Sunday, May 28, 2006

Is this acceptable or forbidden?

Yup.. I'm still not fully understand about the Google T.O.S.
Is this acceptable of forbidden?
As far as s I know, Google will not allow any "sense" of "porn ads" in their programme (or maybe I'm a loserrr....). But I just found a site that make me eager to know more deeply about Google T.O.S.

Actually, the story is that;
I just ping my blog at Pingoat and after that, I found a link that make me curious about it (the url of that site is in the recent pings list..... you may find it at the bottom of the Pingoat site). So, I tried to click on that link and taraaaa... it's nothing to share of.

But, when I looked at the adsense on that site ... it's really confused me. Maybe I should not give the link/url here but I will give you the hint. The site is about the SEMA Girls (racequeens girls).

Take a look at the ads:

Click to enlarge.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nokia N70 Production (exclusive video!)


Anybody use a Nokia handphone?
This video just show us the production of the Nokia N70. Anyway, whoever that owned this Nokia N70 should watch this video so that they can tell their friend that they just bought a good handphone and somemore, they also can share the story of it's production. Opsss... if you're looking for the Nokia N90 production video, I am very sorry because it is not in my archive. But maybe you can get the whole story more here.

Unluckily, this video just don't mean anything to me anymore because I just bought the new handphone and it is not Nokia. Even I'm using Nokia for so long, but now I really want to have the new brand and it is a Motorola...!

What I can say now is that maybe I should look for the Motorola production video so that, I know what they had done to my handphone...!

For fun, visitor or money?

Do you ever try to figure out what type of visitor that visited your websites/blogs daily?
Have you ever try to classify what kind of visitors that you have?
Do you know what type of visitors that will bring a money to you?
Or, do you really make money from your website/blog?

It's going crazy when you keep to make an assumption about your own blog, but later you realised that you're wrong. You can't fulfilled your readers need. The day after that, you try another method of posting ... then again, you find that all your posting was suck and you getting more crazy about it.

So know, what will you do?
I'm sure that you will find a good "TUTOR" or someone that expert in making money (maybe Adsense... Chitika ... ebook business... eBay... or etc) and try to follow their step. I'm sure you will do like I said or..... maybe you'll join a special forum like Digitalpoint , so that it will help and give a guide on what you're doing..... right?
For me, that's good and I don't deny it.

But, before you do all the things that I talked about... maybe this simple tips will help you.
Why not you learn more about your OWN needs. Do you build a website/blog just for:

1) Fun?
2) Visitor?
3) Money?

If you choose no (1), don't even think of the money. It is because people will know on what you are going to do.

If you choose no (2), just bear in mind that only one word can describe it that is -->CONTENT<--.

If you said that it's all about the money (3), just keep this word in your mind ---> SEO <---. Yup, it's all depends on the SEO. People will look and they will click anything that they want as long it can satisfied their needs. Pay perclick programme like Adsense really help in this.

Lastly, if you choose no (2) and no (3), just keep your mouth shut and keep your mind on the CONTENT and always pick the best keyword to make your site famous. After that, just let the SEO do their job but make sure your site is a friendly site.

For me, maybe I will choose the no ( ...) and no (...)..!!!

How was that? lol...!

Yahoo! newlook!

When I wake up this morning, I thought I'm login to the wrong site. But after I double check my url, suddenly I noticed that Yahoo! just change their template and it's really different than before. That newlook really make my eyes a little bit confused.

Whatever it is, I really like it and it' shows that 2006 is gonna be tough for all the SEO's. I believe that maybe some other SEO will do the same thing. Will Google change their newlook? Alta Vista? HotBot? MSN? or etc...?

Anyway, what I like about all-new Yahoo! is that the interface was quite simple and professional. No hanky-panky ads, no annoying news and it's look very smart. This is a good example from the "big boy" so that all the internet user will always build more trust in them. If you look at the the Yahoo!'s "frame", it is so clean and that "silver-blue colour" really make my eyes cool in order to read all the informations that stated there.

So, who want to bet with me about my curiosity above?
Will Google and the rest will change their newlook this year?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Eye mapping?

This is not an eye mapping but just a simple exercise for your eyes. I've been kept this picture for so long and now I'm feel happy to put it here. For your information, this picture make me confuse everytime I look at it. Even I know the answer, but my eyes can't give a good concentrate on what I'm looking for.

What is this?
It's twelve of them at first. Suddenly, look at carefully because the number of man increases to 13. Why and how?

I knew that you also have this picture and maybe certain of you will say that this is an old trick....but, will you dare to try it at a higher stage?

It's gonna be like this:
Close one of your eyes and try to find the right picture. It's easy as that....!


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