Sunday, September 10, 2006

LIVE! Hezbollah v/s Israel in Lebanon! (by George Halloway)

1st quote:

The problem with Israel is its religious extremist, that part of the world has seen many wars including the crusades but after a while no matter who ruled it people from all three religions lived together. Now the Israels are in control they have always treated the arabs in Israel, Gaza and the west Bank like second class citizans and have humiliated them. As far as I see Israel is a racist state.

2nd quote:

I don't know what to think. it's easy to be objective when your talkin about somebody else's child or husband, but when it comes to your own child or husband it's pretty hard not to be biased yeah. I spend most of my summers in lebanon, so when the war started i couldnt help but mourn with them. i watch Al-arabeya news and i see loads and loads of women and children dying, and America's justification for those deaths are because "they are terrorists". i don't get it.

3rd quote:

On 6 June 1982 Israel invaded Lebanon. FACT! Hezbollah are freedomfighters. Logic!! But what are a Pyramid with the all-seing eye doing on top of The Israeli Supreme Court Building?? Now don't you find that a little strange? The ultimate Masonic/Illuminati-symbol? Try Google - pyramid Israeli supreme court - Please... check it out!!"

So, what say you?
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Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin killed!

It's really shocked me. Just a moment I saw his programme on the Animal Planet channel and after that, I saw the bad news about him.
Irwin was killed by a stingray barb to the heart on Batt Reef, off the remote resort town of Port Douglas in northeastern Queensland state, his wildlife park Australia Zoo said in a statement.

I'm feel so sad because he is the best zoologist ever. Nothing more to say about him... rest in oeace..... "Crocodile Hunter".

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Friday, September 01, 2006

What is your part time job?

I really want to ask this to all my visitor. Other than "online part time", what is your side income now?

Do you really have a part time job?
If it yes, what kind of part time job that you're doing?
Is it takes so much of your time?
Is it easy or lousy?
Is it worth?
Do you really make money from it?

C'mon... share it with me here because I'm really into it. As a matter of fact, I'm already registered with one of the newest (lates) MLM (multilevel marketing) company in my country. And tomorrow night is a launching day for my region. So what's more to tell?

Yup... try to grab this opportunity so that I can be a pioneeer or the top upline in the MLM hierarki.

Spongebob In Malaysia


It's been a long time since I running my own business. Got a lot to share with you in this posting but I don't have a mood right now coz I just lost my Motorola handphone.

Anyway, glad to tell you that I will keep post the 'different" thing in this blog.
So, what's new?

I just want to show you this picture. Spongebob in Malaysia actually!!!

The real Spongebob:

Malaysian Spongebob???

What a real...!!


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