Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Are you a sexy tourist?

Maybe the title are quite controversy but this is the fact that we already know. If we ever been to Miami Beach, Haadyai or even at Surfing Paradise, Gold Coast... we can see many there's many ladies prefer to wear their body stockings. It's so hot for a man like me to handle that kind of situation.

Where's on earth for you can see many beautiful ladies expose their sexiest body just like that? Now are you one of them? If you do, then why not you send me a copy of your photo so that I can put here in this post. Salute!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Do you like to have a massage session on your holiday?

Damn.... this is one of best offer that I must grab. If you are a person who love to spend your holiday in any Asean country, then I think you know what I'm tryin' to say. It's because many of the resorts that you know in this countries always provides a massage therapy session. It's like a package for you to choose.

The therapy was so great because you can choose your own massager. As for me, I always want a girl to massage me. You will feel so relax and your mind will be more cool after one day round tour. I'm not sure if they got their certificate from any massage therapy schools but seems like their massage just was too perfect for me.

Do you have a budget for your holiday?

Yes I do.
I always have a budget for each of my holidays. I don't want to waste my money for any activities or anything that will not give me any benefit. If I think the money that I'm gonna spend will makes me happy, enjoy and bring me big benefit, then only I will spend on it.

But if you ask me whether I will spend all my money for shopping reason, definitely my answer will be NO. In fact, I have a very good calculation in my mind in this field. It's like there's a budgeting software in my mind. So next time, don't ever ask me to go to Paris with you because I will not spend any penny on your shopping!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My activities on cruise.

Do you know what is one of the reasons for me to choose a cruise vacation?
Other than a damn great sea view from my cabin, I also love to do many things on ship such as cinema show, playing games and the gym.

I love to use their gymnasium facilities like this ellipticals
because I am a person who always keep my body fit. Fitness is my lifestyle and cruise just make my life.

What about you?
Come on tell me and let me know why you prefer to go for a cruise vacation.

Traveling with own transport.

What is your normal preparation before you leave your home for your next trip?
Do you check your transport condition?
Or do you check also your house security?

Well maybe yes and maybe not but I think there's one thing that you should do before you start your engine. Have you check you car insurance lately?

Well this is very important because traveling with own car always need this kind of preparation. It's very different if you travel with cruise or a train. So next time, make sure you renew it it via auto insurance online.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Do you bring your favorite gadget on your holiday?

Now this a very good question, isn't it?

I also have my own favorite gadget that is iPOD and I believe you also have your own too. But do you bring it along while you were on your holiday or you just keep it at your home?
Scared to loose your gadget?
Well chill up guys.. I think you should bring it along because sometimes, you will feel very lonely and this is the best time for you to listen to your favorite song, don;t you think so?

If he answer is YES, then let me show you one best place to buy your favorite stuff. Check this electronics stuff and let me hear what is your favorite stuff!

Don't let wrinkle catch you while you were on on holiday!

I know many of you have a very sensitive skin and that typoe of skin actually make your feel so uncomfortable while you were on your holiday trip right?
Now I've got an idea and this time, I will show you a product that maybe can suit with your need.

Actually, I want to recommend you guys a very good wrinkle cream so that you will feel more younger than your actual age. These are the famous wrinkle cream for you to try. If you think you want to look more younger, then buy wrinkle cream for your daily use.

Simple isn'it?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Holiday money.

Some people go holiday from their own saving, some of them use their mutual fund money and some of them use their time share point. But believe it or not, many of them go for a holiday just from their own commission.

Nowadays, many of us has a very good job like futures broker. This is a job that really can make money and I can bet that if you are a good futures broker, definitely you can go for a holiday every year.

Opsss... where have you been lately?


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