Monday, June 25, 2007

The Wonderful Of Kauai

Is 2007 is the right year for me to go for my 1st Hawaii Travel? Yeah.. I hope so.

I'm preparing myself a schedule as a full time blogger because I really want to go for a holiday. It's already 2 years since my last trip to Sibu Island. I hope my saving will reach the target before this September.

Kauai vacations will be one of my destination at Hawaii. It has a lot of best place to go. For your information, I never have any spesific list of which place should I go. That's because I will go anywhere I want because all the place in Hawaii is beautiful. No doubt about that.

One more, if you have a chance, please visit or book your accomodation at Mia Huna Estate. This is on of the famous place to go because you will be amaze on what you see. Believe me, you will be surprised with the ocean view because your room is just about a few hundreds ft above the sea!

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