Saturday, June 30, 2007

No balance.

I wonder why some people always make their home full of furniture. Can't they thing of a free space that they should have? Why they always want to show off?

For me, we must know how to balance the free space with the furniture itself. Like this Century furniture, they got many types of furnitures that can suit with our taste.

From normal furniture to a leather type, I'm sure you will find you own favorite one. Other than a budget furniture, they also have a luxury furniture like Bradington & Young Furniture 968 Group and also Bradington & Young Furniture 714 Eight Way Hand Tied.

So what are you waiting for?

Mini garden.

Have you ever see this kind of lifestyle where one man that owned a big house, big car, wide backyard but don't know how to optimize it?

Yup, if I am that man, I will not hesitate to create my own mini garden, water fountain, camping site with a beauty outdoor fireplace for my own family. I will make my house area as the best place to be.

Man, sometimes I really don't understand why some rich people love to have a big "empty" but then , they just leave to to their gardener to take care of it. It only God can give me that kind of land.....

Peace of mind.

The day is coming for me to plan for my next trip. I think it will be a good decision for me to choose an resort that's surrounded by the nature. What I mean is it's a perfect choice if I can spend my quality time at Branson real estate.

Branson real estate is one of the best place to have a peace of mind. It's full of luxurious lifestyles for travelers, vacationers and Ozarks residents. The setting is pristine and the panoramic views are spectacular. So if you think this kind of holiday can suit with your taste, just choose your booking date!

Venga Circus

Looks like the Venga Circus is to town. I just saw their poster 3 blocks from my house and I think, this is the perfect time for me to bring my nephews together because it's still early of the month. Means my wallet still look beauty because still got the money inside!

Hopefully all of them will enjoy the show. I also hope that there will be a tickets for us in the weekend. Yeah... if only I can buy the tickets via online like this concert tickets, I don't have to waste my time to buy the tickets.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Delicious Cake!

You like to eat cake?
Do you know how to bake a cake?
If you do, would you like to learn more about cake recipes from is a special site for the bakers from all around the world. It has many recipes that can makes your day cheerful. No matter if you are a true baker or not, I'm sure you will like to learn how to bake a cake by yourself after you visited this site. also is a "mother" of all cake recipes site. For those who never went to this site before, maybe you will feel quite different at first. But trust me, once you know how to find the recipes that you want, definitely you will love to search more. The website itself look so friendly. With the attractive color and a good mapping of the menus on both of the sidebar, definitely it will attract more visitors to come again.

For me, I only have one suggestion for this site.
If only they can provide a picture for each of the recipes, it will be more great because at least, the beginners (new baker) will feel more confident to bake their first cake. As for me, it's time to ask my sister to bake a Lowfat Chocolate Cake Sour Cream Banana Cake.

Maui: Hawaii....!

I have my own target next year that is a holiday in Maui ,Hawaii.
My housing loan will be settled by end of this year and this is a good sign for me to create my new own budget. By doing this I hope I can make more saving in my bank and when it reach the budget.. that is the day where I will buy my first ticket to Maui, Hawaii because Maui is my dream vacation. It’s like a heaven on earth.

Even I never go to Maui before, I always look for an additional info about Maui. Then I checked it at Maui vacation home rentals and guess what, I've found it!

I' have a long place-to-go- list but I really want to go to Hale Kohola. Hale Kohola is great resort to stay in this summer. It has a good sentimental of value for those who want to celebrate their next honeymoon. There's an indoor waterfall with whimsical sculptured fish located at the marble entrance in the two story atrium and sitting room on the main floor is surrounded by four of the bedrooms.

Like I said, it's like a heaven. Hey, you also can choose your own resort if you want. Just go to Hawaii Travel check it by yourself!

Blog advertising

Do you have a blog?
That's the simple question I want to ask you because nowadays, a lot of bloggers outside there is hardly making money only from their blog.

What about you?
Do you making money from your blog?

We know that blog is a mixture of what is happening in a our life and what is happening on the Web, a kind of hybrid diary/guide site, although there are as many unique types of blogs as there are people. But, wasn't it good idea if at the same time, you will be paid just because of your blogging hobby.

Is it true?
Yup, how about joining a blog advertising programme?
This is the best way for you to earn some money online. Trust me... I've been there and done that!

Coaster Furniture

I just found one website that caught my attention. Actually, I am a big fan of a solid wood furniture and this site really makes my day. What I mean is I just got one more great site to be in my favorite list so that next time, if I want to look for a "wooden furniture", Coaster Furniture is already in my list.

Coaster Furniture has a lot of wooden furniture such as bookcases rack, accent furnitures and all the homeliving stuff. If you're a person who love this kind of furniture, make sure you give your first visit to the site and I'm sure can find something to put in your landscape for this summer.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Skin Protection

I just want to point out this topic especially for the rider out there.
Guys, do you wear a mask and a jacket when you're riding your bike or your motorcycle?

This is important man. Nowadays, the air is not clean as what we have 20 years ago. It was full of pollution especially if we live in a big city. We need some protections for our skin. Take a look at the rider at Japan and also at the Singapore, they always protect their skin by wearing a mask and also a jacket (wind breaker..... something like that).

Or at least, you must have your own skin care products so that you can "wash-hygiene" your skin after you back from your daily job.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Online Wedding Shop.

Have you ever heard of The Knot Wedding Shop?
Well, if you don't maybe you're a bachelor and maybe you're not an 'friendly interent user". The Knot Wedding Shop actually is the largest retailer of wedding supplies on the Internet. It has 1000 hard-to-find wedding supplies at the best prices around. It also provides you many design of gifts and also an unique wedding favor ideas.

If you're a busy person, The Knot Wedding Shop is a great place to find your own wedding things. No matter how busy you are, you still can access into their site 24 hours a day. Just sit down in front of your computer and let both of you make the choice. You know what, the website itself has a very good design. It's easy for the users to find what they need. Just look at the menu at the left bar and click on what you're looking for. I will not list down all the services and the products here because it is very complete!

So see it for yourself !

Affiliate Programme: The List.

So now you're looking for another source of income huh?
I'v egot a good news for you. Actually, I want to post this article since last year but I forgot to do it. What a long time...

Now here is the site that I'm talking about. Affiliateseeking is a great source to find all affiliates programme. also is known as an Affiliate Programs Directory. It was created and launched in late January 2004.

The directory is unique in that people can easily find and compare an ever growing number of affiliate programs that are categorized by subject. Now if you have an affiliate programme to introduce for, you can also add it to that directory for FREE!

Chitika: Poor Income.

I've join Chitika since 2006 and untill now, my earnings was not so good. I don't know why it seems like Chitika is not a favorite "thing" for the readers to click and buy. For me, I will not put any Chitika's link or banner in any of my blogs.

By the way, my adsense is still on track and it keep doing well. I really want to know how many of you here that really make money from Chitika. If you have a good tips to share it here, please are welcomed to do that here in the comment section.

Maui: The only one.

When I was 13 years old, I always dream to go to Maui. The reason for me to go to Maui is I really love Hawaii. Once I asked my mother to buy me a Maui t-shirt at night market. I still remember the design of the t-shirt. It's a grey color and there is a big "shark" standing beside the surf board. The only thing that's not in the picture is the Maui Condo.

I'm not sure when I can go to Maui but I do believe that I will be there one day. It's only about time. At this time, I just keep dreaming and hopefully, my dream will come true after. For the time being, I just keep playing with my mind and if you want to know, I already have my own favorite resort that is Mahana Maui Condo.

This place is like a heaven to me. It has a very damn good view from the bedroom. This is also one of the most luxurist condo that you can have here. It's a third floor oceanfront condo corner-unit with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Everything is perfect here.

Now tell me where is your dream place?

Poweroption: Smart Option.

If you were given a choice from Donald Trump to invest his money, which field would you like to choose? Will you invest it in unit trust fund? Or maybe just save it in your fix account or use it for an stocks option? If I am that lucky man, I want to give myself a chance to invest it in option screener.

A great thing about stock options is that they let you profit in any market. You can profit when prices are going up--and when prices are going down. Even in a volatile market, options let you ride the up-and-down roller coaster to your advantage. But, do you have any support technology that can identifies the highest return option trades?

If you don't have it, I would say it's a high risk for that. So why not you apply for SmartSearchXL® technology? for your information, this is the best way to Find, Compare, Analyze, and Make Money On Stock Option Trading.

As what the client said in their official site:
Buy the stock, write the call, set a stop loss and wait it out...

It's just simple like that! So get more information about PowerOptions now!

Kumomo: Have you earn money from it?

Kumomo is all about an one-stop advertisement space marketplace that serves as the platform to pair advertisers with relevant ad space owners, also known as publishers.

The birth of Kumomo is inspired by many cases of not knowing how and where to search for spaces that we wish. On the internet world, spaces can be unlimited, yet nobody knows how to get there.

But have you earn any money from this charity ads concept?
I'm looking forward about this but so far, there is nothing prove that I've got. How about you?

You-Cubez: Cute Directory.

I just came accross to this cute site. I never see this kind of site before but it's really nice to see this buy-link bid directory.

You-Cubez is a great new website, that allows you to advertise, have fun and make money all with a Cube. If you own a website, Facebook or MySpace Page, or perhaps a video on YouTube, why not grab yourself a cube for it from JUST £1.00!

So if you want to increase your pagerank, this is one of the best site for that. It has a pagerank 5. If you have another more site like this, please free to send it here!

Moving Home Experience.

Have many times you and your family had a "moving home" experience in your life?

Well if your parent is a teacher, I would not surprised if you have a several times to move from another state to another state.

But for those who never have an experience of "moving home", I think they should get the more info about on how to get the Cheap Moving Company rate.

As you know, moving home is often quoted as being one of the most stressful experiences we ever go through in our lives. At MovingCompanies they also provides others service like relocation, van lines and also self storage.

Self Storage is slightly different in that you take responsibility for getting your stuff in and out of storage yourself. If you think self storage is more suitable for you, why not you try it for yourself?

Website Traffic.

Nowadays, build a website is not a difficult thing to do anymore. If you're a smart person, you can find many websites that can teach you how to buid it. It's free of charge and there is no cost involved. But there's one thing that most of us don't realise; that is how to promote or market our website.

This is the major problem that we faced all the time. Sometimes, it will getting worse when we don't get what we want. What I mean is we already pay for the web hosting, domain name and also the web designer but we can't sell any of our own products + services.

How this can be happened?
There's only one reason for that. It's about our website traffic. When we have less traffic, that's mean we have a less visitor. When we have a less visitor, the ratio for visitors to buy our products will be small. Even Amazon also will not succes if they don't have a high traffic.

It is really important?
It's because when we hire the expert to do this kind of task, they will help us to make sure that we will receive only high quality web traffic. Furthermore, they already have a big huge network. It's quite difficult for us to do it alone.

QualityTrafficSupply is a great tools for us to achieve our goal. It's a U.S company based and they already here in this field for a long time. They have many experiences on how to give a good traffic to any website. Believe it or not, we can have our Targeted Traffic Campaigns Start from as low as $30!

Now let's make our first step to boost our online business!

Smart Coupon: Smart Choice!

Still don’t have the coupon codes?
Why not you check it personally at Couponchief?
And please double check on what you’re looking for because there are a lot of offers in that site.

For me, I’m always "sold" with Dell’s offer. I dunno why but officially, most of my pc stuff was from Dell. That's why I always looking the best offer from Dell (I'm a geeky remember?)

Since Couponchief act like a proxy for Dell, it really make my life easier. Bear in mind that everytime you click to any list that given by the Couponchief, You will be send to the Dell Home website. Then, you have to enter the promotional code: ************* where requested.

SO do you want to check the offers from Couponchief? If you do, tell me your dream and what the item that you’re looking for.
For me it will be nice if I can get the Dell 30″ Ultrasharp Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor. Want to know more on how to get your coupon?

Watch this video!

Monday, June 25, 2007

BuildAsign: Build Your Business.

Creativity (or creativeness) is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations between existing ideas or concepts. So yesterday, I just got an idea on how to market my sister's catering business.

Actually, the idea just come out from the "taxi". Yup.... it's about mobile marketing. I am planning to deal with the taxi drivers on how to market my sister's business. By asking them to put a magnetic car signs from BuildASign for my sister's catering logo at their door car, I believe that canmake my sister's business easy to promote. Now, wasn't a brilliant idea?

I know the right place to get my own magnetic car sign. If you're looking for any magnetic flat for the Signs, Banners, Accessories, Real Estate Signs, Parking Signs, Street Signs, Political Signs or even a License Plates, just go to and they will help you.

The Wonderful Of Kauai

Is 2007 is the right year for me to go for my 1st Hawaii Travel? Yeah.. I hope so.

I'm preparing myself a schedule as a full time blogger because I really want to go for a holiday. It's already 2 years since my last trip to Sibu Island. I hope my saving will reach the target before this September.

Kauai vacations will be one of my destination at Hawaii. It has a lot of best place to go. For your information, I never have any spesific list of which place should I go. That's because I will go anywhere I want because all the place in Hawaii is beautiful. No doubt about that.

One more, if you have a chance, please visit or book your accomodation at Mia Huna Estate. This is on of the famous place to go because you will be amaze on what you see. Believe me, you will be surprised with the ocean view because your room is just about a few hundreds ft above the sea!

Adify: New Ads Programme.

Adify powers the next generation of focused, brand-driven advertising networks. Global Media 1,000 partners such as Time Warner, The Washington Post Company, Reed Business Information, NBC Universal, MediaNews Group, RP Online, and Comcast Corporation are able to extend their brands, increase their reach and grow their revenue by using Adify to aggregate niche, high-quality content sites and create customized, vertical ad networks.

Adify’s technology platform supports everything you’ll need to build and manage your network, from creating custom publisher applications and site lists to ad serving, campaign optimization, performance analytics, billing and payments.

Today Adify supports over 30 leading vertical ad networks. They can help you enhance your brand, extend your reach, and recruit the publishers you need to drive new revenue opportunities. In addition to technical implementation and back office services, Adify’s professional services team provides strategic consulting, market mapping, sales training, and marketing support.

Wanna try your new way of generating an additional income?

Dream Vacation Rentals.

If you were given an option from Donald Trump to choose your dream kona hawaii vacation rentals, which one will it be and why?

For me, I will choose Roc Slide that's located in Mauna Lani, Big Island, Hawaii as my first choice. this is because I need a very huge comfortable place like this for my family members. With a 6 Bedroom and a perfect utilities, I believe all my familt members will feel very happy for it. It has a big space for a dining area, got pool table, jacuzzi, beauty kitchen countertop, private swimming pool and also a wide green field.

I'm also like the environment. It's like my home town because there is a tropical oasis landscape here. So for those who have a big family like me, please consider to choose a big place like this. Holiday is not only about travelling, but it also about how comfort you are. That's the different between traveller and the tourist like us.

If you really want to go to this vacation rentals (my dream vacation) , feel free to read more about it at
Hawaii Travel.

Happy holiday!

@Wiki is FREE wiki hosting service. You can publish anything instantly and multiple people can edit your content. You can use a wiki to keep notes and share ideas among a group of people

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Hawaii Story

Who said Hawaii beach accomodations is expensive?
Who said Hawaii holiday is a for a wealthy people?

I don't think so. Actually, it depend on on how smart we are. Now will you believe if I said you can get a a 3 Bedroom Vacation Rental Home, Pool, Less than 1 block from beach with only just $50 per night?

Yup, it's so simple. Make your group in a 6 people and then take out $50 from each of you. With this $300, there is no reason for you to sleep in the street. In fact, if you want to have a very comfortable accomodation in Kihei Kai Hale, it just cost you $275 for 3 bedroom.

Now you know how to get the best accomodation in Hawaii right?
So next time, don't forget to tell me how happy you are in Hawaii. Story to us your beach activities, how fun your banana boat riding and the soft sounds of waves, clean crisp ocean air and the chrystal clear water.

last but not least, don't forget to tell us your Hawaiian vacation news because next time, we will tell you ours!

Kauai: Another Heaven On Earth.

Do you think $98 is too expensive for you to get a good accommodation in Maui, Hawaii?
What I means is do you think that price is worth for you to stay in Maui condos? Absolutely worth right?

$98 per night for a studio Condo suite, garden view, pool, less than 1 block from beach... it's really cheap and I bet you will get nothing better than this. Well, then let's have a look what we get in our surround area.

Maui is a damn beauty place to go. It's like a heaven for all of us. With the marvellous scenary and a lovely wind blow, I'm sure there is no reason for anybody to leave this place.

One more thing, if you feel you like to change your mood, why not try to find additional coverage for Kauai Travel Info? Kauai also a dream place for all the travellers. In case you don't want to waste your sweet memories here in Kauai, make sure you bring your camera.

Happy hulaa...hulaa....!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Flixya: Earn More.

Here's another one programme that can make you earn money from it. It is call Filxya.

You get paid whenever someone on your site clicks on one of the AdSense ads. Advertisers can also bid to appear on your site on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. Both CPC and CPM bids compete in our AdWords program to ensure that you optimize your ad revenue.

How much do I get paid?

How much you earn depends on a number of factors including how much an advertiser bids on your site -- you'll receive a portion of what the advertiser pays .The best way to find out how much you'll earn is to sign up and start showing ads on your web pages.

Flixya users receive 100% of the ad impressions generated by the content they submit. These content pages include: videos, photos, blogs, galleries, user profile. This program is powered by Google Adsense and requires a Google Adsense account which users can sign up for during registration or in the ad settings page for logged in users.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Scandinavian City.

Have you ever go to Scandinavian City before?
Actually, I never had a chance to go to this great historical and geographical place. I have my own dream to go there because I'm always watch the documentary about Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe.

Anyway, I think I don't have a problem to find a
Cheap Hotels in Stockholm. I've got my own resource to choose my own cheap accomodation. All I have to do is just type the Sweden keyword in the CheaperThanHotels's site and automatically I will get the result.

I did make a comparison with others hotel but sigh***... it's too expensive! So if you want to get a very good budget for your accomodation, just click at the hyperlink that I you see above.

Many Opportunities Tonight!

There you go!
Nobody expect this night will be like this. As you see, there is so many opportunities tonight and each of that opps is valued USD18.50. It's a rare to see this kind of opps.

Not like yesterday, I noticed that it's not so good. I wait untill 3.00 am in the morning but nothing show up.

So I hope I can grab more good opps in just a while.
Big money babeh!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Boston Urban Lifestyle.

Now you're looking for a new type of accomodation in Boston right?
Well if you do, this is the right time for you to get some really good info in this post. Note that this is about condo, not the terrace house okey?

BostonCondoGroup is the leader in the Boston condominium market. Currently, BostonCondoGroup is in progress for their new project that is FP3 Condos. FP3 Condos is a great project that's located in the Seaport District, and is made up of 3 unique buildings.

As I said, this is a great "urban lifestyle" project. Each of the buildings offers it’s own character. Same thing goes with the website itself. The website just got many useful info for the buyers to look on what they need. The best thing about this "based condo website" is they have a special tool called Condo Search Tools.

Now if you want to look for your own budget condo, feel free to use this great tools.

Future planning.

So now you're making a lot of money from your your paid to blog programme, am I right?
I just read in one of the famous Malaysias blogger that claimed he is making around RM6,000.00 per month just from paid to blog or paid post alone.

Now if you were that guy, what will you do for your future planning?
Will you invest that money?
Will you just put that money in the bank?

Come on, tell me!

Gossip Point.

I just read in newspaper that Lohan was so angry with her ex-bodyguard statement about her bad "lesbian" story. She said that she will take an legal action to counter this.
Well, that's the latest story that I've heard about her.

But after I came accross this site, I'm noticed that this site got many updated news about Lohan. It give me a sign that if you're looking for an entertainment gossip, don't buy the newspaper for that reason. It was too late.

It's better for you to get it via online. It's faster, easier and there's a latest picture for any gossip that currently happened.

Broadband problem.

I hate to say this but my internet connection always give me a headache. I am so angry right now because the light still beep...beep....

If I have an authority to build one more broadband company, definitely I will locate the servers in every state in the country.

But what can I do?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Burn Notice's Spying 101

I just received an email from the stranger.
That email is not a normal email like what I'd received in my daily routine as a CIA officer. What I mean is the email was not in my internal inbox, it's in my personal email account.

I don't know why I'm the only one that received that email but I was so shocked after I see the content of that email. It's a collections of some photos before the 9/11 incident. Now what must I do because one of the man in that pictures clearly wearing a CIA jacket and his face just look similar like my face! Another person in that pictures is one of the "big boy" in my organisation!

For your information, while you were reading this post, now I become one of the most wanted person. As it stated in newspaper, I am the main suspect in this case.
What have I done?
Maybe the video has already spread out in my department. The only thing that I must do now is to see the President personally. I knew that he can help me.

Now, I have to use all my skills that I've learned in my previous training to survive. Living in the tunnel is not what I'd expected to be but I don't have any choice. This is the only place that safe for me right now. I need to stay here for at least one week because Mr President will use the road with his limousine for his next event. And that time, I'll try to block his delegation. That's the best thing that I can do.

Untill this time, I still don't know why they hunt me. Maybe something fishy is going on in my department....

Hey, that's my own story about the USA Network's Burn Notice new series. If you want to know the true story, don't miss the CIA Operative on USA Network's new TV series, Burn Notice. They to accomplish a similar task like mine. One more... don't forget the date (June 28th).

How to Upload a Video on Youtube?

youtube logo

YouTube is a place for people to engage in new ways with video by sharing, commenting on, and viewing videos. YouTube originally started as a personal video sharing service, and has grown into an entertainment destination with people watching more than 50 million videos on the site daily.

If you're interested in learning how to make your videos available to hundreds of millions of people worldwide - and you don't know where to start - then this quick YouTube tutorial is for you!


1. Make sure you have a YouTube account.
2. Click the "Upload" button on the main bar.
3. Choose title, description, tags, and catergory.
4. Click "Continue".
5. Choose a video file. Do not upload copyrighted material.
6. Finally click "Upload Video"


* Do not upload copyrighted material.
* Youtube only allows a maximum of 10 minutes per video. Also it doesn't allow more than 100 mbs per video.

Things You'll Need:

* Computer
* Video to upload
* Internet

Link: Youtube, Wikihow.

Modern Dialogue

Getting know each other via video conferencing must be a great thing rather than use a messenger. Through video conferencing, we can see our opponent live. The good is, there is nothing to hide off. Now that's what you can get from Lifesize.

LifeSize offers high definition video communications. No matter what kind of event you want to organize or which category of people you are, you can use their services.

Currently, Lifesize provides a complete high definition video communications product suite. Well, if you running your own company, owned this kind of tools definitely a must. It will save your transportation cost, travel cost, time and most important is WORK SMART.

Same goes if you're an education practitioners, you still can use this Distance Learning "modern dialogue" to improve your presentation and also to show your paperwork on screen.

Don't Click...!

This is a unique website ever.
I think everyone should visit this website because the feelin' was there. It will drag your curiousity to the maximum level and by the time you reach that level, absolutely you will click it. This is not a sponsored post and I'm not being paid for this article. But as I said, you have to visit this site, then you will know why I'm said so.

Love Is All Around

"~~ When a man loves a women...~~~
Michael Bolton is a great singer for love song isn'tit?

But I have a more good info to tell you here in this blog. I dedicate this site for all ladies outside there that men was not as you always think. We also have our own feeling. If you can't understand us, what is the way for us (men) to show our love to you?

This site has all things that you need to create a good bonding between you and your man. It has a lot of Relationship tips that maybe can suit with your own style.

So ladies, I just wanna say that "love is all around"...(wasn't that the Wet Wet Wet song?)

I told you, men always good in love...

Bill Gates story.

I just read some great facts about Bill Gates in my friend’s blog and as you know, you will smile while you reading it. Eventhough it’s hard to believe but it’s a fact. Here is some of the facts about his wealthy.

1. Bill Gates earns US$250 every SECOND, that’s about US$20 Million a DAY and US$7.8 Billion a YEAR!

2. If he drops a thousand dollars, he won’t even bother to pick it up because during the 4 seconds he picks it, he would’ve already earned it back.

3. The US national debt is about 5.62 trillion dollars, if Bill Gates were to pay the debt by himself; he will finish it in less then 10 years.

Look at the second fact, isn’t it great to have that kind of situation?
Can you imagine if you’re Bill Gates?

That’s mean whenever you want to discuss about your new house down payment with the realtor, you already earned another thousand bucks to spend for your next house!

BusinesSuites For Businessman.

Running a good business is not good enough if you don't know how to give a good impression in front of your client. What I mean is you must have a good image to show to your client because business is not just a profit, but it also about your company's credibility.

When the credibility is there, the integrity will automatically come. That what Businesssuites offers to all companies in this world. BusinesSuites is a leader in the office business center industry.

They provides many types of Executive Office Suites to the great companies. If you want to make your company looks good, why not take a look at their website?


Do you use a Snap function for your blog?This morning, I make my own “blogtour” to some of the good blogs that I’ve known. I have to read it because I’m “on leave” for a past few days and I hope I will not miss many things in blogosphere. But I had learnt something today and it’s about a Snap preview function that had been installed in their site. From my observation, I can see that the Snap function is not as good and friendly as they talked. It looks so messy.

Guys, may I ask few questions?
What have you got from your Snap function?Is it important for you (and your readers!!!???)?
Is it GOOD for your blog?

I don’t think Snap will give me a good effect for all my blogs. I don’t know what do you think about this but I think this is not a friendly stuff for the readers. Me myself feel quite “boring” whenever my mouse “touch” that Snap links.

It’s so simple. Do you think the readers need this kind of “image info”?
If you think your readers need it, you better create a poll in your blog and ask your readers “what kind of mouse that they use”. What I mean is, just ask your readers whether their mouse has a right click function or not and you also may ask them what version of browser that they’re using currently.

What’s the significant?
The significant is don’t you think your readers don’t know how to open a new tab with their right click?Do you think they will look for the image in the Snap’s preview and then click for the url?

As I said, it’s quite messy to look at the Snap’s “big box” preview without any “hint” (like Kontera’s did) in your blog. You don’t know when the Snap preview will appear right?

It will appear whenever you “hit” the link. Not like Kontera, it will show a double hyperlink so you have a chance to not clicking on it.

Do you agree with me?

Maternity Health Insurance

lampuMaybe some of you already heard some stories from your neighbourhood about how bad it is (women) for not receive any broad based maternity or fertility benefits from their employer. Plus, some of them was not qualify for the government aid. You also know how hard it is for women to risk their life just for give girth. How do you feel about this?

Now let me share with about Maternity Health Insurance.
MaternityCard is a product from Affordable Healthcare Options specifically developed to allow pregnant women to afford the rising costs of delivering babies by reducing the cost up to 60% (0%-60%).

Can you to handle it alone?
If not, this is the best time for you to do some good preparation for your next child. Bear in mind that there is a good scheme that you can apply for. With this scheme (Maternitycard), you are entitled to have many benefits like a good support at the hospital. Detailly, you deserve to have more than that. Let me list down the "things" that you can get:

Doctor Visits
Hospital Stays
Lab Work
24 Hour Counseling
24 Hour Nurse Hotline
Pre Natal Vitamins
Newborn Tests and checkups
Prescription Drugs

So how to get further information about this?
Just visit the site at

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blogging Job.

Just met my friend at his house. His name is Dean.
I still remember his past time when he got nothing in his life. He had lost his mother and his brother. Now he stayed with his father.

Dean is a very good friend of mine. He is a hardworking guy band he never surrender to the faith. He always keep his spirit to build a better living in the future. Me myself sometimes feel jealous about Dean's achievement and I admit it. I really admire him and I will work more harder for my own future.

Even I don't have any experienced as a real estate broker like Dean, but I believe I can get the same result like what Dean had. Yeah... I promise I can show to him that I will success with my blogging job!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hotel info zone.

When you want to go for a holiday, what is the first thing you must do?
For me, one of the most important info that I must look is about my accommodation. Here, I want to show one site that will make your holiday more exciting.

The site that I'm talking about is
This is the best site for you to check your own favorite hotel. All you have to do is just find your check-in and check-out time and also the city. It's so simple because all the information was included in the search function. Once you click the "SEARCH" button, you will see the incoming data. It was so fast and accurate.

Now what's more can I say?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogitive...Smorty...Blogsvertise...what happened?

Do you noticed that Blogitive was having a problem to find an advertiser?
I can see that because each time I login to my Blogitive account, the only advertiser that still "alive" is the Capella University.

I can't take that Capella's review anymore. It's too many and it's not good for my blog. I hope Blogitive will do something about it.

Same goes to Smorty and Blogsvertise. Well, I hope they also should do something about it.

More Coupon At Couponchief.

Still don’t have the coupons codes? Why not you check it personally at Couponchief? And please double check on what you’re looking for because there are a lot of offer in that site.

For me, I’m always get sold with Dell’s offer. I dunno why but officially, most of my pc's stuff is a Dell brand. By that, I’m always looking for the best offer from Dell.

Since Couponchief act like a proxy for Dell, it really make my life easier. Bear in mind that everytime you click to any list that given by the Couponchief, you will be directed to the Dell Home land page. Then, you have to enter the promotional code: R72BPFDXXV6XLD where requested.

So do you want to check the offers from Couponchief? If you do, tell me your dream and what the item that you’re looking for.
For me it will be nice if I can get the Inspiron E1705 laptop. If you like this laptop, make sure you get the full info at coupon codes especially the expired day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The SEO.

It’s a dream come true when your blog got many returning visitors. And it’s so sweet when you have many blogs and many returning visitors. But build a new blog is not an easy job to do. It need an efforts in order to make sure the successfull of that blog.

For the beginner with little money to invest it is crucial to get a good position in the search engines. Otherwise you will go broke trying to advertise and driving traffic to your site and in a few months you will have to close the doors. But it's important to consider the cost of website optimization. Keep in mind a higher price does not necessarily mean the expensive services are more effective than the less expensive ones.

Now the next step is you must know how to find a good SEO company. The advantages of using a SEO company is to enhance search engine placement. You need to place well in the search engines if you want to succeed with your online business because it depend on your criteria. It's about the number of incoming links lead to your page.

Why you must hire a website optimization company?Choosing an effective company can be quite a challenge. It's because it will help the internet users more close to the things that they're looking for. The good website optimization company will help you to give the most relevant answers to the various queries that people make when they use a search engine.

When you already come to this stage, you must know more deeply about search engine optimization and its effects on search engine rankings. Every time you improve your site, you need to allow time for the full effect to show in search engine results. Search Engines have computers and programs called "Spiders" that collect information about your web pages in an attempt to "figure out" what your pages are about.

To be continued....

Webroot Spy Sweeper software


Have you ever saw this code before?
This is not the code that you saw in The Lost movie. This is the code that can save your computer. Now try to do as what I mentioned below:
and insert “A” as the key letter.

What would you get?


What’s Spyware?
It is a vile and wicked program that gets installed by itself on your computer without taking your permission. It’s like a program that is set up in your PC and it trails whatever you do, at any time you are online surfing the Internet. If you’re a webmaster or a full time blogger, this will make your daily job sucks.

How to deal with that?
Spy Sweeper is the best protection where you can depend on it to use against of spyware viruses. It also will block and removes the dangerous spyware programs.

Spy Sweeper currently does support the Microsoft’s Windows Vista Operating System. Spy Sweeper is a great choice of anti virus programs because they have their own Continuous Defense Updates so that you can check for updates manually or set Spy Sweeper to receive these updates automatically - so you can set it and forget it. You also will receive an essential information about the latest spyware threats, right inside your Spy Sweeper application.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Happy Holiday!

The only thing that you should not forget to bring when you go to Disneyland is your digital camera. I have to say this because Disneyland will never be the same. Orlando is ever changing and that’s why I ask you to bring along your camera. So if you have a money to spend at Disneyland, will you consider to bring your family to Seaworld, Universal Studios, Walt Disney and perhaps … play a golf with your family?

Well, if you think that the list above is too much, why not you check the calendar of event that have been prepared so you can prepare your trip well? And don’t forget to get your best accomodation at Disney vacation home because I’m pretty damn sure you will not happy if you’ve got stuck in the middle of the street just because your place is too far.

Online money project still on track.

I'm glad to say here that I managed to earn about USD900 for last month. This is a good amount for me because usually, my earning was around USD600. Now I can buy more domain for my future project.

For your information, this is my first blog ever and I'm happy to say it here. Maybe some of you had close your free domain blog but after you bought your own domain but I will not "close" this blog no matter what happened. Although I have 4 blogs with my own domain right now, but I still keep going on with this blog.

This blog actually got it's own life. Same like me, I also got my own private Globe Life too. The best thing to about this blog is I still can earn online money from it untill now...!

Still alive today.

I'm almost got killed on my way back home just because of a bee!. I don't know where the hell that bee's come from but thank to God I'm still alive today. If it's not because of my motorcycle sunglasses, surely I will hit the road divider. Hey, 120 km/hour is very dangerous speed if you don't have any protection for your eyes.

So guys, if your helmet don't have a visor, make sure you have a sunglasses to wear when you're on riding. As for myself, I'm feeling so lucky today because my sunglasses just save my life!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Reviewback review.

Many of you may have heard of ReviewMe and PayPerPost, two services that allow you to pay another blogger review and link to your product or website. While, this is an excellent way of gaining a free exposure.

Reviewback is a free review swapping and exchange network that lets anyone promote their websites, businesses, blogs, and organisations. Reviewback is the perfect way to build traffic, links, visitors and future clients for free.

Actually, Reviewback is the new product from For your information, both of this services actually got a similar opration system. It will not involved any cost to join neither to use their service. You will not being paid and you will not pay for everything. It’s a FREEDOM free service.

Just submit your blog into the site and you can browse the network and find other bloggers to trade reviews and links with. As always, the service is 100% free and is super easy and user-friendly. Well if you already have an account with, just login with your email.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Business To Do.

My neighbour just invited me to join his new business at JB town. He is opening his new print shop at on of the most famous area at JB. Eventhough he knew that the risk to do this kind of business in JB was quite big, but he has a confident to do it because he believe that his artwork are potentially can be sold.

As a friend, I really respect his spirit. As for the record, I already accepted his offer. But, I just do my job from home. Basically, he wanted me to concentrate on online marketing such as online ordering, keep update the company's website, financial and etc. Well, I will help him with my own heart and I also recommended him to get the accounts receivable conversion.

For the time being, I am busy to develope the website.Hopefully, I can start my job next week.

Get Happy – Trade Show Display Guarantees

With so many options to consider on your trade show display, it's easy to get overwhelmed. That's why I think you'll like Modern Day Displays' "Get Happy" guarantee.

They're sure you'll like all of their pop-up displays, trade show flooring, and tabletop displays.See why they want you to Get Happy and pick out a display that's right for you.

Online Directory.

There's may online directory on Internet right now but this time, I want to highlight about one special Online directory just for a businessman (like you). is a online directory that's provides many info about business links. Means that whenever you want to look for something that related with your business, you can find it here. It's like an online yellow pages but the different is you don't need to waste your time anymore to look for the info that you need.

Let's say that you're a contractor and you want to get more "order" from your client, Real Estate Directory maybe will the best choice for you to market your service.

You must put your link in this great directory because if you know how to optimize your "company/business", then you know how big is your market is.

SnagAJob has the jobs that are right for you!

pYou can find a job with SnagAJob's huge list of employment opportunities – all from top employers! Anybody can walk through the local mall looking for help wanted signs, but its much easier on because all the jobs are in one place.

It's easy to search their database of jobs, pick out the opportunities that you like, and apply for the jobs that match you best. With SnagAJob you'll find quality employers from national companies to smaller local businesses. It really is that simple. You'll be on your way to a new job before you know it.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mom Getting Angry Again.

Wooo.... just because of my nephews, my mom just keep lecturing me. She yelled at me because I failed to handle all the kids. Her kitchen just turned to a gulf war. It was so mess. I can see those bananas skin all over the place. Now what have those kids did?

I have to "calm down" her but there is something wrong here because she also mentioned about our bathroom. Now she so mad about our bathroom. I don't know why but later, I noticed that the shower pipe was leaking! Now I know what's this all about.

If you're reading this mom, please don't worry because I will ask the plumber to fix it and I also want to buy you a new set of bathroom faucets for your bathroom.

Because I love you mom!

1st Time Experience.

I never ever play a golf before because I don't have a chance to do it. All his time, I only saw it on the tv and also from the hill that's located near my office. I just watched those "rich" people played golf for that hill untill my youngest brother told why not you apply for the golf membership?

Then I asnwered back by giving him a good little of "beauty" statement. Well I said " if you can sponsor me a set of Callaway golf , then later I will apply for the membership. Then, he smiling at me because he knew that Callaway golf is a one of the best golf equipment.

So am I will get my first golf set from him?

Don't Spend Time Worrying About Your Inventory – Get Help.

With too many order management systems available, it's hard to know which one is right for your company. F. Curtis Barry & Company has been working in warehouse consulting for over 20 years, and they understand your apprehension.

I know you want to make sure that your company gets the best products available, which is why I know you'll be happy you let F. Curtis Barry & Company work with you to ensure that you're on the right path to success. Don't spend another day trying to figure out which one is right, get in touch with the experts and let them help you every step of the way. I know you'll be happy you did.

Happy Anniversary!

Spring is just around the corner and if you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary, that would a great thing to do. Love is all around so feel the love and feel the sweet memories. make this anniversary as the most happening event of this year. The simple way to show your love is by send flowers to your beloved wife/husband.

What I mean is you can do it just with your fingertips. Just go to Dotflowers website and you will see many types of bouquet or even a gorgeous gourmet gift baskets. Some more, you also can ask for their same day delivery flowers (only available in U.S).

Now can you imagine how surperise is your wife/husband to receive this kind of "love"?

Blogvertise Getting Slower?

Do you notice that Blogvertise was not "happening" anymore?
I think they have a big problem with their advertiser because all I know, only 2 companies that still use Blogvertise service.

I am so worry about this because if this phenomenon still occur, I think Blogvertise will "collapse". Same goes with Smorty. I never see any "additional" advertiser that comes in Smorty opportunities column.

How about you?
Do you think the same "subject" like what I'm thinking now?

Less Is More.

Having a big house is not a big deal if you don't know how to decorate it. It's a wasted if you bought a thousands dollar of furniture just to show your "wealthy" but you don't even want to make your house look beauty.

If you don't know how to make over your house, just find home designer get more info about it. For your home furniture, it will be more easier if you hire an interior designer because this people will help you to realise your dream. Remember, sometimes less is more.

Now you done. Your house will look beauty and don't forget to invite your friends for a party as soon as the "make over" settled.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Afraid Of Dentist?

Many of us still afraid to see a dentist. Maybe it's sound funny but this is true. Just try ask your friends and I'm sure you will get a negative answer from them. Now just keep reading because I want to share with you some nice facts about Hayfield Dental Care and maybe after this, you will not afraid to see your dentist anymore.

Hayfield Dental Care is one of the famous "institute for dentist" since 1987. As for the record, Hayfield Dental Care has provided treatment to over 23,000 different patients. This is not a small amount because they use the latest and most advanced materials and equipment to provide their patients with outstanding care. Now believe it or not, some of them are returning patients because they like to have the treatment again.

Believe it or not, all of the dentists at Hayfield Dental Care have received advanced or specialty training. In fact, they also has their own full time specialist in orthodontics. So if you want to know more about how you can get a good treatment from Hayfield Dental care, just give them a call and make your appoinment.

Call For Life.

Life will never be the same again if you don't know how to take care your family members. You must have an initiative to help your own siblings if they have a problem especially for a drug addiction case.

Everyday, we can see many people out there that involved in this kind of addiction. That's included homeless people, student and even a celebrities. Now we as a human, we should help them because pointing fingers will not change the fact.

For me, giving them an info about drug treatment is one of the best thing that I can do. By showing them the right path for a better life, it's like giving them a good hope for their next "life". is a great place to help them build their life back. They will help you too find a drug rehab center that suitable for you. If you or someone you know is struggling with the disease of drug addiction or alcoholism, give a call to them.

Coin Sorter

Shool holiday is coming and all nephews will come here and stay for about a week. It's gonna be a tough week for me because I have nine nephews and usually, my house will be noisy like a night market. It will be crowded ...!

At the same time, I knew that I have to "throw" some money for their daily expenses.

But it's okay for me because I love my nephews very much. Eventhough I give them some money for their expenses, but most did not use that money. If only I have a coin sorter , definitely it can teach and encourage them on how to learn to keep their own fund. I believe that.

New Design Of Condomn.

So how about this post?
I never make any post about health topic before but this time I really want to put it here. The reason for me to make this "special post" is because I want to dedicate it for all Malaysian bloggers. Prevention is the best cure ever. So whenever you want to make a free sex, just do it in a safe way. What I mean is please use a condomn and if you're looking for a different design of condomn, try to get your favorite one at crown condoms.

This is on eof the best site for you to find a good quality of condomn. Satisfaction is everything and believe it or not, they also provide the thinnest latex condoms in the world at 0.046mm with only $9.99 that is Japan's CROWN skinless condoms. One for sure, you also can find your vibrator ring with only just $19.90.


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