Monday, July 26, 2010

Time to affiliate!

I am thinking to approach myself for another new business. I am thinking to set up a website that will focus on baby clothes.

Yes, I come up with this idea after I read more about affiliate success story. I know the potential in affiliate now and I believe with a strong and effective marketing, I can gain more profit because affiliate is a program without a big capital to start.

So it's about will and want. Where there's a will, there will be a way.

Green shopping?

So now I have learned another new terminology called green shopping. Frankly, I never heard about this word before but after I read more about in on their website, then I am proud to share it with you in this blog.

Guys, green shopping is an online shopping. You don't need to start your car, youy don't need to wasting your gas and you don't need to pump out black smoke from your vehicle to buy the things that you want. Green shopping will do it for you.

By getting online and make the purchase, you already help the world from that kind of pollution. Simply click here and click there... then it's already done!

Friday, July 16, 2010

New trip

Seems like the time has come for me to plan for another new holiday trip. I am so addicted to the beach area and this time, Asean country will be my target.

There's many beauty beaches for me to spend my time on. But before I check the ticket via online, I need to dig more about wrinkle fillers as my sister want me to do so. She has a big problem with her skin care and it's my responsibility to help her.

By the way, do you have any idea on how to protect our skin care specially in a hot day? She really need that. Just drop me an email so that I can forward to her as well. Thanks guys :)

Happy holiday always.

I just watched the video above and it really motivate me to work on my body. I also watch the video on how to reduce belly fat. So what I need to do now is exercise in the morning and the evening.

Sometimes, I don't have much time to go for an exercise session and it really stress me out. But I have another option to overcome this problem. Why not I do it in my home?

And now I realize I can do an exercise even I on my own holiday (even in a hotel room). It's not about time, it's about where!

Six pax and the beach

Too hard to be tough.... that's what my friend's said to me. He is a trainer in one of the gym here in my area. His six pax just in a good shape and I need to work more on mine.

He even asked me to try this best ab workout so that my stomach muscle will get more strong. Having a good muscle can be a bonus for a guy who like to spend his time on the beach. There's many chicks out there that love to see that.

When I can have a good shape of six pax? My tummy is getting bigger... shit!

About Mexico

Have you ever been to Mexico before?
I never been to Mexico but I really want to spend my time in that country. At least for a week.

Yes, I have watch too many documentaries about Mexico via Travel channel and it makes me more eager to know the country well. I even have a plan to open my own smoke shop because Mexican people like to smoke. It seems a good business for me.

By the way, I also know that people in Mexico is very nice. Of you read this article and if you are a Mexican, can you contact me? I want to know you, who knows we can be a good friend?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reading book near the beach.

So now you are looking for hydroxycut hardcore x review's huh?
Do you think it can help you while you were on your holiday?

Well if I were asked by the same question, definitely I will say YES. It because as a full time blogger, I love to read more about anything that can makes me happy. I love reading and I like it very much. I even read many books near the beach while I'm in a mood of holiday.

That's sound strange huh but life is not difficult as we think. Reading is one of the easiest thing to do specially if you don't have anything to do.

Next trip will be at Korea.

Still in a mood of holiday. Since I came back from Perhentian Island, I felt more fresher that before. I almost forgot abour best weight loss pills article that I should send to my friend.

Well I think I need to finish it as soon as possible. I know the dateline is too close and I really want my friend happy with my work.

Before that, I just want to ask you about the camera that you are using right now. Which one is better? Nikon or Canon? I want to buy one for me so that I can shoot more beauty pictures for my next trip to Korea.


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