Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Do you use a Snap function for your blog?This morning, I make my own “blogtour” to some of the good blogs that I’ve known. I have to read it because I’m “on leave” for a past few days and I hope I will not miss many things in blogosphere. But I had learnt something today and it’s about a Snap preview function that had been installed in their site. From my observation, I can see that the Snap function is not as good and friendly as they talked. It looks so messy.

Guys, may I ask few questions?
What have you got from your Snap function?Is it important for you (and your readers!!!???)?
Is it GOOD for your blog?

I don’t think Snap will give me a good effect for all my blogs. I don’t know what do you think about this but I think this is not a friendly stuff for the readers. Me myself feel quite “boring” whenever my mouse “touch” that Snap links.

It’s so simple. Do you think the readers need this kind of “image info”?
If you think your readers need it, you better create a poll in your blog and ask your readers “what kind of mouse that they use”. What I mean is, just ask your readers whether their mouse has a right click function or not and you also may ask them what version of browser that they’re using currently.

What’s the significant?
The significant is don’t you think your readers don’t know how to open a new tab with their right click?Do you think they will look for the image in the Snap’s preview and then click for the url?

As I said, it’s quite messy to look at the Snap’s “big box” preview without any “hint” (like Kontera’s did) in your blog. You don’t know when the Snap preview will appear right?

It will appear whenever you “hit” the link. Not like Kontera, it will show a double hyperlink so you have a chance to not clicking on it.

Do you agree with me?

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