Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cheap Airfare for your holiday!

Okey, this is a special sponsored post from Frankly, I never heard of this company before. But after I explored the site, then I know that this is one of the famous airline tickets website that provides cheap flight fare from all over the world.

If you never heard of this website before, I suggest you to take your time to explore the website by yourself because they really can give a better flight fare for you. Let me give you an example:

You can get as low as $808 for a special airfare deals on Philippine Airlines from Los Angeles to Manila! maybe it;s sound not logic but that what you may get from

If you're a smart traveler, definitely you will know the slash price between Make your own comparison and I'm sure you will know how much you can save your money. It's a wise thing to do when you can get a better flight fare rather than you pay more for the normal price ticket. Remember, budget flight is not about how "stingy" you are, but it's about how brilliant you are.

Why I say this is a budget flight?
Firstly, you can compare the lower airfare with others company.
Secondly, it's about the utilities that have been provided by their company. The tools that I talked about is their serach option. It makes me feel so "secure". What I'm trying to say is I can make my own preparation like how many days I gonna be in a certain place and how much it will cost me.

You also can make your own budget. Just click at the "Flight" tab at the top of the main page and find your own destination. After that, you will know the right cost for your journey. It's simple like that!

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