Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pendrive and holiday.

Do you bring along your external hard drive while you were on holiday?
Or do you bring your pendrive?

I prefer to bring my external hard drive because I am a person who are into photograph. I love to snap a picture and it's been part of my life. So whenever I feel the time has come for me to snap, I will capture that moment.

How about you?
Do you bring your pendrive like me while you were on holiday?

What will happen to my life?

It always been a pleasure when we can take care of our parents nicely. Each time I saw an old people, I always ask myself about my life 20 years from now. Will my kids take care of me in the future or should I buy this spirometers in order to monitor my heart?

Living in a modern world sometimes makes us confuse. Sometimes, we always think of ourself, and sometimes... we want to take care of other people. This is true.

I hope this will not happen to me. I don't want my kids leave me just like that.

Bad habit while on holiday.

Going to holiday sometimes will makes us feel so tired. But when it come to "eating session" it always feel good.

Actually, one of the bad habit that I have is my dinner time. Each time I want our for a dinner on holiday, I prefer to take a late dinner and this will put me in a risk. What I am trying to say is definitely my tummy will get bigger.

So as for the solution, I will always refer to this kind of site. It really help and I like it!

More testimonial?

Do you have any experience with any best best acne treatments? If you do, can you share it in this blog?

I really need someone that can express their own feeling about this. The reason for me to ask for it is because I know my readers will love to read it. They love to dig more about it.

Furthermore, I believe they will take it as a testimonial before they make a decision to buy it. Will you share it?

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Holiday again!

Holiday is not about happy and enjoy. For me, holiday is about how I can makes myself relax and stay fit. I know maybe some of you will not agree with this statement but hey, that is me!

I am a person really care about my fitness. That's why I will only choose the accommodation that can provide me a mini gym or a mini fitness center. At least they have one of this ellipticals so that I can work out on my body as well.

Going to holiday with a good level of healthy is a damn good option. Don't you think so?


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