Saturday, September 24, 2005

Adsense Make Money: My Journal (6).

Have you create your own adsense color?
If you do, that's good and don't be to hurry to "get" the money from your adsense. Slowly and steady, later the money will come to you... am I right...?
Is it allright with you...?

Goooood..... now, let's move to the next topic.

It's time for us to know more about the 2nd type adsense and it is called "Adsense for Search".
This is one of the "make money" icon that we should placed in our blog/website.

Now what is the real function of this "search box"?
Yup.... you can search anything that you want in the internet thru this box.

Well, this search box actually shows the big credibility from the big "G".
If you put the Google Search box in your blog/website, that's mean you already "support" his credibilty and at the same time.. it will make the "google's empire" expanding.

Furthermore, the adsense programme is a Google's programme right....?
So, choose a google..!

How to put the Google adsense search box in our blog/website..?
It's gonna be like this.
Just click at the Ads for Search besides the ads for Content. From here, we will see a "sample" of search box.

Then, choose the color and the design that you want to apply for. Save and get the code, copy and paste it...!
If you still confuse about this, there is a "helpfull" link that've been prepared by Google at every side bar. The link is in the blue+purple color (if I'm not wrong").
So, click and read more on that.

Opsss... forgot to say that every time the visitors use your "google search box", that's mean "MONEY".

That's all for today...

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