Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Adsense Make Money: My Journal (4).

Allright, now we'll shift to another part.
Before that, as I said.... keep on the posting because it will make your job easy in terms of articles arrangemet (first in, first publish).

At this time, you may start your own design for your blog.
Actually, it's depends on your needs. If you think that your background must be in red, find the template that can fix with the appearance. If you think that your blog needs to be in green color...choose the green background. You may try to check the changes by click at the "Template" icon.

Blogger ----> Log in ----> Change settings ----> Template ----> Pick new(beside Edit Current icon) ----> Your new template.

Please take note!
Remember to copy the whole current html code before you "Pick new" template in order to save an original template code.
Point your cursor at the html code:
(Original template) ----> Ctrl A ----> Ctrl C ----> Notepad ----> Ctrl V
----> Save as.

(you may use other source to paste your html code e.g: Microsoft Word).

Other than template changes, there is certain point that you must take it seriously.
All this thing will make your blog different than how it looks before.
Okay, let me ask you one question.
Can you find the "Dashboard" button?
Yup... it's located at the top right at your blog. This Dashboard is very important in order to ensure all the settings were done correctly.

The next question is, have you ever noticed that certain blog in the internet right now published many posting (article) in their main page....? e.g: Bloggerman.
And for this blog, you may see only ONE article (latest) in it's main page.
Why...? (for the blog specialist, just ignore this idea... you already knew that)
The answer is in the Dashboard.

Dashboard ----> Settings ----> Formatting ----> "Show" ----> Make your own choice...!!

Don't forget to click "save settings" after the changes that you did.
(Please monitor your own settings)
As for now, other than the changes that you make, what you're wanna do...?
Just waiting for the adsense approval, isnt it?
And fot that part, I will elaborate it more in my next journal (next post).

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