Saturday, March 31, 2007

Don't Waste Your Time ....

I just came back from the cybercafe near my house. I have to online from there because my laptop charger cable was broken. Hey, that's cybercafe was getting more wider than before and the service is really good. The PC speed was so superb and I don't have any problem to download or make a posting. I like it.

But I don't like the real condition inside the cybercafe because it was to noisy and I really hate it. It was full of machine gun, bombs and street car spinning sounds. Yeah.... most of the visitors in that cybercafe is a gamers.

At the same time, I'm wondering why they wasted their time by playing games. From my point of view, I can say that they are average 18 and above. Looks like they just finished their secondary school. Then I walked to the wash room at the back side of the cybercafe and I found some of them was playing gambling games..!

This is not so cool and not so right.
Why they don't try to apply for their futhers studies?
What will happen to their life?
Why they don't even bother for their future?

Knowledge is a key to success and knowledge is everything. They should keep this quote in their mind. If they know what Collins College are offering right now, I'm sure their parent will send their children to this college.

Hey kids, listen to me....
Would you dare to be a good man in the future?
Do you got what it takes?

I'm not asking you to be a Prime Minister, but it's fine if you can be the expert in your own field.

Well, if you like to play PC + online games, why not you set your own goal to be a good Game Designer?

Friday, March 30, 2007

It's Your Market? It's My Market Too!!

If you are new in U.K, what will you do to survive for your first day?

Will you look for a place to stay?
Will you look for your new job there...fulltime/ part time or ...?
Do you need a transport for your daily task?
Will you let your new place empty without any furniture?
Need some kind of electronic stuff?
Have an entertainment with your new friends?

If the asnwer is yes, you should look for this classifieds site. This is a good site for you because it provides community websites, local news & weather, what's on guides, blogs and even free dating.

Now, things getting easy with Itsmymarket, right?

I told you.....

Who Is Thilak Raj Rao?

Hah... hah....
This is not a sponsored post from this guy. It's my own post and if he read this post, all I want to say is you don't know me but I know you. Again, I will continue this post after I have my lunch.....

Maryland Insurance: Mary In Wonderland.

If you live in Connecticut and Maryland, you should not to miss this article. This is about on how to discuss the purpose of car insurance including the minimum required by law.

Sometimes, we always feel that everything will be settle if we have an insurance. But you're wrong because you also need to think about other parties.

Maryland Auto Insurance is a good site for you to get more information about your own right. And if you are looking for the person in charge, you can do that in this site. Other information also available such as:

1) Maryland Auto Insurance Companies.
2) Maryland Claims & Processing Services.
3) Maryland Boat & Motorcycle Insurance Companies.

Hey, check out the Connecticut Insurance Companies also here. Easy Blog!

This is another one free blog space for you. If you think that you don't know how to use a blog, feel free to try it.

Well, I'm not being paid to post this article but I just signed up. It's a simple and easy to use. The only thing that I like about is their domain name.

Yup, is an easier name to remember and as a prove, I already pick one name and it's perfect (no content yet..hah...hah...hah...)

Do you want to know my url?
Well, this is it:

Is it cool...huh!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Watershed: Clear Water Life.

So now you know that one of your family already get involved in drug and alcoholism. What should you do to help them?

Yup, by sending them to Drug Treatment rehab center, I'm sure they will love to change their current life. Watershed is a great place for you to help them. This is a place where you can give them a big hope so they know their family still need them.

Now what is your first step?
Well, for me... it's better if you watch this video, here (dial-up) and here (high speed). It's so nice when you can spread the message in this video to the people you loves.

Keep this in your mind......
When it's time, make a change....


Why some people hate paid to blog's blog?
I don't know why certain blogger still can't accept this kind of make money programme. Maybe they think that we already break the blogger's ethique.

Well, if they think that this is the main reason for them not to join the paid to blog.. I will say that this is a rubbish.

Because I think all of them are hypocrite. Yes.. I repeat .. hypocrite.
You know what, before this kind of paid to blog started, they are the first person that joined it. It's just the matter of the "unofficial" thing.

Yes... let me give you an example.
Before paid to blog programme like Payperpost, Reviewme, Blogsvertise, Blogitive, Sponsoredreviews and V7N was launched, many of them was paid by a company that need them to review their product/services such as gadget, software and etc. And it's a large of amount too.

So now, why they put their fingers to the normal bloggers (like us) who looking for honest money on Internet?

Are they good enough to clasify us a bad blogger?
They got their opportunities and already earned it, so why they keep disturb us?

No more to say....

Lead Management For Business.

Now you just said that you want your business running well. But you never take your first action. Have an official website for your business if not enough to push your sales.

What I mean is you should have your sales lead management. Now what is a sales lead management?
Click here to watch the video.

Now why you should have the leads?
It is because it can save your times, money and your prospect. By have a quality leads, you can directly choose what kind of prospect that you need. With Aimpromote, they got Lead Attention Meter so you can check your qualified leads.

Hey, why not you grab this chance by Sign Up Now for Your Full Featured 14-Day Free Trial.

Monday, March 26, 2007

AdsOnTime: Another Way To Make Money Online.

This is a good chance to add more money in your Paypal.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A-List: Best Dialogue Ever!

Still remember with the A-list?
Are you one of them?
Are you sure you got what it takes to be an "A"-list blogger?

Last time, when blogosphere was so busy about this A,B,C list, I never take any part for it. It's not about of my stupidity, lazyness or something about my blog.... but I think they did it just for fun.

And today after I read Brian's (copyblogger) and Jason Calacanis entry regarding this topic, I think this is a good review from them and you should read it too. Am I do the right thing for not to clarify myself in any list? maybe....

Now let's read this:

Jason Calacanis:
Some people are still crying about there being an A-list holding them back from blogger fame and fortune.
It’s human nature to rank and classify, and the blogosphere is no different. But that’s not the point, because unlike with other hierarchical systems, in this case the A-List doesn’t have anything to do with your success unless you let it.

Jason Calacanis:
Blogging is the most open medium ever created. Anyone can join the discussion, post comments, and get in the link pool. All you have to do is:
a) show up
b) have something intelligent to say
c) join the discussion and contribute something meaningful.
Jason Calacanis and Hugh MacLeod have never linked to me, and it’s likely they’ll never link to you. So what? They are not gatekeepers, because social media provides innumerable other paths to gaining an audience.

Jason Calacanis:
Now, if you have nothing to contribute, you suck as a writer, and you don't want to show up every day for a couple of years to establish yourself, well, I can't help you.
And when you look at it that way, the truth is there really is no A-List.

Jason Calacanis:
What a bunch of cry babies you "B-lister" and "C listers" are.... no one is holding you back but yourselves! I never considered myself A, B, or C list.
That’s why the A-List doesn’t matter, and why social media is so cool. You can succeed without those famous bloggers as long as you work at it. And it’s easier online then it’s ever been in the real world.

Jason Calacanis:
...................... I told you.

How about you.......?

Get Fun With CoolVideoClips.

Blogging sometimes makes you tired right? So why not you refresh your body and your mind by visit this funny videos site. This is a site for the people that need a rest for their mind.

There is many posts for you to pick. Just choose your own favourite of categories and I'm sure you can laugh after that.

How Google Rank Your Blog.

This is a good post that I've read from (thanks!). Eventhough the article was quiet simple, but it has a lot of info that we should know.

Now here is the good points:

Google considers the following as the positive factors for blogs.

* The popularity of the blog
* The existence of the blog document in blogrolls
* A high number of unique subscriptions
* Use of tags
* Emails or chat transcripts containing the blog URL
* The blog or blog post’s PageRank (Google adds “a blog document (e.g., a post) may not be associated with a pagerank (e.g., when the post is new). In those situations, the new post may inherit the pagerank of the blog with which it is associated until such time that an independent pagerank is determined for the new post.”)

While these are considered as negative factors

* New posts being published in short succession, which hints at automation
* Duplicate posts in a blog
* The use words or phrases that often appear in spam
* Very similar length across different posts of the blog
* Lots of links from this blog pointing back to a single website
* Lots of ads

Now, which one of your blog is in the "negative factors" zone?
I think I've got one...!!!

Get your FREE Antivirus program now!

Did you notice about the latest total of spam by Akismet?
It's already more than 1,000,000 of it!!!

But this time, I don't wanna talk about spam. Today, I wanna to talk about the free virus that might conquer your system and your "online properties". One for sure, if you don't have any antivirus, you are in a danger zone.

So how to deal with it?
There's only one way to prevent it. Get yourself an antivirus or if you don't have a budget for that, you can get a free Antivirus program.

This is a must if you want to run your blog for a long term. And it will be more serious if you're a fulltime blogger. Now what are you waiting for?

Friday, March 23, 2007 Sold!!!

Congratulations to Darren for his new site
It must be his lucky day for him to tell it to the world. Darren just got what he dreamed for. I believe all the blogger's can feel the "happiness" like Darren's had.

Now, the best thing for me to say it here is that Darren just did a brilliant step on how to conquer both of his domain name. Previously, Darren just managed to own the but now he owned

Both are 2 different domain name but he struggled to redirect it to the You can try this by typing and you will redirect to page. That's mean Darren's still not sell domain and he will never sell it (I think so).

And now, he can sitting in front of his laptop and keep smiling to watch both of his 'domain name' running well.

My word:
Brilliant job to maintain his feed readers by keep domain name alive...!!!

5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post With a Bang

I just read this post from Brian's blog. It's about how you can attract the readers by giving them a good grabber before they read through to all your post. It's cool to read it because you will now what are you lacking of.

Simply said that I never practise it yet for all this time. What I mean is that I never did it 100% correctly (maybe I'm not a problogger).

Now, this is the ways to do it:

1. Ask a Question.
2. Share an Anecdote or Quote.
3. Invoke the Mind’s Eye.
4. Use an Analogy, Metaphor or Simile.
5. Cite a Shocking Statistic.

Something that I usually used in my posts is that questioning (no 1). The rest, I will try to implement it soon.

How about you?

Ultimate Coupon: Love It.

So now you have money to got for a shopping but if I ask you a few questions, can you answer it honestly?

Are you a smart shopper?
How do you spend your money wisely?
If you think you have a buying power, is that enough to make fullfil youe satisfaction?
Have you ever heard of online coupons?

Ultimatecoupons is a right place for you if you want to a smart shopper or consumer. This is a site where you can get more than before. Here at Ultimatecoupons, you will know when is the best time for you to go for a shopping.

Well, this is a good time to save for more...!!!
Check this out:

Musicians Friend coupons
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Nutrisystem coupons
Get a FREE week of food when you buy a 28-day NutriSystem Nourish Program (ongoing offer)

One Step Ahead coupons
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ShopNBC coupons
$10 off $110, $20 off $220, $30 off $330, or $50 off $550 through March 31, 2007

Who Is Rich Jerk?

Do you know who is Rich Jerk?

Watch this video and if you think Stone Evans is not the man, tell it here so that others will know.

Free Blackberry Pearl?

Do you believe in a free stuff?
If you don't believe it, you should try to go the most hot handphone site that is Wirefly.

This is a heaven for the handphone user. It has a lot of choice for you to look for. Lately, this site is offering a good deal of Blueberry's model and for those who're not familiar about this damn good stuff, you can have a look at it's current offers here.

I wish I can grab this offer but it's not valid in my country. Anyway, I know how to get free cell phone with my own way. Yeah... it's sound stupid but it can be done if you bought it for me...!!! \o/. Nahhh... just kidding.

Hey, do you know for every new T-Mobile account, you can get FREE + $50 Cash Back after rebate and instant discount? Yup... this is true (well, i'm not joking this time) and if you really want to know more about it, get the details here.

Opsss... there is something good for you to know. If you're a family man, you can apply for the family cell phone plans. Family cell phone plans (also called shared plans) are a great value for a single household or family. Get more minutes to share on a family plan, plus the same great deal on cell phones, for less than the cost of an individual cell phone plan.

Now, what's more?

Nice Video On How To Make Money Online.

Watch this video till the end and tell me what's your opinion.

Black Singles Friendship Zone.

Blogging is one of the best thing to do because you can get the latest info and new things everyday. What I mean is that if you like to blogging, you have to realise that you will have no time to join your real social life.

At the same time, I'm also noticed that certain places in this world really sensitive about their own color skin. But things getting harmony when I know that one of the big search engine in this world really care of it. With this Black Singles site, I'm sure that the black people just get their own friendship zone for themselves.

Happy friendship dudes!

Payperpost Getting Amazing.

This is true.
I never though that I can make money with Payperpost. At first, I thought this is a scam programme but after 2 month I joined this programme... I have to admit that PPP is the most effective way to make money online (especially for a blogger like me).

Earned around USD350 per month is a great...great..great... feeling for me. After convert it to my own currency (Ringgit Malaysia-RM), it's sounds too good. Yeah... getting more than RM1800.00 per month already makes me damn excited to be a blogger.

Hey, just wanna share with you my own feeling. If you wanna feel the same feeling, what are you waiting for

Sign up now!!!

The Watershed: Your New Life.

Day by day, I saw many teenagers in my community dying because of the drug addiction. I don't know why it getting worst and I also don't know why their parents don't take any preventions step to encounter it. Seems like they just let it go.

Another problem is about the alcoholic. Sometimes, things going more bad because their father are getting into it. Now how their family can get back their new life?
If this phenomenon still like this, I think the community should make their visit to drug rehab so that they'll know what is the next best step for themselves.

Watershed is one of the good place because it's always got what it takes. They already treated over 18,000 people since 1998.

Hey, don't be too shy to get some help. Just call this number 1800-861-1768 and who knows it will be the amazing call for the whole of your life. I just can pray and I'm also hope you will get a better life soon.

Happy family will make you happy for your life.
Believe me...

Cool Site To Help Make Money Online.

Last time, I really sold with all the ebooks that's related with the "money" topic. Whether the ebook is a "stupid" one or the good one, I really want to have it. But I never buy the ebook even for a dollar. All the ebooks that I've got is from my friends.

They will let me read it after they finished it. But now, I'm so tired to read it because it's all about the same niche. I can say it's too hard to find a good ebooks(quality) on Internet right now.

Now, my life just getting easier when I watch this video. You should watch it too. This is a good info and a good review from the a good person.

Highest Paying Reward Program

This is another reward programme that worth to join. If you're a smart traveller or shopping-coholic, there is no reason for you to not to read this article.

Do you know?
If you're already being a members of Bondreward, you just put yourself in the middle of heaven because you will be surrounding with the 5 million products to choose from. Believe me, this is not a hanky panky site because one of the main reason for you to being a member with this site is Bondreward is working with Target, eBay, Kmart, Kohl's, Barnes & Noble, Macy's, Ace Hardware, and hundreds more to give you a place to shop.

Now get your free savings now and if you want to make money with Bondreward, you can do that by applying to be as their affiliate members that have been offered.

Happy "rewarding".... !!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Webphone: Turn Your PC into Phone.


WebPhone is a PC to Phone service that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and software to place calls over the Internet. VoIP technology is less expensive than traditional phone service so the savings are passed on to you. With great low rates, WebPhone is a smart alternative to traditional phone service for long distance and international calling -- you can save hundreds of dollars on your phone bills. Use WebPhone wherever and whenever your computer is connected to the Internet. WebPhone offers two options: WebPhone and WebPhone Plus.

It was founded in 2002. WebPhone provides PC2Phone calling service using a worldwide VoIP network. The company is based in Portugal and recently opened sales and customer service offices in the United States of America.

Now want to save your cost?

StoneHawk For Britney?

Stonehawk is for Britney?

Well, what I wanna say is that will this drug treatment center will make a person like her going better?

My opinion is definitely positive. Stone Hawk Drug Treatment Center is a good place to get your real life back. Actually Stone Hawk is not for drug treatment only, it also become a Biochemics and Alcoholism center. With a history of an astounding 76%+ success rate, there is no reason to doubt about it's credibility.

I should say Britney should have her visit to this place because it have their own "aftercare" programme. Means that she will got her certificate of graduation.

Now if you have a problem with any addiction, why not give yourself a last chance to cure it by call this number 1-888-227-9193 and let them help you (tool free 24/7).

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Google TV not a Hoax... GoogleTV is REAL!!

This is the continuity from the previous post about Google TV. Now if you think Google TV is a fake, you should ask this guy on how he do it.

One for sure, if you live in Asia (region) or somewhere else outside U.S... this service definitely not for you. It's only open for U.S subscriber (IP) only. Hopefully, google will expand this Google TV's service in Asia soon.

Watch this:

How to Sign Up for GoogleTV Beta.

Have you try to get this Google TV?
If you can't make it, it's better for you to read it first or at least.... take some good advises from the people who already tried it.

Yup, get some information by reading the testimonial at the comments section. Be patient because there's about more than 10 pages of comments for it.

Good luck...!

Free Ebook: Adsense Revenue Exposed!!

This is funny and I'm not sure whether is it "okey" or not. I believe most of us know what is the real meaning of "resell right" but this time, it goes wrong. Actually, I'm talking about the Adsense Revenue Exposed ebook.

Do you still remember the day when this book was launched?
For the adsense beginner (at that time) , this kind of ebook was quiet familiar for them because it can be found easily. All bloggers take a chance to sell this kind of ebooks just because of their "credibility" or commision .... maybe.

Yeah, I still remember that time when adsense ebook rules the blogosphere.
Many authors really making money from it and some of them really did it (like Joel Comm). But, they never realised that most of the ebooks just give the same thing and the same steps "to succes?". I'm not sure what is the result because I never buy it (this is true). For me, all the tips that I've got was 100% from adsense official blog and also from the quality forum (like digitalpoints) . Furthermore, if you really take a look at the contents (closely), you might see these ebooks will link their "more info" to the adsense official blog "again"!! Remember the fact is, you have to BUY for all this kind information.

And now, what makes me laughing is you can get this kind of adsense ebook in this site for FREE. No need to pay anything (even it's stated "This Is not A Free E Book" at the main page.

Well, do you think it's worth to be there in that page?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanser

Have you ever heard of colon cleansing before?

Well, this is a good information about health that you should know. When we talk about healthy, it's not just a blood check, X-ray or a normal medical check up.... it's more than that.

We always for got the 'inner-health' like colon cleansing. Yup, this is so important eventhough we can't see it with our own eyes.

The 'inner health' that I mentioned above actually is about our digestive system. We'll never know how long our 'colon' will survive untill one day... it never can continue it's job.

What would you do if suddenly wake up in the morning and you feel so weak and after you do a medical check up, the doctor said you just had a colon cancer? I'm so sure that this is not good... right?

So why don't you take your 1st action by prevent this 'cancer' before it makes you suffer?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Heliodisplay Technology.

This is a true video documentary of heliodisplay.

1) The good thing:It's really cool when you can see the real heliodisplay in front of your eyes.
2) The bad thing:After you watch this video, maybe there is no exciting to watch the Star Trek movie!

Klang Community eSpace.

Klang is one of the most busiest area in Malaysia. This is a place where you can get everything and anything. As a Malaysian, I am very proud to present you the Klang Community eSpace, For Klang People.

Have you ever visit Klang Community eSpace?
Klang Community eSpace is a portal of a real life for the Klang's people. Let me tell you a little bit of Klang. Klang is a royal town in Selangor, Malaysia and it's located in Selangor state. Eventhough the tourists thought that Kuala Lumpur is the most famous place in Malaysia, but the truth is this (Klang) is the most crowded place in Malaysia.

Klang Community eSpace was built special for that. In this portal, you may know about Klang such as current events, festivals, business and the latest news. And there is a forum too. This is a best place for you to get the best story about Klang. Sign it here and I'm sure you will get many friends. If you're a non-Malaysian, don't worry because you also can make friends here.

Hey do you know something?
Queen Mary 2 ship just "landing" near Klang's shore and if you already signed up in this forum early, maybe your Klang's friends will give a warm welcome to you.

And for my Malaysian's friends, don't forget to get the latest book from our latest friend (Lydia Teh's) that is "Honk!, If You're a Malaysian".

Support Malaysian's portal..!!!!

Winzy: Deal Or No Deal?

Have you ever heard of Winzy? If you never heard of it, it's better for you to read it here in this post. All I can say is you can get more than just "search" like you usually did on your daily basis. It's a site where you can search the web and win great prizes. Read it here for the details.

Other than just a lucky search thru Winzy and win great prizes, there is something interesting that you should know. Winzy also is a great site for the gamers. What I mean is you also can play free online games and at the same time, you can try your luck. Who knows maybe you will get your 1st iPod Shuffles, iPod Nanos, the Nintendo Wii, Xboxes, Amazon Gift Certificates, iTunes Gift Certificates or even large cash prizes. Believe me, Winzy already did that and if you want to see the latest winner, you can see it here (point your cursor at the right top of the corner).

Hey, this is not a difficult game to play. You also can try it and make money from it. It's like a TV show programme "Deal Or No Deal" but here, you play it by online. Take a look at the "Deal Or No Deal" game here.
Isn't it so easy?

Hey, I will say that this is great site because you don't need to put the ads in your site, don't need to create a content for it's contextual links, no need to bid any price or no need to sell a space in your blog. And one for sure, it's FREE to join....!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Welcome To Walt Disney World!

Welcometo Walt Disney World!
This is my dream place since I was kid. Even I know my parents can't fulfill my dream but I'm sure I will be there one day.

Have you ever been to this theme parks before?
Sometimes, I wonder why they can't form their next universal studio in my country. Sorry to say but I believe if they can make the second "Orlando Florida" here in my country, definitely the tickets will sold out on every weekend ( hey, here the weather is spring 365 days 24/7...)

Well, it's just a dream. I need to do something positive to make sure my dream come true. So my first step is I must look for an important resource on how to get there.

Later, I found that it's all begin with the ticket and after a while, I saw a largest selection of discount Disney tickets on internet that is DWtickets. It's an online purchase ticket and for the moment, this is the famous center for Disney Tickets.

What makes me so eager take my first flight to Orlando tomorrow is that the winter season is just around the corner and there is many discount for it. I will say if you buy the Disney Tickets within this period, it's a worth thing to do for your next coming winter vacation.

By the way, anyone here want to sponsor my dream vacation to Walt Disney World?

*** This is a sponsored post.

Weirdoux: Featured Blogger On

Woooo..... this is a great news for me today. Urbanread just reward me as their featured blogger for this month. This is the email that I've got from their Customer Support Office; Syed.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Payperpost: Surprise..!!!

Something big will happen in Payperpost. Do you know anything about it?
Well, I'm trying to guess but I don't have any clue for it yet.

Payperpost always come with a brilliant idea on how to expose themselves. The last thing that they did is the Postiecon. For those who still never heard of it, click here to read the whole project. One for sure, this project absolutely can give a huge traffic for their participant.

Now, what makes me eager to know is that the next project (big news) that they will launch. Is it involve any hot celebrities such as Britney, Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson? Or maybe this time it will focus on the famous blogger from Asia region?

Some might say Payperpost will rocks the blogosphere in a different way of style by create an interview session with famous leader like Bush, Howard and Condolecca Rice.
Is it true?

This is rumours and nobody knows about it. In fact, I believe that everything that Payperpost did (so far) always give a big benefit to their members. Just in case my rumours is TRUE, it's still a big news for blogger like me to participate and I'm pretty damn sure it will increase site traffic for everyone who involve in it.

Now let's get back to basic.
What is my guess?
If I can make my own guess, I think it should be the Payperpost Idol!!
I don't know how it will be done, but I 'm sure the concept is similar like American Idol.

Hey, Payperpost is always the "un-expected"....

Technozad: My next blog.

I will launch my new blog within this week. It's a blog that talk about technology and the things that related to it. I'm working on it and for your information, this blog will never involve with any porn, nudity and NSFW.

Just in case I'm fail to launch it within this week, it means I will do it on next week. I come up with the idea to build this blog because I think the time has come for me to talk about technology.

Technology will never stop and it's all about knowledge. There's nothing wrong with that. I hope this blog will give something good info for their readers.

Now, just wait and see.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Russian's Friend.

If you're from Russian and reading my blog right now, please do leave a message in this post so that I'm know someone from Russia just visited my site. And I want to say hello to you guys.

Actually, I still don't have any friend in Russia. I don't know why but this is a true statement. I'm not sure whether this site have been visited by them or not, but it's a great feeling to know and for me, that's mean friendship.

Hey, have you ever got any friend from Russia?
If you do, just tell him that I want to make friends with them. If not, maybe we have to find it at It's a #1 Russian Women Online Dating Service and for a man like me, it's like a heaven ...!

Now, will you let me see your beautiful girl from Russia?

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Find Money Programme.

This is the best topic to talk about as for today. And I think it's a good thing to post and share it here.

Actually, I'm online for the whole day and there is so many useful website that I 'd explored. Woooo.. I feels like i'm just turned myself as a fulltime blogger (kind of)

For your information, I have a weird online habits that you don't know. I likes to search for a new programme on make money online. I don't care if the programme is still in Beta, but I'm always interested to try it.

As for today, I just found 2 programmes that looks different. I don't want to talk about how much money you can earn from the programme, but I likes to talk about the concept. If the concept is brilliant, I think it will be a big R.O.I for me if the programme was success in the future. Like Technorati, it's also has a bad day when it's start (those day) but now, the site just turned itself as the world's favourite site in blogosphere.

Now this is the 2 programmes that I just mentioned above:


Feel free to try it (I'm not attached my referral ID)... don't worry. It's already enough if you credit my blog url in your next post.... \o/.

iBackUp: Online BackUp And Storage.

Now you already built your own business, you got your own workers and your own powerful marketing.. what should you do next?

Yup... by using your company's website maximumly, this will increase your sales and your income. There is no limit for you to run your business with your company's website.

Now, let's say that you already make big sales from the website, is that enough to generate your next sales in the future?

This is a big question for all the businessman. They always think that they just did a good job, but actually they're not. By simply said "I make a bog profit and I will make sure my business expand as big as I can" is not good enough because you still don't have IBackup - Online Backup and Storage.

Yup, online backup is the most important thing if you want your business success for a long term. IBackup enables consumers and organizations to get enterprise-class protection for their critical data at a fraction of cost.

Same goes to your online storage. If you don't have any backup for this, maybe you will lost your Network Drive, Sharing, Collaboration, Sub-Accounts, WebFolders and Mobile Access.

If you want to run your business for a long term,, you also should think for your long term company's online secure. For about $9.99/month, you can keep 5 GB of data backed up and available for collaboration and sharing as well.

Now, can you predict your future business?

*** This is a sponsored post.

Kitchen Of The Future

This is a video of a hi-tec kitchen.
I don't think this kitchen will useful for the family man.


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