Thursday, September 29, 2005

Adsense Demo; Perfect.....!!!!!

Just got another message (in my inbox).
This message is come from someone that I didn't know.
All I know about this person is, he/she is an adsense beginner.

Anyway, I would like to thank him/her because he/she really enjoyed to read my posting and also for those who are reading this statement right now...! (You....!!!)

The message was so clear and in that message, he/she tried maximumly in order to get serious about this adsense programme.And I was told by him/her that this is a good online programme that he/she ever had. Furthermore, he/she said again that Google is not a hanky-panky company.... yeah, absolutely I agree with that statement. Do you....?

Well, it's time to help him/her.
If I'm not wrong...last 2 weeks, I just remembered that Google just released a new troubleshooting demo in Flash.
This is a damn good demo which can help novice web publishers with adding Adsense Ad to their websites/blog.

Anyway, I hope he/she will get something from this DEMO (powered by: Macromedia Breeze).

Opsss... thanks Google....!!!

p/s: don't forget to switch on your speaker....

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