Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Something to do with our life.

I am a blogger and I love to read review blog that mention about phentermine. I know it sounds funny but as a person who caring about body weight, this is something that I really interested with.

If you ever have a weight problem before, maybe you will understand what I am talkin' about. It has something to with our life specially me. I will not talk about it to anybody but frankly, I have a problem with my weight.

That's what is all about.

Year end sales!

Have you ever think to change your house's granite tile for this new year 2010?

If you do, then I think that is a great idea because there's many websites that offering their best price. I myself just came across a website that giving discounted price (untill 40!%) and for me, this is a good steal.

Normally, year end sales is one of the best period to get the best bargain on internet. We can save more and when this happened, that's mean we can buy more!

Life fair or life affair?

If you were a choice to spend your time to help those disability appeal people, will you do it?

Not to say that I am a good person, but if I have a time to help them, definitely I will help them as well. I know that life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes, we are on top and sometime, we are going down.

So don't be too sell fish because we can't expect the future. We even don't know what will happen once we step out from our home. Life is not fair but we can try to be fair with the people in our life.

The limit.

How many slimming pills that you always bring to holiday?
The problem is, do you think it is necessary for you to bring it?

Well said, I think we really need to bring it. Th reason for me to say it because by bring it together, we can always monitor our weight. We already know that holiday will open ourself to the "world of food", so that's mean we need to put a limit for that reason.

What say you?
Do you bring it along?

Budget trip?

I have been thinking about my favorite place to go. In my mind, I am plan to find the best rate specially for Outer Banks vacation rental. I really like the package that they have provided.

But I have a problem that might stop me to do it. I don't know how to tell you guys but I don't have a big budget for my next trip. I really want to spend at least 1 week there. The current budget that I have right now will entitled me to spend only for 2 nights.

Do you have any idea on how to solve this problem?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Stay healthy for your next destination.

Medicare supplement can be the best way to support our own body. Once we start to travel from one place to another, we will loose some energy and power.

On top of that, we must keep in mind that our body also need a nutrition and supplement to stay fresh and healthy. By doing that, definitely our travel will be more great. Always ready, always healthy and always freshie. That's what I am talking about!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sponsor me!

Everyone has their own dream and for me, removing dark circles under my eyes is one of the dreams that I want to achieve for.

It's so annoying when people say about it front of me. They said that my face looks pale. I know it really hurt but I have no option except buy the right product to overcome this problem.

Or maybe I should offer myself to be the testimonial of the product Maybe I can get the product FREE without need to pay. Hey, anybody want to sponsor me?

Big boss.

I know someone named Toto in my town but I don't know that there is a Toto toilets product in the market!

Hahahah.. it's really catchy and I think the time has come for me to tease him. Maybe I should call him a "BOSS" from today onwards. Yup, he has his own "product" and I think he should react like a someone who has a big business.

Boss, now you can be one of the famous person in the town. You have such a "big empire" and you will become a public figure. Don't you think so?

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas present.

It's like a dream come true when you open the Christmas box in the morning and there is a notebook computer inside it!

Well I always hope my dad will give me that kind of surprise in this next coming Christmas because I really want to have my own notebook. I need it so much because I can keep doing my blogging job easily.

I don't care what is he brand because I know my dad is not a rich person. Dell or Compaq will be fine with me. But Apple will be great! Ahakss!


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