Thursday, March 30, 2006

Well, this is not a dancing robot...!

I'm quite interested with the robot's lately. That's why you can see my entry here and here (Gadgetbay blog).
It's not about the design or the style, but it's all about the invention and the technology. Even I'm not a robothoholic (is it the right word to describe it?) , but I'm always excited with the latest invention about robotic.

So, this time I want to put something different about it. This is a dance contest that normally held for a student's. The boys really make the contest happening and one more thing that you should know is that this is not a new video. The video is an old video but, I'm keep wondering.... how they do that?
Maybe I should get the latest version or latest video from them. If you have the latest version (I want the same boy) of this contest or if you don't have it, just give me a similar video so that I can watch the next robot dance!

You must watch this video:

Ring tone profit zone.

This is the massive profit zone for any business person in this world currently. I believe that anyone who're interested in this business, they will get back their investment. Mobile phone music is the service of playing music files functioned by mobile phone playing software. I've got a friend who work at the one of the famous company that provide this kind of service. He said that his company really ... really ... make a big profit every year!

Ring tone or mobile phone ringtone is a big industries. This business will keep alive untill the music industries collapsed totally. We can see clearly that ring tones always be created together with the "HOT" song all the time.

Ring tones have been a booming business, and they will remain strong because they give consumers a way to personalize their cell phones. The ring tone business has been going through a transformation thanks to increased computing power on the phone. In fact, ring tones account for about 95% of the phone personalization market.
Ring tones were
introduced in the U.S. several years ago and generated $300 million in sales in 2004. To date, they have generated about $3 billion in sales, and by 2008, the worldwide ring tone business could double to $6 billion per year. So while compact disc sales slide, downloadable ring tones and songs via services like iTunes from Apple Computer continue to grow rapidly. [via]

That why you can see that me myself also doing the same business. You can see it at the top of this blog..... and if you want to choose your own favourite ringtone, just hit the Mobile Games & Ringtone link.

Don't worry about the capability of your handphone because it can provide you monophonic, polyphonic and MP3 tone...!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Intelligent Robot.

Just visited Kenny's website and I like the article that he put in his blog.
The article is about a Made-In -Malaysia-Robot. Even I'm quite impressive at that robot, I have to admit that there is something wrong with the "body".

After I read all the comments in his entry, I have to congrats him because he dare to share the "shameless" thing on the robot. And untill now, I'm not sure who is the inventor of the robot. Luckily, this robot will not be displayed at the Robot Festival in Malaysia.

Actually, the entry just make me remind with my robot's entry at Gadgetbay that is Robosapien. I like the invention of the Robosapien because it's a symbol of the advanced technology in robotic world. Just in case if you think robot's will rules the world one day, I think you should watch this video first!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Eyes or brain ???

I just found the site that makes me enjoy with the trick. I like it very much because this will make me remember about a brain stimulation subject that I've learned when I was a student. And for those who wear a spectacle like me, maybe you should try to see this without wear your glass. Yup... just see it with your "original" eyes.

What I want to say it here is that sometimes, we have to admit that not all the thing that we see is a real thing. Not like WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) ....LOL. Now let's see either you eyes will "sing" the same song like I thought. Make sure your eyes ready to see this closely.

This figures consists of rectangles and squares only...!!

Vertical or horizontal edges appear to be distorted and the figure look wavy....!

The figure consists of vertical or horizontal components but appears to bulge out..!!

Now, what do you think ?
Will you say that this is an eye trick or something wrong with your brain?
via: ritsumei.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Credit for Adsense Publisher

Just checked my account stats for last week and I'm quite happy with the latest adsense "make over". Maybe I'm the last person in this world who knew about that but as I said, I just checked it. Furthermore, I didn't make any posting since last week because of my trip to Pulau Sibu.

This new appearance actually will change after the main page. As normally you're logging in, you will see the three normal main section are divided to the new three tab like a menu that is Reports, Adsense Setup and My Account. For a new adsense publisher, don't get confuse about it because for me this is more easier than before.

For the Adsense for Content section, make sure you click the continue button so that you will know more deeply about the format that you like. Other than that, please do not ignore the free Tips that given by Google Adsense Team. Same goes to the PSA problem (Public Service Ads), make sure you read the Guide that've been given.

Well not like the others section (Google for Search and Referrals), there is no advance improvement at all. Maybe this is not the right time to do it and you can ask Google for it. Just for some reason for the new adsense publisher, maybe this TUTOR will make your day easier on how to make money with Adsense. If you have a doubt about it, why don't you give a try ? You will thank to me after you know the truth about this TUTOR.

Holiday at Sibu Island

Last week is the most relax week for me in this year (so far). It was a great feeling when me and my department organised a trip on our own. Actually, this trip is a "game" that I've planned with others manager since 2 month ago. Luckily, it's done as well as we arranged (Boss, I hope you're not reading this posting... ahakss!).

Actually, the reason for me and my team to play this "game" is because I want to give some quality time (leisure) to all my staff. Yup, 2005 is a tired year for us after we made a good money and for me, this is a good incentive for my staff. Other than that, I hope this will keep their desire to work more harder for this year. Guys, if you're reading this..... just assume that you will read it again next time. I promise...! You guys deserved it.....!!

As we planned, we went to the resort that special for "relaxing" resort. We decided to go to this resort because we're already chartered the whole resort just for our team. When is comes to the latest stage ...we just want a very good of privacy and the important thing is nobody will disturb us. No noisy, no hassle, no stress and no trouble.

The name of the resort is Junansa Villa and it's situated and one of the most beautiful resort in Johor, Malaysia that is Pulau Sibu. There is over 30 person of us and it needs 2 speed boat for us to go there. From Tanjung Leman jetty, it only takes around 10 minutes to reach there. I don't know how to describe my feeling when the speed boat "push" you to the high limit. All I can say that it's will be nice if the journey by speed boat takes more that 10 minutes...!

When we reached at the Junansa Villa jetty, we're really feel amazed with the chrystal clear water. And the most best thing to share it here is this resort has their own lagoon itself...! It was so cooool and clearly, you can see the fish down there. And for me, my fishing rod just waiting the right time to start it's game. After we got our room key, we're really feel so relax and it sounds very different at all. The wind reall blow my heart. Yeah, something that we're never felt at the mainland. This island seems want to tell us that there is a "honesty" here... don't worry!

The room is not bad and the food was very nice. For the 3 days we stayed at this resort, nothing dissappointed me at all because the customer service was 1st class. The activities was good and all my staff really enjoyed it because I can see it thru their happiness. Activities like island hopping, snorkelling, barbeque, swimming, canoeing, karaoke and outdoor games really make our day.

And for me, my fishing trip with my "fishing team" really makes my dream come true. Opsss... I will put the pictures later and of course... you will be "sold" with it!


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