Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Adsense Make Money: My Journal (3).

Already sign up at Blogger?
If you did, that's good. And for some reason, I have to tell you that it is not necessary for you to make any changes to your blog right now. Let it be like that (basic) and continue your posting.

Nowadays, you may find many type of blog.
And, it's depend on what type of blog you're like to use. I'm not force you to use a Blogger and I'm not being paid by the Google also just for that reason.
As I said in my previous posting, this is the true story about myself and adsense. Furthermore, it's very easy to use a blogger and I'm very comfortable with it.

The other FREE blog in the internet:
1) Blogwise.
2) MyBlogSite.
3) Blogeasy.
4) Blogsome.
5) Blogdrive.

If you want to use the other blog (except Blogger) , just proceed.
For me it doesn't matter what type of FREE hosting that you choose .. as long as it's attractive (good content), you already "there...".
So, don't get confused about it.

Now, it's time to apply/sign up with Google Adsense.
Take a tour to Adsense here...
Before you sign up, make sure you're fully understand about Adsense Program Policies (avoid being banned by adsense)
It is known that there is 2 category of adsense:
1) Adsense for Content.
2) Adsense for Search.

It's very important for you to know this and if you wanna know more/further/details about this program, just contact the Adsense Support Team. Sure they will help you. Me myself also did the same way.

***When you sign up with google adsense, make sure that all your particular's profile is correct.

Adsense will take about 3 days for the approval.
Basically, google will "keep in touch" with you if your posting total is over 20.
And based on my experience, I always keep posting within that 3 days...... so that it will be easy for me to re-edit all my article when adsense approved my application.

I will explain to you more about adsense in my next posting.
Errmmm..... just wanna tell you that this is only 2% of my real story about adsense?
Well, can you believe that...?

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