Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Adsense Make Money: My Journal (5).

In my previous posting, we already mentioned about blog template right?
I hope you already have your own template now.
It doesn't matter if you don't want to use a "free template" from as long as you think the template may attract the visitors, it's enough.
And for those who are not interested with the "free" template, just use your money and use your "coding expertise" in order to make money with adsense.

Now, let's continue with the next topic.
Remember your adsense application?
Is it approved or not...? Is it approved or not?
All I can say that it must be approved.
Like I said before.... if you follow the Adsense T.O.S, usually it will approved. But, if your application was rejected, definitely there is something wrong with your content. Please follow the T.O.S!

So now you're already have a adsense account, isn't it?
At the same time, what you're gonna do?
Don't wait, log-in to your adsense account and study more on the adsense methods.This is the perfect time for you to learn more about it so that you will not getting "BAN" by google in the future..!

The first page that you will see is that Reports Overview.
This is the main page for you to know how much you've earned with this programme. Click here to see the example (Joel Comm).
Now, you may proceed with your adsense. It's known that there is 2 type of adsense.

Let's go to the Adsense for Content first.
Look at the main point in this page:
Adsense for Content ---> Ad Type > Ad unit ---> Link unit ---> Ad Layout ---> Color palettes
---> Alternate ad URL/color ---> Channel ---> Framed pages ---> Your Adsense Code.

For me, I'd start with the Color palettes. (why? I will tell you later)
Click at the Manage color palettes and choose you own color for your adsense. If you want to "blend" the adsense color with your template's background color, that's good because it will appear your "google ads" as a part of your main page. If you want to know more about adsense color, feel free to search it in the internet. It's so easy... just copy this -how to blend your adsense- and paste it at the search space google below.
Or just point your browser here.

That's it for today and I'll see you in the next Adsense for Search journal.
See yaaa....!

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