Monday, June 25, 2007

Kauai: Another Heaven On Earth.

Do you think $98 is too expensive for you to get a good accommodation in Maui, Hawaii?
What I means is do you think that price is worth for you to stay in Maui condos? Absolutely worth right?

$98 per night for a studio Condo suite, garden view, pool, less than 1 block from beach... it's really cheap and I bet you will get nothing better than this. Well, then let's have a look what we get in our surround area.

Maui is a damn beauty place to go. It's like a heaven for all of us. With the marvellous scenary and a lovely wind blow, I'm sure there is no reason for anybody to leave this place.

One more thing, if you feel you like to change your mood, why not try to find additional coverage for Kauai Travel Info? Kauai also a dream place for all the travellers. In case you don't want to waste your sweet memories here in Kauai, make sure you bring your camera.

Happy hulaa...hulaa....!

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