Friday, March 27, 2009

Trip planning.

A long trip always need a perfect preparation. This is a very basic thing that we should do before we plan for any trip. As for me, a good preparation will determine our trip because we can have all the thing that we need without any hassle.

But not all trip will give us a good experience. if we don't have any good activity, the trip will bring no joyfull for us. One of the best way for us to make the trip more enjoyable is by bring some great stuff that can be used together like these outdoor cushions

Do you agree with me?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Blogging on holiday?

Do you bring your notebook while you were on your holiday?
As for me, I always bring my notebook wherever I go because as a full time blogger, blogging is just my job no matter what happen. The best thing for being a blogger is I can do my my job anywhere I want.

As long as I can have an access to internet, I can proceed with my job. Sometimes, I will continue my blogging job even on the beach. The most important is, I must make sure that my notebook memory is enough. If not, that will cause a problem for me.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Travel tips.

Okay, today I will share some of the travel tips that might useful for us:

1. If you are in Asia country: Don't forget to carry a roll of toilet paper with you.
2. Wear clothes that would be comfortable to walk in. Comfortable shoes are also an asset on your travels.
3. In case there is a party carried out next door, don’t bother to complain to the hotels’ receptions staff.
4. If you just get married, book a late flight the morning after the wedding, when possible.
5. If you want to got for a cruise holiday, make sure that your suitcase is uniquely marked so that someone does not take your luggage by mistake.
6. Don't ever forget to leave your house in a high secure level. Please make sure your home alarm in a standby mode.

And lastly, tell your neighbours about your holiday and tell them also when you will come back. Simple isn't it?


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