been to Blackpoolpleasurebeach Amusement park, maybe you know about the great hotel that situated at the south entrance of Pleasure Beach on Ocean Boulevard.

The hotel that I'm talking about is a Blackpool Hotel. This is the perfect hotel for all families that want to spend their whole weekend at that theme park.

Frankly, I never been to this hotel. But based from on what they told me, I know that this 4 star hotel is the best among the best. Simply said, this is a good hotel for a big family like me. There's even a facility for a kid like a DVD and games console hire from reception .

Even there's an Executive Room and normal suites, but I already SOLD with their Family Room. You can enjoy king-size beds, TV and DVD players, tea and coffee making facilities, plus all family rooms have spacious bathrooms with bath and power shower, and a turn down service as standard.

Hey, if you have been there, do you mind to share your sweet moments here with me in this blog? I really want to know more about it!

Royal Caribbean Cruise!

What's really included in your cruise fare?
What cabins are the best—and the worst?
What cruise line has the largest standard cabins, even at the lowest price levels? Which cruise line's ships have rock-climbing walls?

Nothing can challenge the Royal Caribbean Cruise!
There's many things you can do with Royal Caribbean Cruise. Either believe it or not, you still can do your favorite activities like river tubing, kayaking, ice skating. In fact, you'll do more than you ever thought possible in one vacation because their their Shore & Land Excursions are fun, full of adventure and very popular.

For your information, this Miami-based company also raised its earnings guidance for the rest of the year and said bookings and pricing were shaping up well for the first quarter of 2008. Royal Caribbean 2008 booking levels and ticket prices were up for the first quarter and full year versus 2007. The company expects that net yields for the first quarter 2008 will increase around mid-single digits compared to the first quarter of 2007.

You can choose your favorite ship. There's a Voyager Family, Freedom Family, Radiance Family, Sovereign Family, Vision Family and Empress Of The Seas.

R.G. Skin Revitalizer- why you should bring it on your holiday.

Being a blogger is not just write, edit and publish. We also must know about what is happening around us, not only in the blogosphere. By that, today I'm gonna share with you about how to prevent your body from free radicals.

Free Radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that can cause damage to cells, impairing the immune system and leading to infections and various degenerative diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Free radicals are what cause the cut edges of an apple to go brown, make iron rust, and turn oil rancid. Nutritional supplements that contain antioxidants can neutralize free radicals. That's why I want to introduce you a good product that you can bring on your holiday. Well, tourists also one of the the most affected group of people because they walks under the sun without any protection. You also know that, don't you?

Actually, what we need is an antioxidant. This is one of the very important element of our biological health. An antioxidant is a chemical that reduces the amount of oxidation in your body. If we don’t back up our body with an antioxidant, we will have a very big problem with our aging. Yup, you will look older compared to your age.

Actually, good food sources of antioxidants are fruit and vegetables. That’s why R.G. Skin Revitalizer come with their perfect ingredients that is “Gâc” or R.G. Skin Revitalizer(Momordia Cochinchinemis Spreng). Gâc is a bright-red fruit that grows as large as a cantaloupe and abundantly on vines all over sub-tropical Asia, especially in Vietnam. This fruit is rich in carotenoid antioxidants. By making it as one of our daily diet, it can provides us a skin daily nourishment. It also helps re-build collagen and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Most important, it works from the inside out.

So if you think you need this R.G. Skin Revitalizer, don’t wait any longer because the more longer you hold, the more wrinkles you’ll get. Head over to their site and get more info about it.

Where you keep your vacation's picture?

I know that you already have hundreds of pictures in your memory card right?
So what you're gonna do about it?
Do you want to save it in your hardisk?
Or will you keep it in your thumb drive?

Allright, if you think you want to keep it on your hardisk, thumb drive or in you disc, you may do it but I think it's not smart enough to go that. You should consider to keep it in your online storage.

Nowadays, there's many free image hosting provider that you can find. Why not you use it? At least, you still have another back up. So in case if there's something bad happen with your hardisk, thumb drive or your disc.... you still can download it back to your hardisk.

Does it make sense to you?

Something worth to read while you were on your holiday!

So guys, this time I will share my opinion about a financial topic. If you are still on holiday, just sit and relax in front of your laptop. While you were surfing the internet, maybe this entry will make give you an additional thought about pay day cash advance.

Have you heard of it before?
If not, I think this is the right time for you to know. Pay day cash advance is like a last minute loan service to cater your immediate, unexpected and indispensable financial implications. It's the fastest source and the easiest way to solve your money problem.

This is a different loan for us. It's not like a house loan, it's not like a business loan and something like that. It's more important than that where you will need it in a crucial situation such as medical emergencies towards the end of month, electricity bill, telephone bill etc exceeds from what you expected them to be.

Actually, cash advances are made available to the applicant twenty-four hours after you filled in the application. Once, you pay it back in time, you can get more loan amount next time you apply. See, don't you see this pay day cash advance can save your life?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Resort furniture's style.

In my previous post, I already create a buzz about what kind of furniture that you prefer. So here now another good info about how to get a good furniture that was made from teak.

Actually, the name of the site is The website currently offers many types of furniture's furniture. From teak benches, teak tables and also teak garden furniture, it's all in here. This also will be your best time to make your house looks like a resort. Trust me.

What makes me like this website is their payment method. They accept Paypal as one of their payment method. Do you know what is mean to me? That's mean, I can buy their furniture without any fail.

A person who don't have a credit card like me sometimes feel quite disappointed because most of the website nowadays don't have a Paypal payment method. I think I should tell my friends about this happy news!

What kind of furniture do you prefer?

What kind of furniture do you prefer?
Do you like a modern style?
Do you like an old or an antique style?
Or do you like a resort style?

As for me, I like the traditional style. That's mean I need to set up all my furniture manually. Not only that, I also must make a renovation for a certain part of my house so that it will look more genuine.

Something that I would like to share here is traditional furniture is not an antique furniture. Traditional furniture is an origin style from our ancestors. So either we like or not, it ours!

Undersea Restaurant.

The first ever all-glass undersea restaurant in the world opens its doors for business at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa. It will sit five meters below the waves of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by a vibrant coral reef and encased in clear acrylic offering diners 270-degrees of panoramic underwater views.

Created by MJ Murphy Ltd, a design consultancy based in New Zealand, Ithaa's distinctive feature is the use of curved transparent acrylic walls and roof, similar to those used in aquarium attractions. You ware watching a video about the entire restaurant except for the floor is made of clear acrylic makes this unique in the world. Cool huh!

Check out this video:

Saturday, October 20, 2007

How much have you spend your blogging's money?

Now you already earned so much from your blogging job right?
So how much have you spend your blogging's money so far?

As for me, I have spend more than RM30,000.00 and I'm glad to spend my money because it's on my own effort...don't you think so?

In fact, I just saw a land for sale board near my house and I have a feeling that the land will be mine. Eventhough blogging is a tired job (you think?), but it is the best job that I ever had. I don't mind of somebody claimed blogging is the best job in the world because that's the only suitable phrase to describe it.

Do you bring it on your holiday?

Do you bring your colon cleanse on your holiday?
Well, it's not a must thing for you to bring but it will give a big benefit if you have it. Because you will eat so many kind of foods and meals, this will be a good protector for your colon.

As for me, as long as it can relief my pain of something like that, I will bring it without any doubt. How about you?

How many blogs do you have?

Manage more than 5 blogs is not easy as many people think. Most of us always have a problem to update all of it because of the time. Sometimes, we feel so tired to update it on a daily basis.

Not only that, we also depend on our mood. I admit that because I also have my own sicial life and when it happened, I will not do any of my bloggerjob as well. Life must goes on and that's what I did. Eventhough I am a full time blogger, but I still want to have fun with my real life.

What about you?
Are an addictive blogger?

Take your time at London bar.

London is a very popular place for shopping and entertainment. If you’re a person who love to shopping in London, definitely you will get familiar with this luxury design boutiques of Knightsbridge and Mayfair.

Same thing if you like to spend your time by hanging around and drinking at London bar, you must have an enough pound to spend for your drink. If not, just find a bar that can fix with your budget.

Simply said that if have an enough pound, this is the best place to be!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Check your list.

How many of you that prepare a list before you go for outstation?
If you never do it before, this is the time for you to start it. It is important for you to have your own list because it will make your job more easy.

As for myself, a list really can make my out station job more "well structured". I don't need to harsh all the time because it's all on my list.

So what are you waiting for. Buy an organizer right now and give yourself a good self management.

Inrternational Video Conferencing Systems

Communication is one of the most important element in our daily life. Eventhough many of us know how to get in touch via internet such as email and Yahoo! Messenger, but we always keep looking for the best way on how to get connected like Video Conferencing Systems.

Video conferencing is a new way for many business people to communicate. This is the effective and cheapest method for them to make sure that both side can fulfill their needs. Through video conferencing, we can see our opponent live. The good is; there is nothing to hide off.

Well, if you are running your own company, owned this kind of tools definitely a must. It will save your transportation cost, travel cost, time and most important is WORK SMART. But, if only you have this tools, it will not work. Make sure you ask your business partners to install this in their office too.

IVCi has been awarded “Reseller of the Year” and “Top 5 Reseller” by Polycom, TANDBERG, PictureTel and VCON, and named to the “Inc 500” list of the nation’s fastest-growing privately-held companies for 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

What more can I say?
So if you’re think the video conferencing can boost your turn over, head over to their site now at

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Be the boss.

So now you want to form your own business right?
Maybe you can get something useful from this in this post, I will share my own knowledge about limited company and company formation.

A limited company is where shareholders (members or owners) have limited liability to the company's debts. It also known as a separate legal person created by incorporation at Companies House. Their liability is restricted to the value of the shares that they own or the guarantees that they signed up to. This is sometimes referred to as limited liability. It is more suitable for small businesses with a limited number of partners. is a company that can help you for this matter. What I'm trying to say is they offers company formation services to investors or businessmen who want to set up business. Currently, they have many services for you to choose.

For your information, has been awarded as the Winner of the East Midlands E-Commerce Awards 2004. and on of the finalist of National Business Awards. This is a good sign because when you deal with a good company like this, they never makes your life difficult. So form your company by visit their website now!

Bring your pets on your holiday?

Is it wise to bring your pet on your holiday?
Well, I don't have an answer for this but I know how where to find pet's accessories. The name of that site is

So do you ever heard of this site before?
Definitely yes right?
Now Shopwiki has more collections of pet's accessories. If you have a dog, cat, bird, fish or even a pyhton, this is the best place for you. I also have one big aquarium of fresh water fish and a cat named Stripe.

As you can see in the picture below, this is a Kitty Kitchen Food and Treat Dispenser where you cat will help herself to a tasty reward. Just place it on a countertop for a whimsical addition to your kitchen or pantry. Teach your cat to use it and tadaa..... there she go!

Anyway, I also almost shocked at first when I saw this Reptile Amphibian and Invertebrate Care page coz I don't have any experience about it. Just in case you a snake as your pet, I'm glad to hear your experience.

Sweet moment.

Blogging sometimes makes me tired . It is I'm doing my job from from my home, but it will be more tough when more jobs coming in like today.

Actually, I'm planning to go for a holiday at Sibu Island next week. Eventhough I like to watch a tournament on my holiday, I don't have any choice because there's no event like NCAA Tournament in my country.

If only "they" can sponsor my flight to that tournament, that will be the sweet moment in my life!

Wanna be a cowboy?

So how do you spend your money for your weekend?
Do you mind to share it here with me in this blog coz I just came accross one site that provides many Cowboys tickets.

I don't have any experience and I don't know what it feels to be a cowboy. I do watch a cowboy movie, that's why know a little bit of cowboy's life. If you spend your money for watching the cowboy's show, why not you post your picture here in this blog so that you can share your true experience!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Medical scrubs.

Well as you can see, this is my first nursing uniform post in this blog. I really want to express my opinion about how important for a nurse to have their own new different uniform.

Nursing is one of the professional course especially for women. But that’s not mean they don’t need any changes for their uniform. I believe that nursing course also must have their own styl. Based from my observation, I can see that most of the nurses in the government hospital are still wearing their old uniform (that’s in white colour!).

Now why they don’t make any changes and still want to stick at their old fashion?
I think the goverment should take an initiative to come up with new uniform. As I said, nursing is not a hanky-panky job like what they think. They are professional.

Like what you can see at Katherine Heigl Scrubs, there have many design of Medical Scrubs and Nursing Scrubs. This is a good sign that medical line has been changed to another level.

Online MBA.

I think this is the best online university ever that I have ever known. This is one of the famous university that provide a good theory and practical for those who love to be "somebody" in the uniform.

What I'm trying to say is how people like being a fire fighter, policeman, someone in the military can find their own way to further their education in their field?! Have you ever think of it?

In not, let me tell you the secret because I just found an online university that provide a completely module of education for their expertise. Southern University will tailor your time and they also can fit around your work schedule. So head over to their site now and never let people look down on you. Remember, knowledge is a key to success.

Best way to see San Francisco? Hike.

Picture courtesy of Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP.

I was told that this is the best way to see Francisco. I'm not sure whether it's true or not but I believe on what they're saying. Have you try it?

Actually, I never been to San Francisco. San Francisco is too far from my country. All I know, San Francisco is one of the best place to relax. There's so many attractions place here in San Francisco such as Fisherman's Wharf, climb Coit Tower atop Telegraph Hill and view the Pacific Ocean from Cliff House. Hope I can be there one day.

The important of travel insurance.

The danish department of foreign affairs attempt to make sure that travelling danes sign up for a travel insurance. The text at the end says:
"Remember travel insurance. It can cost you a million to forget."

Actually, this video is really funny but it may happen to you. It's not a myth because this is a logic thing. So the conclusion is, get yourself a travel insurance and if you want to have sex, do it in your room, not under the tree... wakakaka!

Loan for your holiday?

I don't know if you had try this but have you ever go to holiday with your loan money? Is it wise to use that money?

Well, I think it's depend on the individual. If they think they can get their Payday Loans easily, then it should not be a problem. But if they have can't payback the loan, I think they should use the money for the important reason.

Anyway, loan is a "helper" for us to manage our money. So use it wisely.

Do you trust the room service staff?

I don't have any intention to blame any guy from room service department but this is something that I must write in this post. Most of the time, we always put our trust 100% to the room service staff untill we realise that some of our stuff was gone.

If you bring an expensive stuff beside you, you have to keep it in the drawer and don't just put it on the table. It's not about how wealthy you are, but it's how careless you are. Be smart and never let your careless fool yourself.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Bring your colloidal silver on your holiday.

Everybody need a holiday right?
If you want to go for a holiday, there's some thing that you should consider to bring and that's included your colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is becoming more and more popular in the market in the current world that we live in. No matter if you're a man or a women, this is not a illegal thing to bring. In fact, colloidal silver products are often marketed with various unproven health-related claims. For your information, Mesosilver® Brand is the most effective colloidal silver because it has the highest particle surface area. In other words, colloidal silver is a mixture which is homogeneous in nature with two separate phases namely a continuous phase and a dispersed phase.

Mean time, colloidal silver has many other apllications also. It can benefit the immune system; kill disease-causing agents such as bacteria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, syphilis, scarlet fever, shingles and even treat diseases such as cancer. Not only that, it has been proven to replace antibiotics and traditional treatment in the market.

Remember, it contains nothing but silver and water. So do check for the full information before you bring it for your holiday. Take some time for visiting their website okay.

Check your chartered boat's utilities.

This is a very important thing that we must do before we charter any boat for our journey. First, we must ask for the fare rate. After we satisfied with the charge, then we must ask the owner of the boat or even a ferry about the safety part.

The reason for me to share this tips is becauseI can see that the life jacket sometimes is not enough for all the passengers. When something happens, our life will be in danger. So make sure you ask for your life jacket first before you pay the fare.

Do you agree with me?

Beach Club in Hallandale Beach.

Have you been to the The Beach Club in Hallandale Beach before?

If you do, you should plan another trip to Hallandale beach again because that Beach Club now has three super luxurious condos, in a prime location, top of the line amenities and an ambience built around your personal style. Not only that, it also offers superb first class amenities like swimming pool, gym and splendid views of the Atlantic Ocean.With only a few minutes from the world famous Bal Harbour Shops, no wonder it's getting more famous. You even can enjoy the sizzling nightlife of South Beach. By the way, if you love to stay at penthouse, Beach Club Tower One can fulfill your need because it has 44 floors! Now you can stay at the top of South Beach with your loving one.

Anybody want to take me there?

Blogging make you tired?

How much you make a post in one day?
As for me, it depend on the job that has been given to me. but I know some bloggers that make more than 20 post a day.

Normally, I will update all my blogs daily. But in a certain condition, I will update it once a week. The total of my posts is 6 average. I wonder how they can post above 20 entry per day because blogging also tired, don't you think so?

Come on, tell me how much do you do!

New domain.

I just bought a new domain that is This is my latest project about online ads. So whoever that want to put their ads in this blog, there will be a fee for that. For this moment, I'm still looking for a suitable template for this blog.

If you're ask me how much is the fee, it is not expensive because I really want to make this blog as a unique blog. Guess what... I will only charge for USD1 only for 200 words!

Just wait for my new launch of this blog allright?

Right to Your Doorstep…or Office.

Ok, so you spent the time to buy flowers online, but how are they going to get there, and, more importantly, will they get there when you want them to? If you’re not sure about it then you should do what I do and go check out Vogue Flowers.

They have the best flower delivery service around, and I’ve never had a worry about whether or not the flowers I sent would get there on time. Check them out today and I promise that you'll never send flowers online through anybody else again.

New, Used, and Refurbished Telecom Hardware.

An info that I should share if you running your own business:

Getting the right network hardware can be a tiresome and expensive endeavor. Luckily for all of us, First Point has a great selection of new, used, and refurbished telecommunications equipment.

Whether you're looking for new Adtran hardware, refurbished Tellabs Telecom parts, or used MetaSwitch telecommunication equipment, First Point is sure to have exactly what you're looking for. Check them out today to save money without sacrificing quality.

Getting Your Applications Ready.

Time to talk about business!!

When it comes to outsourcing China services, Hundsun is a leader in the industry. What you might not know is that they're also a leader in offshore development as well. Hundsun offers the best application development outsourcing of any other company.

When it's time for your company to farm out application development to an outside source, I can't think of any reason not to let Hundsun get you the quality outsourcing that you deserve. Check with them today and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Miami is not only about beach.

Miami is not only about the beach. If you're a big fan of Shaquille O'Neal, then I think you know about the famous NBA team that is Miami Heat.

Yesterday, Shaquille O'Neal left midway through the second quarter with a bruised left quadriceps injury and did not return. That is not so cool huh? In fact, they just loose to Charlotte Bobcats team (92-76). I'm sure they will make a come back.

So if you want to watch the next game, you should get you Miami Heat tickets as soon aspossible because I believe Miami Heat team will play maximumly.

So don't forget to get your ticket online because if you're not, I'm sure it will take your time for you to get it at the ticket counter.

Smart cleaning.

You know what... many of us still don't know how to manage our clothes when we on our holiday. This include my own friends. All they know is bring so many clothes as they can on their holiday. I wonder why they do that because it will be more difficult when they want to put it in their bag.

Hey guys, that is not so practical because you burden yourself with the stuff that you should not bring. Why don't you use a dobby service at the resort? Don't you think it will be more good for you to use a dobby service?

Woo.... don't tell me you can't afford to pay the dobby service, will you? It's not expensive. Infact, you can "bargain" with the dobby boy for that reason. All you need to do is ASK. That's it!

Bring the cheapest one for your holiday.

The title seems like strange huh?
But that's what I'm gonna share with you in this post. The title is refer to the person who like to travel backpack. I got this idea after I lost my expensive spectacle in my last holiday at Langkawi Island.

If you don't want to loose your expensive stuff on your journey, just exchange it with the cheapest one including your HANDPHONE!!!! Why you want to bring your USD2000.00 handphone although you know it's so risky?

Think about it okay?

Sea World Tickets.

Orlando is a home to Sea World. There will be no place in Orlando that will make your kids feel so happy and fun compared to Sea World. For your information, Sea World is a major attraction in Orlando and the best marine life adventure park. Believe it or not, you will be amazed of this Sea World area because it covering over than 200 acres...!

Last week, I have watched a documentary about Orlando Sea World. My God, it was so fantastic. It has the potential to entertain the whole family for many hours. Not only thebest place for a loving family, but it can build an interaction, learning experience and happy moment specially for kids.

Sea World Tickets is a must if you want to enter the auditorium. Just in case you don't want to have a problem at the ticket counter, make sure you buy it online at It should be no problem at all!

Have you check your tyres lately?

This is the most important thing for you to do before you start your journey. No matter how far your journey, you must check your tyres. Talking about tyres, there's something that I want to highlight.

It's about your spare tyre. How many of you that check your spare tyre? All I know, many of women driver always forgot to check their spare tyre. This is not supposed to happen because if something happen on your tyres, the condition will get more worst that you expected.

Remember to check your spare tyre everytime you check the rest.

Fake passport.

This happened to one of my friends. It happened when she is trying to use a 3rd party service for her new passport. The consequence is she has to face a problem at airport because she was suspected as one of the "wanted gang".

Let me tell you something. If you want to apply for your new passport or you want to update your current passport, never let other people do the job for you. No matter how busy you are, you have to do it by yourself.

Simple like that.

Orlando Hotels.

Disneyland will never be the same. Orlando is ever changing because this is the busiest place for tourist from all over the world. They come here to enjoy and they also look for a new thing at Orlando.

If you want to go to Orlando, make sure you bring your digital camera because for the every moment you enjoy, it will give a something for your life. Orlando will make all peoples smile because this is a fun place.

Now if you have a money to spend at Disneyland, will you consider to bring your family to Seaworld, Universal Studios, Walt Disney and perhaps... play a golf with your family?

But if you think the list above is too much, why not you check the calendar of event that have been prepared so you can prepare your trip well? And don’t forget to get your best accomodation at Orlando Hotels because I’m pretty sure you will not happy if you’ve got stuck in the middle of the street just because your accommodation place is too far.

Happy holiday!

3 tips for kids excursion.

Since this is the first time you bring your kids for a cruise, here is a few tips that maybe useful for you. I got this tips from

1) Consider the ages of your children when researching shore excursions. Example: Alaska is growing in popularity for families, but for someone too young to appreciate the spectacular scenery, it's -- well -- no day at the beach.

2) In the case of young children who may need to stay onboard while you're in port, check to see whether the ship's children's program and/or group baby-sitting are available. Make sure the hours line up - a children's club that opens a half hour after the last shore excursion leaves the ship isn't going to do you any good. And even if baby-sitting is available, ask if it's guaranteed. Otherwise, by the time you're ready to book, there may not be anyone available.

3) Since most kids tend to graze all day long, ask if snacks and/or lunch are available on longer shore excursions. If not, consider tucking a single-service cereal box or fruit in your backpack to stave off temper tantrums later on. And, of course, bring plenty of sun screen, a hat or visor and even an extra sweater in case you need it as the sun dips over the horizon.

Star Clippers- Sailing Ship.

It's different from a cruise. It's more classic for a couple who love to feel what is the meaning of sailing ship. The story began when a boyhood dream became a cruise-line reality when Swedish entrepreneur Mikael Krafft launched his fleet of authentic recreations of classic, 19th century clipper ships.

Now, Star Clippers is the world's largest barquentine and full-rigged sailing ships. Eventhough the ship is look classic, but it was filled with modern, high-tech equipment as well as the amenities of private yachts, the ships rely on sail power while at sea unless conditions require the assistance of the engines.

One thing you should know is Star Clippers ships are adult-oriented. Although children are welcome and may participate in shipboard activities suited to their ability, there are no dedicated youth facilities. Parents are responsible for the behavior and entertainment of their children. Mature teens who can live without video games and a lot of other teens are the best young sailors.

Luxury property at Miami.

Where can you find a luxury condo-hotel that's located about 20 minutes from an airport, 300 feet of glorious Miami Beach as your backyard, private beach access, a secret garden with private showers, private pool cabanas with flat screen TVs and situated at the hot spot of the Miami area?

If you don't know the answer, I will tell you now. The answer is W South Beach Condo. This is the property that will give you a big value in the future. When you buy any lot from W South Beach Condo, you just made a good decision because South Beach is located on a prime piece of Miami Beach real estate. At the same time, this will be your worth investment for you and your family.

Cruise that doesn't require a passport.

Where can you cruise that doesn't require a passport? Which port would you select to leave from that is easiest to get to.

Oh my God... I just found this question at one forum (forgot what is the name of that forum) and it really confuse. And this is the answer for that question. I hope it can give you an additional info on how to travel in the future.

It doesn't make a lot of sense.
Which port?
Where are you going?

The guy still do not need a passport if returning VIA land or sea from the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada. HOWEVER, and this is a very BIG HOWEVER, if you are forced to leave a cruise early and had to return via air -- you would have increase difficultly coming back to the US. HLS says that you would not need a passport BUT you would be subjected to "addditional screening" to determine your identity. Whatever that means !!!!

Go get a passport -- it is not worth the potential hassle not to have it.

Kailas Mansarovar.

Kailas is the abode of Lord Shiva and Manasarovar is the lake created from the mind of Lord Bramha. Manasarovar lies in the foot of Mt Kailas. Mount Kailas remains the unconquered until now and Manasarovar is the highest fresh water lake in the world.

These natures astonishing structures are in the belts of Himalayas in Tibet and the journey to this place is considered as one of the worlds most difficult and most scenic trek. This is ode to the divine place. Glacier Serenade.

How to budget your holiday at Orlando?

Each time we talk about a budget for our holiday, we always feel so eager to know how small the budget is and how it can help us manage our money. Same goes when we want to talk about our accommodation.

Accomodation is a hot topic for all travelers, tourists, families and even a couple who want to go for their honeymoon. They always want to know where they can find a good room, good service and at a good rate for themselves. The main reason for them to select the cheapest rate for their accommodation is because "sleep" is not important for them. It's about how and where they will spend their money for their family.

So for this post, I really want to share with you how to get a lowest rate for your accommodation at Florida. Believe it or not, you can get as low as $10.00 and $20.00 per night at Orlando Villa!!!!!

If you want to know how you can get that kind of rate, make sure you head over to their site and make your booking!

The Berkshire Apartments.

Are you looking for an apartment?
This time, I am volunteer myself to make a FREE exposure for Berkshire Apartments. But before that, I want to clear up here that this is not a sponsored post. Nobody pay me for this post okay!

This is a social info that I think worth to spread. The Berkshire Apartments are centrally located to the downtown Richmond business district, Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia (MCV), Richmond Convention Center, Richmond Coliseum, the Landmark Theatre, Virginia State Capitol, historic museums and a wide variety of locally owned restaurants and shops.

The Berksire Apartments provide an incredible view of the Richmond skyline from the rooftop sundeck. Our Studio, 1 and 2 bedroom have all utilities included and ceramic tile baths. Gain a new view on life at the Berkshire Apartments.

Vicksburg Village

Vicksburg Village is a unique concept of luxury apartment home living. Designed to enhance the lifestyles of its residents. Vicksburg Village offers you the quality, conveniences and and the added touches that will make you feel right at home. Vicksburg Village is located within the City of Plymouth.

Surrounded by many parks and recreational facilities including; public golf courses, ice rink and lakes. We're within minutes of many excellent shopping centers and restaurants with banks, schools and childcare centers just minutes away.

Orlando Hotels.

I wonder why they can't build another new universal studio in my country. I think they should make an investment in my country because Malaysia is a good country for any theme park.

Sorry to say but I believe if they can build another “Orlando Florida” here in Malaysia, I dare to say that the tickets will be sold out on every weekend because the weather here is spring 365 days 24/7…)

Well, it’s just my own dream. I need to do something positive to make sure my dream come true. So my first step is I must look for an info about my accommodation. Luckily, I know how to get a better rate for my accomodation. I even can make a booking for my room via online at orlando florida hotels.

Believe it or not, I can get as low as $54.00 at Best Western Lakeside per night for my accomodation and this is a good sign for us to stay more longer at Orlando. How about you? Do you still pay for an expensive rate for your accommodation?

Blue Haven Hotel , Tobago.

Royals and film stars have been drawn to this historic Blue Haven Hotel since the 1940's. It is said to be the site where Robinson Crusoe was stranded in 1659, according to Defoe's celebrated novel.

Rooms have teak floors and glass-partitioned bathrooms (with curtains for private moments); four-poster beds and lavish beddings are standard. Rooms in a new wing have sunken sitting areas. Most activity takes place at the No Problem beach bar, where a barbecue always seems to be in progress. The hotel is surrounded by water on three sides, so every room has a spectacular ocean view.

Trevor Duncan- from the Dining Room at Round Hill, Jamaica

The signature restaurant at the Round Hill resort is as buttoned-up glamorous as the hotel it's ensconced in, a classic colonial-styled getaway on a former sugar plantation featuring design touches by Ralph Lauren (he owns a villa on the property).

Chef Trevor Duncan brings an elegant touch to classic Jamaican ingredients and flavors, offering up bright seafood salads, Caribbean pasta, and crab cakes with jerk mayonnaise. The stunning al fresco setting may be the most romantic on the island. Round Hill Hotel & Villas, N. Coast Hwy., Box 64, Montego Bay, Jamaica. 876/956-7050. Lunch and dinner daily.

Should you bring your laptop on your holiday?

Well, this is a common issue for all of us. For those who have a laptop, maybe you will say I'm mad but bringing a laptop on your holiday is not a good idea. I don't care if you're a big businessman or even a CEO, but there is a smart way for you.

Why not you keep all your important data online and if you want to do your documentation, just head over to cyber cafe of hotel lab. There's no need for you to bring you own laptop.

If you say you need it for slide presentation, you also can get a free online slide presentation service from many website. In fact, it is more safe, secure and efficient rather than lost your laptop just like that!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Can you bid your vacation?

I never know about this website before but this is a good site for me to highlight because YOU CAN BID ON YOUR OWN VACATION!

Yup, you can do it at Branson website anytime you want. This is the unique world-class attractions site that you must visit. I never bid on my vacation so far but after I explored the site, I know that this is real. There's more than 105346 vacations purchased up to date!

Well, I think you should visit the site because there's too many good stuff for everybody especially for getaways related events. They also provide an accommodation's info for you.


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