Friday, February 24, 2006

What blog do you have?

I just had an online chat with my guru just now and it's just for 30 minutes only. But I think this time it was good a chat. Actually, we were bubbling about how to get the highest keyword and how to increase our money online. Then, he send me a special software and I'm very glad to accept it because maybe this is the right time for me to find "more money" in the internet...LOL.

Anyway at first, I thought it will be easy for me when I know the high keyword. From that, I already imagine the next step. Yup, normally what peoples do, they will create or build another new website or a blog just for that keyword.

And then, when SEO give a direct link to their site, it will more easy for them to increase the traffic and when this happen, it's a pleasure to the webbie to put the "money value" in their site. After that, I telling it to my guru and guess what he said?He said:

"You rather build a blog or a website just for something you're know or at least, something useful for your readers. From that, your readers will see your honesty thru your own idea...".

Opssss.... I just got something in my mind and please don't ask me why I do this. I just try to find the type of blog that still exist in internet right now and believe it or not, it's just state there when I search it thru Google Search. If you don't believe it, just type the name of the blog that you like in the Google Search down there and you will see the truth.

Here is:

Mute Blo'g : I'm sure you will no say about this site.
Beautiful Blo'g : She claim it itself!
Ugly Blo'g : I don't think so...
Short Blo'g : Maybe......? Say it yourself!
Pink Blo'g : Pink is the truth.
Fast's Blog : How fast this blo'g can go?
Lazy Blo'g : I'm not a lazy blogger... how about you?
Long, Hard Blo'g : Yup... it's quite long to the bottom!
Season Blo'g : Naaa...naa...naa...naaa....

Have you try it?

Best Video From Fosfor Video

This is my favourite videos from Fosfor Video.
I think this 3 videos really make me dare to wait untill the last section. I don't know how to describe it but among all the videos, I'm feeling so exciting with the last video that is AudiR8 performance.

Here it is:
(luckily, I'm using a a broadband...!)

Imagine if this happen on your Valentines Day...!!!
Click here to see the video!!!

Is this a true story or a camera effect...?
I'm still don't believe it. What is she late to count it into the basket. Can you imagine it? What if...? What if...? What if.....? Fuuhhhh....!!!
Click here to see the real thing!!!

The most lovely video I've ever got!!!
It seems like a cheating video but it's not...!
Click here to feel the excitement and make sure your speaker is in good condition and more thing, please get the higher volume for it!

"Alex Ostrovsky!"......said iTunes.

Have you ever heard of this person?
Who is this person?
Why his name suddenly famous in internet?

Alex Ostrovsky is just a normal people from West Bloomfield, Michigan but he just create a big history for Apple iTunes and also for himself. This man is a lucky man for 2006 because he just won a grand prize winner that is a 20-inch iMac, 10 fifth generation iPods and a $10,000 gift card good for any item on the iTunes Music Store.

How he become a winner?
It is because the billionth song ”Speed of Sound” was purchased as part of Coldplay’s “X&Y” album by him. In addition, Apple will establish a scholarship to the world-renowned Juilliard School in his name to commemorate this milestone.

The iTunes Music Store is also the world’s most popular video download store with more than 15 million videos purchased and downloaded. iTunes offers over 60 popular TV shows for just $1.99 for viewing on a computer or iPod and recently added new hit programming from ABC, Bravo, NBC, MTV Networks and SHOWTIME.

If you want to like him, just forget it because the 1 million just come once in a history. But if you like to have your own iTunes, just get it here...

Richman In Malaysia

Yesterday, I had a discussion with my boss about business development planning for this year. All the planning had submitted already and when it comes to the presentation part, I'm so happy because my proposal was accepted. This mean I need to "hire" 3 more additional staff for my department.

And then, he (my boss) just ask me to have a chat with him. All along the chatting, he give me a good support regarding my appraisal. He said :
" Make sure your new staff will make your job more efficiency and never let them stop from their with"interview" period , always assume that everyday is a last day for them, same goes to must tell them about this... that's the key to success and to get rich..!."

After that, I asked him why should I do that because for me, every task or job had their own due date and plan. No need too get harsh and let them them take their own time.
Then he smile at me and said:

1) " If you want to make sure your new staff got what it takes, make sure you be Donald Trump.."
2) " If you want to get rich, make sure you do the same thing like the 5 tycoon of Malaysia did..."
3) " All this rich person always give a damn huge concentrate on what they're doing.."

And for now, I found the 5 tycoon in Malaysia that hold a title as the latest Top 5 Richman In Malaysia.
Here is:

Ranking : 1.
Name : Robert Kuok Hock Nien.
Wealth (RM mil) : 21, 553.60
Flagship : Kerry Group / Kuok Group.

Ranking : 2.
Name : T. Ananda Krishnan.
Wealth (RM mil) : 10, 974.00
Flagship : Usaha Tegas.

Ranking : 3.
Name : Quek Leng Chan.
Wealth (RM mil) : 9, 904.04
Flagship : Hong Leong Group.

Ranking : 4.
Name : Lim Goh Tong.
Wealth (RM mil) : 6, 148.00
Flagship : Genting Group.

Ranking : 5.
Name : Teh Hong Piow.
Wealth (RM mil) : 6, 097.96
Flagship : Public Bank Group.

All this richman know how to make money and the way to get rich.
But what if you don't have what it takes to be a wealthy people like them, are you going to die?
Of course not..... so why not you be a wealthy people like them thru blogging?

You know what? Blogging also can give you a chance to make money....
So why don't you?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hello... please be polite on the phone!

Stil remember the posting regarding the dealing over the phone?
Now let's share come tips on how to get off a phone politely. If you are a hot tempered person, maybe you can get something useful from this posting. But if you are an SMS person, just ignore this tips.

Depending upon the person on the other end of the line, getting of the phone politely can take a firm hand, the truth or perhaps a creative mind.
Let's check it out and here is:

1) Keep your cool. It's best to be polite.

2) Tell the truth when you can. For example, "Leena, I have to get back to work," or "Dad, dear, I gotta run, the twins are eating my loose change."

3) Be firm, especially at work if you're needed elsewhere. "Thanks for calling, but I have a speech to give right now and I must go.

4) Be more insestent than the telemarketer, the complainer, the fundraiser or the muckracker when they call. Get creative if you don't like the idea out-and-out lies.

5) Interrupt the chatter, if need be, and let the caller know his or her time is up. A phone abuser is wasting your time.

6) Provide the caller with a better time to call, if you're so inclined. Or provide another option for communication, such as an e-mail address, a P.O box or a better person to contact.

7) Give the caller one warning: "I am hanging up in 30 seconds, call our support center if there's another issue." Hang up if the person on the other end of the line absolutely will not give up.

8) Consider limiting the number or folks who get your number.

9) It is not impolite to hang up on people who are abusing your time.

Last but not least, never put the phone too close to your mouth...!

The Bigfoot and The Big Creature

I think you just keep thought in your mind about the big creature generally describe a 7 to 10 feet (2 to 3 meter) tall, ape- or human-like bipedal creature, broad-shouldered and of a strong build. Aside from the face, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet, the creature's body is said to be covered with short shaggy fur that is usually black or dark brown in color, though rust, reddish, sandy or silver fur are occasionally reported right (bigfoot)?

But this time, I wanna share with you about the site that are standing by during business hours to give you extra help to set up or manage your conference calls. While you enjoy the crisp, clear voice quality of our audio conferencing solutions, you can also present slide shows, share applications, and collaborate online through our Web Conferencing service. The company is called Bigfoot...!

Well what I can say that this company got their name from the big creature (bigfoot) and you can see it at their website...LOL. This company is specialised in Audio Conference and Web Conferencing: Secure, High Quality, Reservationless, Operator-Assisted Teleconferencing Solutions Powered by Bigfoot Conference Call.

Now, let's talk about the Big Creature.
Over the last two centuries, there have been thousands of people that have claimed to see a giant hairy beast lurking in the wild forests of the world and on the highest mountains from North America to Australia and Asia. All these places have reported sightings or found tracks of this mysterious animal. Over the decades these claims have been the roots of many legend.

And now, it's time for Malaysia become famous because of this bigfoot. Sightings of hairy creatures said to be about three metres tall have trickled in over the years, especially from along the forest spine connecting Endau Rompin, Kota Tinggi and Tanjung Piai.

In the latest sighting, a fish researcher from the Johor branch of the Malaysian Nature Society claimed he spotted "Bigfoot" footprints at a swamp near Sungai Sedili in Kampung Mawai, Kota Tinggi. Actually, there was worldwide interest in the "Bigfoot" phenomena and a lot of research was being carried out in Australia and America but not in Malaysia. [via:NST]

Now for more real journey, let's join Jan McGirk in his real story as a paranormal investigators to check out reports of 10ft giant apes in the rainforest near Kota Tinggi.
Read it here...!!!

AXIA PDA review.

This is the review that I've got from internet regarding the AXIA PDA performance. I got this from the AXIA forum that been organized by Mohd Al-Ashram. Click here to go to my previous posting about AXIA PDA.

"The smallest PDA Phone in the world the Axia A108 was released in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in July 30, 2005. Begin an early adopter I got the chance to buy one to write a review for it. It was obvious that this device was made for people who want to have a mobile phone with powerful PDA functions. I had a meeting with a representative from “Fifthmedia” Mr. Yogi Babria, and he said something very interesting: “we made a PDA from a Phone”.

This really indicates that they focused to make this device primarily for communication with a friendly user interface. They did not settle down for MS Smartphone system they wanted to have something more powerful to satisfy most demanding users. Even though there are different preferences but many customers these days want to have a Windows Mobile device such as a Pocket PC but without any compromise in communication features and design, because the majority of Windows devices come strictly designed under Microsoft platform profiles for Pocket PCs or Smartphones.

This device wasn’t necessarily released to compete with Pocket PC Phones but it is released to fill up a gap between Pocket PC’s and Smartphones. This is a Smarter Phone. Since a Pocket PC Phone should have a big screen, a keyboard, and overall it is larger in size it might not be a practical daily phone. But Axia A108 was designed for single handed operation which makes it more practical.

The device comes with latest version of Windows CE .NET the Axia A108 is considered as a “Smarter Phone” or “PDA Phone”. Even though it supports most Pocket PC software it is not a Pocket PC Phone.
Windows CE and Pocket PC are “NOT” the same thing. Because Windows CE is a selection of operating system components with added features for a custom made WinCE based platform whereas Pocket PC is already predefined and strictly designed as per Microsoft’s profiles for software and hardware design.

Why they choose Windows CE .NET and not Pocket PC or Smartphone?

Very simple and in fact very smart decision!
Because Windows CE .NET is a very powerful and reliable operating system because it is used in many industrial applications and it is very easily adaptable to various types of platforms. Five years ago I had a previous experience with a Windows CE based Phone (Siemens SX 45) and it was a reliable device! Why? Because vendors can use Windows CE’s source code to adjust it to their hardware."

In my previous posting, I did mention about the list price of this PDA right (RM1900.00)?
If you're looking for the lower price, you may contact this guy because he just make an announcement to sell his AXIA PDA for only RM1500.00...!! Anyway, you still can negotiate with him.

p/s: I don't know this guy and I've got nothing to do with it. It's just because I found the link just now.... LOL...!!

Nice Pillow (Hizakamura)

I never write down about any article about pillow in this blog so far. As you can see, this is because Lampusuluh's blog is not a Health and Personel blog. It's just a blog where bloggers can share any tip or information especilally internet "things".

Actually, what makes me so eager to put this article here is because of my curiosity about this pillow's design and I want to share it with you. I"m very sorry if this article will make you boring but sometimes, we have to change our mood.... LOL.

This is the cute pillow I've ever seen.
Do you agree with me?
(If not, just drop a comment in down there and maybe you can tell me why.)

Nowadyas, there is so many type of pillow in the market right now. If you check by your own at the internet, you'll see a lot of company that offered a quality pillow to the customer such as Ergoboy, United pillow, Slumberland, Softluxpillow and etc. In my country, the most valuable pillow is the "Kekabu" pillow that is a traditional pillow. It was made from a flower (kekabu flower) from a tree called Kekabu Tree.

I found the picture in the newspaper last 4 days ago and I'd tried to get the latest information about on how to get this pillow. And I found that currently, it's for Japan and China market only and it's still not ready yet for Malaysia. You know what.... at first, I thought this is a normal pillow (other than the design) like I saw in the shop but when I look at the price... I'm noticed that this is not a normal pillow!

OMG, guess what? The price was so expensive!
And I'm still keep wondering why it's expensive and I don't know how to describe it.

Do you know how much is the price?
The market price for this Hizamakura pillow is around 13,440 yen and that's mean the real price (USD) will be around USD120.00.........!!!! At the same time , it will cost me around RM450.00...!!
Yup... it's so expensive and for me the price was unreasonable. I don't know the reason why but what i can tell you, I can buy a new iPOD (512 MB / 1 GIG) with it...!

Hey you know something, if you're a fulltime blogger (man) , I think you should have one because it's really can put you comfortable with it. On top of that, I'm starting to agree with this quote :
" Behind the succes of a man, there is a women behind".

And maybe after this, I will ask my mom to make a new pillow same like this one and I hope she will not ask me back about my old pillow!

No To Product, Yes To Money.

There are a lot of new subscribers jumping onto this newsletter every day. So, I thought I'd return to a basic concept. Pay perclick programme always be my first choice. It doesn't need any fees and even any cent. But deep in my heart, I'm also have a dream for my self that is ..... form my own business via my own website. Ermmmm..... maybe one day.

But as for now, what should I do?
What if I don't have a any product to sell in the internet, am I going to die?
The answer is not because as I said, I still can earn money from the pay perclick programme, affiliate, contextual advertising and etc. You can go more deeply in my previous posting and I'm sure you will agree with me because I still can earn "some" of it and still going on.

Now, if you have the same dream like me to run own business , let's imagine the real condition that we will face. Believe in ourself and if the time is come, nobody will stop us. Check out this dialogue:
Do you really need your own product, or can you make a living online selling someone else's as an affiliate?

Earning a living online is difficult. Don't make it harder by not having your own products.
Yes, you'll have to create something...either software, infoproducts or maybe a private site.
(Don't even try to sell physical goods online...unless you're successfully selling them offline already!)

Yes, you need to set up an order process .
Yes, you need to set up a delivery system.
Yes, you need to deal with customer support.

You get 100% of the sale price as profit...
You get the customer's email address to repeat sell.
You get to set up an associate program...which benefits the popularity of your site as well as creating sales without advertising expense.
You get the security of knowing you control everything.
You can pay for advertising and reach profitability at fewer sales...because you don't have to split the income with anyone. Once you have your growing customer list, you can make a fortune from joining affiliate programs and offering the products to your customers.
Now I'm sure we can imagine the condition that we will face soon as a "Businessman".

However, as I said.... are we ready for it?
If not, just don't worry about it because there is another way for you to EARN MONEY ONLINE and make sure you have the TUTOR to guide you so that you will get back for what you INVESTED.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dealing Over The Phone.

"Now we have a big.. big problem and it's too critical right now!"

That's what my boss said when half of his telemarketers resigned. It's really boring for us when this thing happened because we have to build a new team and for that, it will take about 3 month to realise it. Even this is not my department but I've been there and done that. Almost half from our telemarketers just submit their resignation letter and why they do that... you already know. Of course they just got another good offer from another company. I don't want to be specific but as you know, hotel field always want to hire the people who can dealing over the phone. And for all my readers (if you're a telemarketer) , maybe this posting could be helpful for you.

Dealing with customers over the phone, unlike talking to them face to face, presents it's own set of challenges, especially in the first few seconds. Either you're a in a hotel field, time share, banking or medical, cold calling and hot calling is the border that you have to pass.
You have to agree with this quote " First Impression Is Last". Even you are invisible for them, just assume that they knew you because this feeling will drag you untill the end of the conversation.

For one, you are unable to identify the customer's emotional state prior to the call. A customer who has a negative or unhappy experience with someone else will likely "let off steam" on the next person that he engages with. However, you will not know if you are the "next person" untill you answer the call.

Second, you are unsure of the "time-threshold" that the customer has. Imagine how frustrated you would be if you had to call particular hotline number for the fifth time, because in the first four instances, you either got disconnected or were transferred to an incorrect person. Chances are, when you finally get through, you will want to get the issue resolved in the shortest possible time.

Third, it is almost impossible to identify the non-verbal cues of the customer. At best, the primary give away is the speed of speech, tone of voice and volume. Like I said, it's so irritating when our "senior" telemarketers just go like that after we are the one who built them. And sometimes, we so tired to "create" the new team. This is because even for experienced call center professionals, it is sometimes a challenge to identify the customer's emotional state by simply listening to the voice.

Therefore, the key is to transform this angry, frustrated, dissapointed or concerned customer into a "customer advocate" within a short time. Here is how:

1) Keep cool.
The first 10 seconds in dealing with customers will make an impact on the outcome of the call. Remember they can't see you on the phone...!

2) Cover all bases.
Identifying the type of customer that you are dealing with, as well as salient issues that he faces, will enable you to deal with him more effectively. So, be focus on what you say on the focus and be more knowledgeble about you products or services.

3) Go the extra mile.
The customer must got your message and make them say "Wow...! This is extraordinary service!". But bear in mind that be good for your honest product. So, don't mis-represent!

4) Follow up.
Always ask yourself "Have I made him happy? "Are the market will screwed up because of my rude conversation?" If not, just follow up and if the "deal" still there, you just do a great job!

And now I have to make a call to my boss, I hope he already cool and thanks to Zack Banna from Beacon Consulting for his great idea.

Writing A Short Report.

I know that some of my readers need a simple tips like this. And I know that some of you are still a student right now like I was. Therefore, I will share with you some of the basic tips that you can use everytime you want to.

Writing a short report is a basic thing for everyone of us.
In order to make it perfect, we need to organise certain thing so that it'll more easier to re-check. All the steps must be done correctly so that you will be more familiar for the next time task. Preparing an outline is the last step you need to do before writing your report. Preparing an outline even if your teacher (or reader) does not ask for one. It will help you organize your notes and make writing your first draft easier. Begin preparing the outline by gathering all your notes and reviewing them. Then decide how the information can be organized into major topics and subtopics (if you like to blogging, this part no need too much). Assign a heading to each topic and subtopic. Next , arrange the headings into logical order. For a short report, your outline can be simple, with only a few main headings and subheadings.

After you have completed your outline, stop and think about the information you have gathered, What is the main idea you have discovered? Summarized your main idea and make it your thesis sentence. Put the thesis sentence at or near the beginning of your paper. It should tell the reader what your paper is about and should guide you as you write. All the points you make in your report should relate in some way to the thesis sentence.

When you are ready to write your first draft, keep your notes and outline nearby. Focus on your thesis sentence and begin. Your notes should provide you with the specific details and examples you need to support the thesis statement. Follow the suggestions in the previous posting as you write and revise your work.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Writing skill - Last part -

Good article / assignment / report / essay like a good trip, stimulate readers. It doesn't matter if you do it on a piece of paper or direct it to the keyboard, it's still need an outline or a draft. If not, it will burst your composition and you will find the story's dead.

Writing The First Draft.

When the time comes for you to write a first draft, do not sit with pencil poised waiting for the perfect sentence to come to mind. At this stage, you simply need to put down the information and ideas you have gathered. Do not feel you have to use the complete sentences ( like what I did ). You can go back later to change and improve your work.

Do not feel you have to begin with the introduction if you are having difficulty with it. In many cases, you will think of an effective introduction after you have written the body of your paper.
Always write or type your first draft on one side of the paper ( internet user / blogger ---> in Notepad / Word maybe? ), with wide margins to allow plenty of room for revisions. If you write the draft, use every other line of the paper. If you type, set your computer, word processor, typewriter for double- or triple spacing.

Revising Your Work.

Think of writing as a building process with words, sentences and paragraphs as building blocks. Your goal is to choose the best words, put them together into clear, grammatical sentences, form the sentences into logical, coherent paragraphs, and link the paragraps into well-organized paper.

Do not expect to reach your goal the first time around. In more cases, writing involves a lot of rewriting - turning out as many drafts as necessary to produce the best result. After you have completed your first draft, the best thing to do is forget about your paper for a while. Leave it alone for an hour (depend), a day or several days if time permits. Then look it again with a fresh, critical eye. This is what I'm doing all the time and sometimes, I will re-edit my last month article if the choice of word was not suitable.

"Like any other skill, writing requires practise.
The more you do it, the better you become"

A huge credit to the Worldbook because for the good tips and I think you should have one. I promise that I will share more tips from Worldbook in my next posting.

See yaa.

Writing skill - Part 2 -

I hope you'll get something info and tip from my previous posting. Now I will share more about it and this time I will go straight to the next step that is called 3-Part Plan. Again, this beneficial tips is the best tip that I've got from the WorldBoook encyclopedia. As I said before, WorldBook is a great encyclopedia because it comes with a Fivefold Plan. Other than that, I like it because it use a simple English and it makes more easy to understand.

What is 3-Part Plan?
Many writing projects can be organized into three parts :
(1) the introduce (2) the body (3) the conclusion.

In the introduction you briefly introduce your topic, giving the reader a preview of what is to come. The body of the paper - the longest part by far - provides the facts, examples and details that support the main idea expressed in the introduction. The conclusion summarizes and restates the main idea.

The 3-part of your paper ( posting? kinda... ) should work together to make an effective whole. Strive for an attention - getting introduction - one that will arouse interest and encoureage your reader to read on. In the body, make sure each point relates to the subject you are discussing. Do not stray into unrelated material or get caught up in trivial details that do not support your main idea. Your conclusion is your last chance to impress the reader. Try to make it as strong and effectives as you can.

As you get ready to start writing, think of the 3 parts of your paper in terms of this simple formula:

1) Tell the reader what you are going to say.
2) "Say" it.
3) Tell the reader what you said.

Whoaaa.... how simple is it right but actually, it is not simple as we think because we must make sure that our writing not in "monotones". If not, your reader will get bored and you also don't want this thing happen right? So make sure your reader feels 'great' when they come to your site. All I can say that make your reader feels like they watching a movie!


Monday, February 13, 2006

Writing skill - Part 1 -

"Education is not passing exam, education is a life long learning"
Yup, that's right because education is a life long process for all people in this world. Me myself still in the learning curve and there is so much I have to know everyday. People learn in any kind of form and the way they learn is definitely different from the others. How do you categorize yourself in terms of the way of learning?

Some us learn thru their auditory skill (listening), some of us learn from visual spacial (look and learn) and some of us learn via bodily kinesthetic (movement). Different from a baby, they learn from the stimulation that they got from their environment. But as an adult, majority of us learn by writing, reading and research (visuality & auditory) because it will be more easy to absorb.

In order to learn something new, we've got to know the basic. Now let's say that we want to start as a good writer, first... we must know the right way to implement all skills so that people will like to read our articles. If you're a student, learning to be an effective writer is an important part of education.

So now, let me share with you some of the tips that I've learn from the WorldBook (you should read it too!).
And for this time I'll will share with you the best guide for writing skills.

a) Writing tips.
- Every time you write, you practise a skill and get better at it. Practise is good because its get you into the habit of using written words to express yourself. Your practise writing does not have to be perfect. You can get into the writing habit in many ways. Keep a journal or diary to record your experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Write letters or e-mails to a penpal, friends or relatives. Try writing a fan letter to your favourite aythor, TV personality or rock star. And remember to send post cards when you travel. Also consider writing your own invitations and greeting cards instead of buying commercially produced ones.

b) Preliminary steps of succes.
- Some of your school writing assignments, such as themes, essays and stories are based on your own opinions, ideas or imagination. Other writing assignments such as book reports and research papers, are based on facts gained from reading and research. Whatever the assingments may be, your work will proceed smoothly if you follow this suggestions before you begin putting words on paper (you also can adapt this tips if you're a journalist or even a blogger!):

i) Be sure you understand the specifics of the assignment, such as its length and whether the topics is your choice or assigned.

ii) Plan ahead and organize your time to help assure that you have enough time to do a good job.

iii) If the topics is your choice, select one that interest you, one that you already know something about, or one that you're eager to learn more about.

iv) Jot down ideas whenever and wherever they occur to you. Simply talking about your assignment with friends can trigger ideas that you might be able to use in your paper. If not, you just lose one good point to highlight it. This is important because it will give you a satisfaction. As a blogger, a bookmark always help.

v) Develop an outline to organize your thoughts and to guide your writing so you do not forget a point you intended to include. The reason to do this is because you definitely don't want your reader or your lecturer "boring" when they read your assignment. Again, for the blogger... the adsense also know about your content because the "spider" is very alert about the density.

Happy reading!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Crazy About Games?

Hollywood never sleep about making their blockbuster film.
It will be more crazy when all the blockbuster film launched during the school holidays. At this time, all the big producer ready to launch their "missile" in order to attract more people to watch their film. Definitely, school holiday is the perfect time for everybody in the film industries to make money.

Actually, there is a group of brilliant people out there that alert about this phenomenon and by that, they decided to make money from it. These brilliant people called themselves Games Developer. There is a lot of games developer right now but only a few of them are succeed to built their credibility such as Buena Vista Games, Xbox, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and PSP. The good chance will come to them if they can create the best game for the best film. All the video games that fully adapted from the big blockbuster film also become popular and make a good track record of sales and sometimes it makes a million dollar of it.

For those who don't get not enough with the blockbuster film, don't worry because it can be played at home. All I can say that it seems like a tradition when the film's producer and the games developer joint together in order to publish their own best idea even it come in a different way of method.

Below is the Top List of the film and the video games that rock the games world:

Disney's Chicken Little.
Welcome to the Oakeys Oaks!
Developer: Buena Vista Games and GC

The Chronicles Of Narnia.
The Cupboard Trilogy!
Developer: Buena Vista and Xbox.

Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire.

Go to the level "He Who Shall Not Be Named" quickly!
Developer: EA (Electronic Arts) and PSP.

King Kong.
Choose to be a Kong or a Human...!
Developer: Ubisoft and Xbox 360.

Pay per click programme is not yours?

Just checked the latest info from the site.
There is so many new site and I think this is a good exposure because everybody (including me myself) can find more information about anything for everything. I really like all the new site with a new originality and new useful content.

And I'm also noticed that almost 90% of the sites that I'm visited were doing the same make money programme. No matter who's the provider but as I confirmed, it's still stand for the same the reason that is money online oriented.

Most of the programme that they joined for is the pay per click programme such as Google Adsense, Clicksor, YPN, Chitika and etc. Other than that, affiliate programme also has been chosen by the webbie in order to create more side income such as Amazon, Linkshare or a direct affiliate from any company. For affiliate programme, many of the website / blog owner placed it as a second choice programme because it will involve a "buy $ sell" activities. But at the same time, I have to admit that there is a group of people out side there (internet user) who making money online with the auto surf programme such as 12dailypro, StudioTraffic and etc.

Anyway, I'm still say that the first choice is always a pay per click programme. Even I tried to prove myself for others programme, I think pay per click is still the first choice because it'll not involve any cost at all! No sign up fees, no yearly fees and some thing like that.

However, I'm very shocked when I saw this site.
I'm not sure who is the owner of this blog but if you're (the blog owner) and reading this statement, I hope you'll do something because if you're not, maybe the Adsense Team will put you in the "code red" site to be ban. I don't have any intention or condemning to your site but as you can see, the main problem for your site is there so many pay per click programme in it. It's already break the Adsense T.O.S.

My friend (blog owner),
I now that you're a new beginner in blogosphere ( I can see it in your archive, your site is just 1 month old) but please read all the T.O.S before you implement it. If not, all your effort will be gone just like that.

That's why I highlight this matter as my title because pay per click programme always will be yours if you understand all the terms and regulations.
If not, it's not yours .... and this time, you can count on me!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Adsense post-mortem

Lately, I decided to do the post-mortem for my adsense placement in my b'log. If you notice earlier, I never have any intention to use a 336 x 280 rectangle before but now I did. There is so much reason for me to do that.

The main reason for me to do the post-mortem for my adsense placement is because I noticed that there is many adsense that's not related to my content. This is suck and I don't like it because it seems like I give a shit to my readers (you!) . I know that all my reader want to read something that useful for them, so that this blog will function as the additional infopoint site online.And for the further information, that what I think adsense suppose to do!

Looking to the nonsense adsense will make my mood "down" in order to post new article because if this happen, readers will say that "what the hell this ads here for? there is no hook or any continuation between the content and all the ads!" Now that's what I'm talking about.

So, never give up to do the post-mortem to your adsense replacement because as you see, all my adsense are on the track right now. And I hope you can get more information from all the further link or the "ads" that include in every page in my b'log.

Bear in mind that when you yourself start to get boring with your "stereotype" adsense, so that the readers too!

Find the Firewall.

Where is my Firewall?

Built up a website or a blog is not a difficult thing to do anymore lately.
Everbody (you also) can do it if you have what it takes. Concentration on it is a MUST if you want to be a webbie or a blogger. Nothing is impossible if you really like on what you do. But, do you ready for the circumstances as a blogger / webbie or at least, as an internet user?

Tip of The Month

Now let's talk about the Firewall function.
A Firewall is a hardware or software solution to enforce security policies. In the physical security analogy, a firewall is equivalent to a door lock on a perimeter door or on a door to a room inside of the building - it permits only authorized users such as those with a key or access card to enter. A Firewall has built-in filters that can disallow unauthorized or potentially dangerous material from entering the system. It also logs attempted intrusions. If you don't have the Firewall, how can you protect "yourself" ?

I'm sure you already know about the Firewall right?
But as an internet user you also must know which Firewall that you have to choose. If not, it will not go as smooth as you want. There is a lot of Firewall in the market right now and that's what I'm talking about.

And talk about Firewall, I remember about the latest movie that will be lauch on this 10th February starring by Harrison Ford. This film (Firewall) was directed by Richard Loncraine and written by Joe Forte. It was filmed with a budget of less than $60,000,000. According to the previews, the movie is about a man who built a bank security system, and then, as his family is kidnapped, is forced to steal from the very bank he was asked to protect. Go to FirewallFilm website.
Now can you see the important of the!
So, what is all about when the Firewall is on the cinema right now?
What say you?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Valentine's Best Concert!

Yaaaah..! again?

It's been a while and I've got to tell you something about my valentine's posting (today).
It's already 3 posting about it and I think it's gonna be more after
I only want to share my happy moment last night when I watched One Night Only - Rod Steward Live at Royal Albert Hall (2004) at channel 70 that is STARWORLD. It was amazing and unforgetable.

The concert just take a duration about 1 and a half hour. Even for me that is not enough, it's already make my goosebump "wake-up" man. I really enjoy with Rod Steward's showmanship and it is so spectacular. With the great audio, great image and of course Rod Steward's best hits, I'm sure that is the succes key for this concert. His band is magnificent and the duo with Ron Wood and Chrissie Hynde.... woooo, it's phenomenal.

His voice still stunning and nobody can deny that. Rod Steward's already make the audience cry and laugh with his showmanship and I'm sure if you watch this concert, it will touch your heart too. Clearly this concert is so damn good for the Valentine's night soon no matter you watch it at home with your couple / husband / wife or bestfriend.

Rod Steward's attitude was superb because he's so energetic on the stage and that's why I never get bored since start untill last. Just, the last song really make me remember someone special in my life.
Or maybe because of the lyric?

I Don't Wanna Talk About It - Rod Steward

I can tell by your eyes that you've probably been crying forever
And the stars in the sky don't mean nothing to you they're a mirror

I don't want to talk about it

How you broke my heart

If I stay here just a little bit longer
Won't you listen to my heart
Oh oh my heart

If I stand alone will the shadows hide the colour of my heart

Black for the night, blue for tears fears the stars in the skydon't mean nothing to you they're a mirror

I don't want to talk about it
How you broke my heart

If I stay here just a little bit longer

Won't you listen to my heart

Oh oh my heart
If you really want to watch this Rod Steward's concert right on the time, make sure you do something for that because the Valentine's Day is just around the corner! And gotta tell you that there is a brief tour documentary inside (included).

Now what are you waiting for...?

Valentine's Movies Ever!

I still remember this film because the is the best love story that at that time. I was 10 when I watched this film with my sisters and from there, I noticed that not all work as a stockboy was not so bad. Yeah... job as a stockboy also can make you lucky... lol.

The best thing happened when the hero try to save his lover. Man will do anything for his woman and if you are, you must know how to appreciate it. A loving couple always make their Valentine's Day as the best day in their life. Not just a a quote of "I Love You" to yours, but what is the right feeling that should come with.

Can you do the same thing like Jonathan's did?
Well if you are, I will say that you are the most eligible person in this world to celebrate Valentine's Day. Opsss... let me recap some synopsis about this film.

Jonathan Switcher is a young artist. He just doesn't seem to last in any job he does. But when he builds a mannequin, he makes it so perfect, he falls in love with it. It is the first thing he has made that makes him feel like a real artist. The mannequin ends up in the window of a big department store. When he saves the life of an old lady who happens to be the owner of that store, he is rewarded by getting a job at the store as stock boy. Later the mannequin comes to life as Emmy, who was an ancient Egyptian living in the year 2514BC. The two redesign the window display to make it most eye catching in town. The store competitors are not happy and will do anything to stop them!

I'm always want to be the next "Jonathan" but untill now, i don't have any change to do that. There is no mannequin in my job scope, the is no " magic Princess" in front of me and there is no heroin for me to save for.

But I'm still feel the same feeling like I had 20 years ago when I watched this film!

Gmail Chats and Google Talk!

The Big G (Google) just launched it's new 'voicebox' that is called Google Talk.
It's rolling out to all Gmail accounts within the next few weeks.

If you say that this service seems like an IM (instant messaging), maybe you're true but I swear that there is not much different between e-mail and instant messaging right? So no need to worry about that.

For me, the only different between Gmail chats and normal IM is the extra service that come together with our e-mail account. What I mean here is that we can choose and pick the favourite messages that we'd like so that we can saved it. Try imagine if we just got an important message or something like that from someone else, isn't it more easy if we can print it as a "prove" or even reply it to someone over email?

But if you're prefer to use a Google Talk, just make sure that this is not a telephony service and it cannot be used for emergency dialing.

Want to know more about Gmail chats and Google Talk?
More information if you point your browser here.


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