Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentine trip

Previously, I have mentioned about my plan to go for a holiday with my parent. Now I have another plan for this next Valentines Day.

I am thinking to bring my wife for our next holiday. Who knows, maybe I can surprise her with something that she never expected before. She know that I love her so much, that's why I believe she will apply for a leave again... hehe.

How about you?
Do you have any valentine's day gift for your wife in your mind right now?

If the is NO, then just go for a holiday... that's better.

Fun holiday!

This is the right time for me to plan for a holiday. The weather is good and of course, it will be more fantastic if I can bring my family too.

For the time being, I need to make sure my jobs are getting done. Then, I need to list down the things that I want to bring including my Beats headphone. Once I managed to prepare all the things, then I will call my business partner to ensure the business will run smoothly while I am on my holiday.

Life is short, that's why we must do the right thing!


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