Friday, January 12, 2007

DnForum: Different than the others!

I have joined many forum site since the 1st day I'm blogging. But this forum site is different that the normal forum site that I've joined before. DnForum more focus on Domain Sales, Domain Appraisals and Domain Registrars.

Anyway, it just not 100% about domains. As I said, it's different from the others. Believe me or not, you can make money from this forum. Yup, by sign up with their affiliate program... you can earn some money.

When you join the affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and textual links that you place within your site. When a user clicks on one of your links to, their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. You will earn a commission based on your commission type.
Isn't that great?
Now, let me share with you another point about this forum. This forum was so "understandable" about their members need. What I want to highlight here is that this forum already prepared some "attraction" for us as their members. And guess what... yup, you can play games in this forum. Even it's a classic games, but it's enough to makes me happy!

Opsss... one more..... by put this exchange banner in your site, it's mean you already exchange your link with the site . And it's FREE...!!! (for your information, this site is a pagerank 6 site's!)

The Place To Talk Domains

So what more can I say?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Johnchow Gave His Word To Darren Rowse Via Google Adword!

Johnchow: I'm the one who did it!
Darren: I know... thanks problogger!

Today, I think Johnchow just did a weird thing for this 2007. He just send his wish to Darren (problogger) via Google Adword. At first, I never realised that the ads was from him but after sometime, I just get stunned when I saw the "I Love Darren Rowse" words.

Now maybe the ads will get disappear. And for that, I will crop the ads and put it here so that you can see it.

Now am I gonna get this kind of ads in my blog?

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007: The 1st to Comment.

Many bloggers said that if you put a comment on others blog, you will get more linkback. It's true and this is what I'm doing right now. Even this is one of the famous way to give a credit to your blog, but I just did it in a different way.

I try to make it as a part of my 2007 blogging history. And I think nobody did it as what I did. Actually, what I have done?

It's simple.
I want to be the first one who put a comment in your blog. That's all. So now, this is the lists of the site that I'm dealing with ( as for now):

1) JohnChow: no 2007 post yet!
2) Liewcf : see the comment.
3) Earningblog: see the comment.
4) Johntp: no 2007 post yet!
5) Sabahan: no 2007 post yet!
6) Life-logs: no 2007 post yet!
7) Hot-screensaver: no 2007 post yet!
8) Stevepavlina: no 2007 post yet!
9) Amit Agarwal: no 2007 post yet!
10) Jeelife: see the comment ( oh no...!!... just missed a second behind merapuman)
11) Rojaks: no 2007 post yet!
12) Bloggingsecret: no 2007 post yet.
Hey, if you want me to put a comment to your 2007 post, please inform me a.s.a.p so that I can put your site in this project!

For certain of my favourite blog (such as, and etc... ) I can't get through the site due to the undercable sea problem.

Don't be too nice to people, or cancel your wedding

This is a true story. It happened to one of my best friend Nordin. Nordin is a tauke or businessman in the big market in my area. He sell so many type of vegetables and also tauhu-taugeh. He already been in the business line since he was 11 years old. Everyday after school end, I saw him at that market helping his uncle to sell the goods.

As s friend , I'm so proud of him because now.... he is the owner of that shop. His uncle already gave the business to him. But what makes me so sad lately is because he had been cheated by one of his friend (i don't know that guy) and as you guest, it involved money.

Based on what he said to me, this guy came to him in a "desperate" look. That guy really desperate for money because his business will be collapsed tatally and Nordin just doing his "stupid" job as a good listener (that's what I hate about Nordin). And as a result, he just lend his money to that guy (around RM30K- that's equal to USD8K).

Now what makes me angry about him is that that he just was too nice. I'm not ask him to appoint me as his financial consultant but he is too weak in make a decision (especially when it involved to the person that he know -friends-relatives-family+money).

The latest news that I've heard is that the guy (who took his money) just disappeared like that. And as a result, Nordin's wedding already being postponed. When I asked him why.. he directly told me that the money (RM30K ) that he gave to that guy actually was his saving money and he already planned to use that money for his wedding!!!!!

Being an (extreme) nice man also can give you a big problem... pity to him....


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