Friday, September 30, 2005

Adsense Make Money; My Journal (10).

We already share the idea about Planning in the previous posting and now we will continue to the 2nd part.

Doing and EDIT is a happy hour for me. Why....?
Because I have my own reason for that.
Those days, I don't know about this skill and still "blur". But later, I admit that "EDIT and re-EDIT" is a most important thing in order to have a relevant adsense.

How to EDIT?
It's very simple and everbody can do it.
But as a beginner, we must have a desire to do it. This EDIT process is a kind of experiment for me and maybe for you too. Based on my experience, EDIT jobs will needs us to do it repeatedly untill the percentage of the DENSITY increase.

How to know the percentage of the density level after the edit process?
Normally, what I did is just "leave it to the expert".
Just point your browser to this SITE to give a "trial close" after your editing process.

Enter your complete URL -----> Submit -----> Result.
Taraaaa.....! It's just like that.

Please notice that the maximum page size for free users is currently 40k. Please consider joining the Ranks Friends program if you would like to enjoy less restrictions on the tools.

Here, I will give you another tips to "enjoy" this service. If you want to check the density for your last posting, make sure only ONE last article that appeared in your main page. The purpose to do that is to "counter" the maximum page size for free users. After that, you can setting back to your own style.

How to setting the latest article as a main page?
Learn it here....

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