Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Adsense Make Money: Real Journal From A Stupid Malaysian.


My fullname is Rohaizad and Ombak is my nickname.
I am 26 years old, from Malaysia and this is the first episode of my Adsense Make Money.
In this Adsense Make Money: My Journal, I will share (in detail) with all of you about my own experience since I was ZERO untill I earned the money from Google (even my visitors still not reach 1000 yet-as for today-17th Sept 2005-).

Well, this is my blog but, it is not the first. I already have a blog before but it's 100% in a Malay (language).

Those days, I never thought that I will have my own blog.
It's because at that time, I really hate to be a blogger because for me, those who have a blog is a "wasted people" (sorry to say).
Yup.... untill I come up with my own stupid statement like this e:g:
"What the hell for me to tell my own life story to the people outside there?"
Yeah... I said that because I am so stupid at that time.
In fact, I'm not interested with any "IT" methods before...!!

The main reason for why this scenario happened because I don't have any background/knowledge about "computer/IT/programming". That's why I'm felt so down and that's why I felt that this is not my way. For me, there is no choice to earn money via internet. I am so dumb and I admit that.

Untill, one day .....when I surf the internet (SVOA forum), there is a man from the forum asked me "Do you wanna make an extra money?" I said, yess..!
So, he asked again: "Then, why not you join me in the Google Adsense programme?"
I neglected the invitation so many times. Yeah... I already set my mind that I can't because at the same time I know my limitation and I don't know how to "blog"....!

Then, guess what...?
I push myself to create a new account with Blogger. I tried so many times to understand the whole concept .
Then, I asked myself "Why must I put a limit on myself about my own potential?"
After that, I made a decision to refer back at "that man" and try to get more information about the benefit of the blog.

Luckily, he agreed to teach me from the first step untill the main point. Believe it or not, I never known this person, never saw him, I don't know him.... but he's still want to teach me and it's FREE...!!
I'm really respect his attitude and his credibility. He also don't know me.
All I know ... his name is Affendy and the nickname is Mr Sid. Now, he is my "Guru".

Now, I'm ready to think out of the box. I'd learn from the basic even sometimes he (Mr Sid) doesn't know that I'm struggled ALONE just to study a little bit of "IT" methods such as HTML,coding and also the internet "terminology". Now, I am very confident to do the adsense and I already earned money from it. How about you....?

So, if you're still interested with the adsense (as a beginner), feel free to read the next story (at least within 2 day) of my Adsense Make Money ....... see you in my next posting...!!


keen said...

How's your adsense going on now? interested to know.

Anonymous said...

so how's it going with your own thing? curious to know

ombak said...

Hi keen,

My adsense is on track actually. And I'm very glad to say it.
Hope you will get more than me.

Happy Blogging man.


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