Thursday, September 22, 2005

Google Adsense Starter Kit.

Today, I've got a message in my inbox from Malaysia Top Blogs website (someone that I didn't know).
He asked me about the adsense programme.
And he really wanna know more about on this.
So, I recommend him a Google Adsense Starter Kit.

Actually, I just figure out that a lot of people outside there still "blur" regarding this "adsense make money" programme. Some of them still think that this is an "autosurf" programme but it's NOT...!
And for me, I hope the articles that I'm wrote here can help somebody out there.

Google adsense is a very unique programme.
To make it easy, we need to know the "adsense policies" first.
By that, then only we will know what kind of "make money" programme is this.
This is not a "hanky-panky" programme. This is a fantastic/future programme that've been proved by many people outside there like Joel Comm.

Me myself also was a "dumb" before.
But, I tried to make myself clear on this programme and it's WORTH it.
Currently I'm producing the true story about "how I make money with adsense" and at the same time, you might read all my previous posting here in this blog.

Now, if you are the adsense beginner and still confident (you can do it!) to do this, let's do it together ...!
But, if you ask me "HOW CAN I START?" ......
My answer is:
You may start by reading the Google Adsense Book (not e-book) and this is what I called
"The Google Adsense Starter Kit".

Make Easy Money with Google: Using the AdSense Advertising Program
Make Easy Money with Google: Using the AdSense Advertising Program
(you may read the customers review about this superb book, just croll down a little bit more at that page)

Dare to make C'mon...!!!

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