Thursday, August 30, 2007

Paris Hotels Under 200 Euros Per Night.

Ahaaaa.... this is a good news for you. If you want to find a budget accommodation but comfortable suite in Paris, this is a good rate for you to not miss.

Simply remember the name of this place and then, you can save more:

Hôtel Prima Lepic
150-200 euros per night
An impressive value, the Prima Lepic stands out among dozens of mediocre traps in this tourist zone. Elements from the original 19th-century building remain, such as vintage tiling in the entry and white iron furniture in the breakfast area. The bright rooms are full of spring colors and florals; the so-called Baldaquin rooms have reproduction canopy beds. Larger rooms are suitable for families but have little natural light. Arrondissement 18. (photo, right)

Hôtel Langlois
120-140 euros per night
After starring in The Truth About Charlie (a remake of Charade), this darling hotel gained a reputation as one of the most atmospheric budget sleeps in the city. Rates have crept up, but the former circa-1870 bank retains its beautiful wood-paneled reception area and wrought-iron elevator. The individually decorated and spacious rooms are decked out with original glazed-tile fireplaces and period art. Arrondissement 9.

Hôtel des Bains
80-155 euros per night
A charming neighborhood, tastefully decorated rooms, a friendly staff: can anyone explain why this hotel has only one government-ranked star? The price can't be beat, especially for the family-friendly two-room suites (EUR91-EUR137), one with a terrace, in a separate building off the courtyard garden. Arrondissement 14. (photo, right)

Hôtel Vivienne
75 to 100 euros per night
The decor is a bit schizoid; some guest rooms have chandeliers, others have fuzzy brown rugs and busy bedspreads, yet another is fashionably minimalist, and rooms 39, 40, and 41 are blessed with large rooftop balconies. But the overall spruceness, the location near the Opera Garnier and Grands Boulevards department stores, and free Internet station in the lobby make this a strong bet in this price range. 45 rooms, 35 with bath. Arrondissement 2.

Port-Royal Hôtel
150-175 euros per night
The spotless rooms and extra-helpful staff at the Port-Royal are above average for this price range. Just below the rue Mouffetard market at the edge of the 13th arrondissement, it may be somewhat removed from the action, but the snug antiques-furnished lounge areas, garden courtyard, and rooms with wrought-iron beds, mirrors, and armoires make it worth the trip. Arrondissement 5.

Hôtel Eiffel Rive Gauche
75-125 euros per night
On a quiet street near the Tour Eiffel, this bright and welcoming hotel, family-owned and run, is a great budget find at the bottom of this price category. The 30 charming rooms have modern wood furnishings with red bedspreads and orange and gold walls. Many of them open directly onto a stunning, Tuscan-style patio with ocher-color walls, verdigris railings, and terra-cotta tiles. There's no a/c, but fans are available in the summer. Arrondissement 7.

Source: Fodors.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Puerto Rico.

I guess all of us know how beautiful Puerto Rico and I bet everybody know how busy San Juan all the time. San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, a popular tourist destination island in the Caribbean. A walking tour of Old San Juan is an ideal way to absorb the history of Puerto Rico. San Juan also is a home to many of the island's most popular beaches.

For your information, Puerto Rico is still a territory of the U.S. and Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. If you noticed, Puerto Rico is the only country to have won it more than Puerto Rico is the United States (1954,1956,1960,1967,1980,1995,1997). Maybe some of you already forgot about this but for me, Puerto Rico is a country that have many beautiful women.

Not only that, Puerto Rico also has their beautiful tropical island where many tourist came here just for fishing. Located in the southern Caribbean Sea southeast of Florida, I'm sure you also can't miss all the activities her because the weather is good and it's more cooler than many other Caribbean islands.

Goin2travel- for honeymoon.

Still looking a place for your honeymoon?
Why not give your time to look for more info about the beauty island, Bahamas?

This is the best place for many tourists to express their love, enjoying life and trying not to become overwhelmed by the every day problems. The islands are also famous for fishing, and angling enthusiasts can catch deep-sea fish. Tourist also said that they won’t get bored for one second in this part of the world.

By the way, if you want to go to Bahamas, why not you check the latest rate from Bahamas vacation rentals? They always have an extra space for you.Same goes if you want to make Cabo San Lucas as your next destination. Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals will provide you a best place to stay and if you're looking for an activity to do, Cabo San Lucas is the best choice because you can join Cabo San Lucas ATV tour.

After that, you can continue your honeymoon at Costa Rica. You never get bored at Costa Rica because this is a true paradise in central America. Just head over at Costa Rica Vacation rentals to find your own place to stay and then, you may have your best tour at Poas Volcano, tour the Manuel Antonio National Park, among other parks, and do much more to take in the beauty of Costa Rica.

Macau resort city- new attraction.

Yahoo! just published the latest info about new attraction at Macau. This will be the biggest casino in Asia.

American billionaire Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam inaugurated the $2.4 billion Venetian Macao Resort Hotel on Cotai by smashing a bottle of champagne against a gondola, which will float down one of three indoor canals, compared with only one at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

The Venetian boasts what it claims to be the world's largest gaming space of 550,000 square feet, housing 3,400 slot machines — with room to expand to 6,000 — and more than 800 gambling tables.

It has 3,000 rooms, a 15,000-seat sports arena, retail space for 350 stores, 1.2 million square feet of convention space, fine dining and a Cirque du Soleil-produced show.

Its decor is Venice inspired — with a Chinese touch. Chinese-style sampans as well as gondolas will sail down canals. The resort also features a replica of Venice's St. Mark's Square.

Interesting cities in Australia.

Everyone know Australia. Australia is a giant island somewhere on the edge of the Earth (it's located in the Southern Hemisphere). it's one of the most developed countries on the planet with two great metropolises - Sydney and Melbourne.

Sydney has a wide variety of cultural sites and institutions. Sydney also is the largest corporate and financial centre in Australia and is also an important financial centre in the Asia Pacific. Have you been to Sydney before then?

Frankly, I never have a chance to go to Sydney. I really want to go there but I have a little bit problem on my budget. But after I found a way how to get a best rate at Sydney Accommodation, I think my dream will become true sooner or later.

Australia also got their City of Parks that is Adelaide. This is the city where there's always something on. Not only that, Adelaide also famous of their festivals , food, arts, culture, shopping and sports. That's why most of the tourists will give their first priority for their accommodation at Adelaide Hotels. If not, definitely they have to sleep at street. As I said, Adelaide is the happening city in Australia.

Other than just a city for events like Adelaide, you can go for a shopping at the city of shopping that is Perth. I'm sure you will enjoy shopping in the city malls along the streets. Take your time at Murray and Hay Street malls. To ensure you have a pleasant time at this city, don't forget to get the best rate at Perth Hotels.

Royal Treatment Holiday For Gay.

So this is just for an adult only. Maybe some of you already know it but for me, this is new. I never get any exposure about this place but I was told that this is the best place for gay. But hey, I'm not a gay okey...!

I just put the story here so that we can know what is actually happening around us. Fort Lauderdale has rapidly developed into one of the hottest gay vacation spots in the country, in part through the tirelessly promoting of local business owners, and in part through the tremendous efforts of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, which has one of the most successful gay marketing initiatives in the the country.

Among gay-owned businesses, there are nearly 30 guest houses and mini-resorts in Fort Lauderdale with a predominantly gay clientele, not to mention many other mainstream properties that are quite gay-friendly. One of the top gay properties in the city, if even the entire country, is the Royal Palms Resort, which hotelier and gay-tourism booster Richard Gray opened in 1991, helping to turn Fort Lauderdale into a hot gay getaway. This is one place in town where you're always certain to receive a royal welcome.

Thanks Andrew for this info.

New Zealand- An Amazing Legacy.

Each time I watch the Lord Of The Rings movie, it always remind me of New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the ultimate travel destinations in the Southern Hemisphere because it has everything, right from beaches to mountains, from big cities to small towns and from cute yard to a big wide of green stunning scenery.

Fantastic urban panoramas can be found at the top of Mount Eden and One Tree Hill in Auckland, Mount Victoria in Wellington, the top of the Port Hills in Christchurch and Flagstaff Hill in Dunedin.
Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand. Nowadays, finding a Cheap Hotels in Auckland is not a difficult thing to do anymore. We can do it just via online. Auckland also has a very good landscape, climates, and places to explore. So make sure you know how to get a good rate for your accomodation.

Same goes with Christchurch. Christchurch is a great place to visit during the spring and summer months with the bright colours and warm weather.
For those who're looking for a place to take a ride on the tram around the central city, this is the best place for you to stay. Well, this a perfect place of you bring your parent. They don't need a long walk for their holiday. One for sure, here you will see many red buses and schoolboys in straw boaters and white cricket flannels. And don't worry, you also can get a good rate for your Hotels in Christchurch via online.

Then, you can continue your trip to Wellington. For your information, Wellington's name is a special name for me. When I was 17, I had an offer from Wellington High School (further my study) but I have to reject it because my parent can't afford to pay the fees. But, I still have a dream to go to Wellington. It's a very well known place for many educational institutions. I hope I can book my first reservation Hotels in Wellington soon.

Paris hotels.

Have you ever heard of last minute deals before?
If the answer is no, maybe this article can give you a hint about it.

Do you know how much airlines, hotels, cruise ships and rental car companies lose their money for every seat, hotel room, cabin or rental car that not fill by their guests?
There's a hugh of amount involved and I think you also know it right?.

By that reason, many of these companies are willing to accept any last minute deals because they know they still can make money from it. But how to know if there's any last minute booking for any accommodation's left? is the best website that can give you such kind of info. While you were reading this article, there's many people out there is looking for their best rate to stay at their favorite hotel.

So how about you?
What is your next destination?
Is it Paris?
If that so, then you're reading at the right article because I would like to share some info about how you can get the best rate at Paris Hotels.

Actually, many hotels in Paris now can be booked via this website because not only a last minute deals, they also provide another one best offer that is year round accommodation.

As we know, Paris has innumerable tourist attractions to offer to the visitor. They are ideal for leisure and relaxation, romantic holiday retreats, work and business meetings, and socializing. Same goes with their nightlife.

So if you plan to go to Paris, don't forget to look for your hotels in Paris because I'm sure you don't want to miss the nightlife and attractions there!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Top Summer Adventure Travel Spots.

If the thought of spending your summer snoozing on the beach strikes you as uninspired, you’re right--it is. Well, I just got this list from and I really want to share with you guys.

So here it is:

1) Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo.
Situated near Witch's Rock, Petrero Grande and Ollie's Point--famous spots regularly featured in surfing magazines--this Four Seasons boasts a concierge who can direct you to local surf shops that can arrange lessons and provide transportation to hot spots. There are also beaches in the area for novice surfers. The resort’s 153 rooms feature rattan and bamboo furniture, CD and DVD players, and balconies.

2) Caneel Bay, A Rosewood Resort St. John.
Every sailor envies the Virgin Islands’ gentle breezes, islands in the hundreds and numerous small cays. The 166-room Caneel Bay allows guests chartering a boat on St. John or in nearby St. Thomas to moor it at the on-site dock in the evenings. Novices can learn the basics of the sport from Caneel Bay’s instructors on the resort’s own Sunfish sailboat. Feeling water-logged? Guests can also walk the trails of the nearby Virgin Islands National Park.

3) The Cove Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas.
Head to this resort and take classes in dolphin behavior and physiology. Afterward, frolic with 20 dolphins in shallow water or swim with them in deeper pools on-site. Rooms at the Cove, a new section of mega-resort Atlantis, feature water views. Beachgoing guests can swim, snorkel, parasail or dine at Nobu or Il Mulino.

So have you been to this place before?

Alive Blog Directory.

I guess everyone already know Alive Directory is one of the famous directory on the net. If you never heard of this directory before, that’s mean you also don’t know what this directory can benefit you in the long term. Actually, Alive Directory is a powerful human edited web directory and also blog directory that lists quality, family-friendly, and spam-free web sites.

The web sites are organized via a comprehensive category structure, and each of the categories have also good pagerank like PR5 or PR4. You can even sort the search results by pagerank, by number of hits or by alphabetical order. For your information, you have two options of listing your site, namely, as a ‘Featured’ or ‘Regular’ listing. The prices are very reasonable with many different pricing options available, and payment can be made with any major credit card via Paypal.

Actually, Alive Directory has a Google page rank of 6 with Alexa ranking of 16,387. By that reason, definitely Alive Directory offers strong backlinks for listed web sites and is under constant promotion and development.

Travel news blog.

Glad because I found this site because it's really informative. is not a normal travel blog that we always seen but this is a blog where you can find an unique content specially about on interesting place where you want to visit in upcoming future. By the way, if you want to know how to book hotels three weeks in advance, make sure you get the informations at this blog.

Not only that, this blog also can give you an idea on how to travel smart because there is link for you to get the latest news about what happen in Asia and Europe. Even the contents is still not much as you thought but I believe it can be one of the best source for us in the future.

Actually, is a website operated by Flairview Travel. As I said, this is not a normal travel that we've seen before because they already be in this industry since 2002 and if you want read an interesting travel stories, just head over to their blog and I'm sure you will like it.

Need a good backlink for your travel blog?

So now you're looking a platform on how to get a good backlinks for your travel blog right?
Well, why don't you consider to get some info about Alive Directory because they have a good blog directory in their listings?

Alive Directory offers strong backlinks for listed web sites and is under constant promotion and development. Actually, Alive Directory is a powerful human edited web directory and also blog directory that lists quality, family-friendly, and spam-free web sites. That is where you can find almost everything and precisely anything link that you want or submit.

For your information, Alive Directory has a Google page rank of 6 with Alexa ranking of 16,387. As you can see, there's only 8 blogs under Travel category right now and the more faster you get listed , the more chance for you to get more backlinks. Just choose your sub-category either Car Rentals, Adventures or General.

United Kingdom Best Places To Go.

London is a major tourist place to visit. It’s also one of the finest historic towns in the world but for me, London also well known as one of the best city for shopping!!!

Yup, London is a very popular place for shopping and entertainment. If you’re a person whop love to shopping in Lodon, definitely you will get familiar with this luxury design boutiques of Knightsbridge and Mayfair. Simply said that if you don’t have enough pound, don’t ever dream to go to this place. Moreover, we already knew that London ranks the third most expensive city in the world.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean London is only a place for a rich people. If we know how to get the best rate for our accommodation at London Hotel, definitely we can stay at London for 2 days, 3 days or maybe for a week.

So do you have your own favorite place to go shopping in London?
If you choose Manchester as your next shopping destination, make sure you book your accommodation at Manchester Hotel. This is because Manchester is not a small town as you think. Believe it or not, you will need even a day to visit the Old Trafford stadium. It’s very big and the showroom itself will make you want to stay longer. That’s not included a tour to King Street off Deansgate. Well, you know… they called as Beckham street. This area has been described as the place for top fashion in the UK.

Hey, London is not just about that, it also a place for you to have fun. What I mean is you will see many exciting shops here. If you like chocolate, maybe Birmingham will be the best place for you because the Cadbury World is located here. Plus, there is over 160 of the most imaginative and desirable shops for you to explore, that’s including Selfridges and Debenhams.

Opsss…National Sea Life Centre also is the must place to visit if you go there. Remember, before you plan for your nacation, don’t ever forget to settle down you accommodation at Birmingham Hotel. If not, your vacation will not fun as you expected.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Quite natural holiday.

Looking for a place to relax without any urban harsh?
Why not you give yourself a good time to release your tension at Scottsdale?

You know what…. many people consider Scottsdale as an ideal place for living and settling down. In fact, Scottsdale real estate has been relocate by many peoples to invest in real estate property. The is because Scottsdale also well served by its own airport as well as Phoenix International Sky Harbor Airport. Furthermore, Scottsdale also is a heaven for a golfer.

There is something for everyone in Scottsdale, Arizona…. trust me!

Venetian hotel.

Have you ever go to the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is located in Las Vegas, Nevada before? If you do, can you please tell and share with me here what it looks like because I had read so many interesting facts about this Venetian hotel.

So far, I just know few facts about this great hotel such as 112,000 square foot Doge’s Palace Casino, The Venetian Poker Room, a gaming venue of approximately 11,000 square feet and 39 tables and also the Gold Club Lounge, equipped with televisions, telephones, food and beverage service, and private bathrooms. The rest, I'm still looking for more info about it.

If you want to send me your photo, that will be more better!

Sexy holiday!

I'm watching a travel channel right now. I'm feeling so tired after driving about 6 hours. Now, things getting better because I can watch many girls at Aruba beach on the tv. Hey, you also can watch those beauty girls with open tip bras. All you have to do is turn on your tv and go to the Channel 11 (Travel and Living).

Opsss.... make sure your kids already go to bed okey!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Texty- text easy.

Maybe you're looking for this kind of web tool all this time right? Here Texty comes in. Texty is an online editor for creating and editing html. Everybody can use it because is a simple, straightforward tool that does one thing very well. Just enter the word, copy and paste it anywhere, then when you save changes all your copies are changed as well.

You must give a try this great feature!

Public Announcement.

Practically, this is for Malaysian bloggers.

Please spread out this important message:

Jika anda menerima panggilan telefon dari seseorang dengan no.telp yang tidak dikenali atau terdaftar di telefon anda, berkata bahawa dia (lelaki/wanita) memanggil dari division engineering/ teknikal sesuatu syarikat atau salah satu vendor/operator cellphone yang ingin memeriksa sambungan telefon atau signal atau dengan alasan apapun, dan selanjutnya dia berkata bahawa kita harus menekan key .. 90 atau ..09 atau nombor apapun (boleh juga dengan kod huruf), cepat-cepat matikan/putuskan sambungan telefon tersebut tanpa menekan key yang mereka minta.

Kerana ketika ini ada penipu-penipu yang menggunakan peralatan canggih dimana jika anda menekan key .90 atau ..09 maka penipu-penipu tersebut dapat mengakses SIM card telepon kita dan mereka dapat menggunakan line anda ...!!

That's all.
Beware of this brilliant bad people.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last Minute Accommodation.

Do you know how much airlines, hotels, cruise ships and rental car companies lose money for every seat, hotel room, cabin or rental car that not fill by their guests?
It's so many and you also can imagine it.

By that reason, many of these companies are willing to accept any last minute deals because they know that at least , they still can make money from it. But how to know if there's any last minute booking for any accommodation's left? is the best website that can give you such kind of info. While you were reading this article, there's many people out there specially for the people who are looking their best rate to stay at Paris Hotels.

Many Hotels in Paris now can be booked via this website because not only a last minute deals, they also provide another one best offer that is year round accommodation.

As we know, Paris has innumerable tourist attractions to offer to the visitor. They are ideal for leisure and relaxation, romantic holiday retreats, work and business meetings, and socializing. Same goes with their nightlife.

So if you plan to go to France/paris, don't forget to look for your Hôtels en Paris first because I'm sure you don't want to miss the nightlife and attractions there!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

From Barcelona to Madrid In One Day.

Any plan to go to Spain in this short time?
If you have decided to visit Spain, Barcelona should be on the top of the list of the cities worth visiting.

As you know, Barcelona is home to the world's busiest seaports. Other than that, Barcelona also got their busiest airport. You may have the right place to enjoy a spring day walking through its magnificent streets, shopping or finding a Barcelona souvenier.

Travel in Barcelona is like travel to a different world because it's one of the most influential European cities. It also full of historical wonders and a vibrant cultural life. There's many Hoteles en Barcelona right now for you stay. From bullfights to Gaudi to partying the night away on Ibiza, you could easily spend a year exploring Spain and if you want to go to Madrid at the same day, there will be no problem at all because most flights are little over an hour and you don’t have to check in too long beforehand.

When you arrived at Madrid, just give yourself a quality time to taste their perfect champagne. Hey, Madrid a world class producer of reds, whites, sherry, and champagne remember?

Hotels en Madrid
is always waiting for you. You always can get a better rate but please look for more information on how to save a budget for your accommmodation.

By the way, don't forget to buy a Real Madrid jersey because you will feel regret if you don't do so.

Berlin and Vienna.

Berlin is the capital city of Germany, and is its largest city. As the working capital city and a province of Germany, Berlin now become more famous after the 2006 World Cup Finals. Furthermore, it is built around the River Spree and its hospitality extends a warm welcome to tourists and visitors.

Travel in Berlin will be more happening if we can go more places than we expected. That's why we need to prepare a good budget so that there will be no reason for us to limit our travelling in Berlin. By that reason, we must grab the best rate for our accomodation at any Hotels in Berlin. In order to ensure we can get the best rate, we have to book our stay by online. It's more faster and easier.

Same thing you should do if you want to look for your accommodation at Vienna. After you got your ticket from Sky Europe, you may continue your travelling to many places there. As we know, nce ski season and Christmas hit, it will be a much busier place. While you were reading this article, Vienna is coming to their red season where many tourists srat to make a booking for their vacation. Yup, the crowds are in May and early June and September and October. So don;t forget to find your own accommodation at any Hotels in Vienna.

Happy holiday!

Holiday Indoor Game.

Who said stay at home is boring?
Do you think stay at home in this next coming winter will be boring?
If the answer is right, you should do something to make them happy and fun.

Imagine how boring it is when you and your family just sit at the couch for the whole day watching the television compared to your neighbour. Your neighbour are playing indoor
Game Tables together with their family and they still get laugh together even at night. Their father still have a quality time to play some games with their children even after his office hour. Nice isn't it?

That's the big different between you and them. You never give a choice for your childrens to have fun at your own home specially in winter. Winter is the best time for you to build back your bonding after so many days you get busy and work hard for your boss.

Or maybe you should consider to buy one of this Shuffle Board tables for your family. Maybe the time has come for you to invest for your family matters. Family is everything and I bet you don't want your childrens to get involved with un-healthy activities.. hanging out with strangers out there.

Choosing an indoor games for your family also need your own creativity. Don't just buy but please look at your child's age. If you have a big boys, then maybe this
Bumper Pool tables will make cater their need. As for me, indoor games is the best way for us to get back our children's love that already "gone".

Website optimization firm.

Many of us sometimes confuse about how to get a better result based on SEO. They still looking for a site that can help them for that reason. Now here is a good news for us because has a good plan for people like us.

With this website optimization firm, you can set your own target for your new blog. is one of the famous website optimization firm, web development service, and business web design company. They also provides many services that's related with web seo such as search engine optimization, blog marketing, web hosting, reciprocal linking, pay-per-click campaigns, e-commerce, lead generation, copywriting, photography and custom web applications.

Remeber, if you think you want a good result and a good ROI from your online business.. don't wait any longer. Get a highest possible quality in form and user function now with this website optimization firm.

Look no further to their site or if you still need more information from them, just head over to their blog. There's many current and latest issue that you can read there.

Thoof- The House Of Info.

Some people said that Thoof is a normal site that gives us an info that we want. It’s like a normal RSS “subscribe” site but for me, Thoof is more advance. What I mean is we can get the info that we need in our own account. Everything on the site is posted by Thoof readers (like us) and can also be improved and edited by ourselves.

Imagine you have your own personalized news site, then you can add more info to the topic that you like. After that, you will share the info with others people. It’s totally great huh!

When you submit a story to Thoof, you will be given a ThoofRank badge that you can insert into your website or blog. Then, let others people rank your story. Yup, just leave it to them. You will know your story is good after you got a good rank.

Anyway, do you know what is the meaning of Thoof or how they got the idea to come up with this unique name?
My myself also not sure how they got this unique name, but I guess there must be a great story behind this name or maybe a secret. I tried to figure out this "secret" and finally, I got it!

I'm not sure whether you like or not but this is my own opinion. I think Thoof is stand for The House Of Info. How about that? Do you think it's relevant with the site itself? For me, it's very relevant because Thoof is information and information is Thoof!

Hey, do you know that this personalized news site is going to gift $300 Visa gift card for their TWO top Posties who drive the most traffic to their site?
Well, if you don't.. you must go to their site now and look for further info regarding this $$$.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Your friend- Dr Shapiro.

Yesterday, I have met with one of my ex-boss. He recently went in for a hair transplant. He’s only 32 years old and was already almost all the way bald on top. He said he is a thinker, that's why he bald. What a good joke from him!

Hair transplant is one of the way for him to solve this problem. As we know, hair transplant now becoming much more popular in the image-obsessed culture we live in today.

Like what you can have at hair transplants in florida, they have all the informations that you need. Leading by Dr Shapiro, he is the one that will help you on this. As a doctor who have many years of experience, Dr Shapiro will consult you detailly about your problem because has performed over 10,000 micro-mini graft procedures.

If you feel shy to discuss your hair problem with your friends, well you can tell Dr Shapiro because he is your friend also!

Never use your student loan for vacation.

Summer is rocks and the fun is still going on. But there is something that I want to share with all of you especially if you're a student. Lately, there is many cases about students who can't repay their loan to government. It become worst when most of them is using their student loan to go for a vacation!

This is a bad news for the parents. The fact is they (parents) have to bear all the debts and at the same time, these students will try try to look for
Student Loan Consolidation
options. I mean they will try it untill they got it. They believe that Student Loan Consolidation will allows them to consolidate the various loans they have taken.

Parents should alert about this matter because if their child really using their student loan for a vacation, it will give a bad effect for in the future. Bear in mind that some of them (student) dare to apply the student loan consolidation because it's really helps save money - up to thousands at a time!

Not only that, there's another case that parents should know. Do they ever think about their child's Private Student Loans?. Actually, many of the students that failed to repay their student loan is crazy to apply for the private loan. These people would pay them because if they don't the financial institutions will come after them using legal means.

I don't know what is going on to some of the students lately. I only have one advice for all of you. Please use your student loan wisely because you never know what will happen to your future life.

Never use your student loan for vacation, use it for your study purpose... allright!

West Palm Beach.

What is the best way to enjoy your last minute summer?
Will you spend your time for a golf, hiking or a picnic?

For me, picnic will be the perfect choice if you got nothing to do. Like what you can see at West Palm Beach, many people come here to swaying palms and sea oats which is inviting to couples for a relaxing swim. It's fun and happening.

Days and nights at West Palm Beach is not same with others place in this world. It's alive and you don't have any reason to stay at your hotel. In fact, an evening at West Palm Beach will make your day so interesting. A romantic sunset sail or a relaxing spa treatment for two makes it all worthwhile.

If only I can have my own property in Florida, I will ask West Palm Beach real estate to help me to realise it.

Malaysia- Truly Asia.

When traveling, you will need to figure out what works best for you included your healthy. For those who loves to travel to a place that need them to control their appetite, make sure you bring your diet pills together.

This is true because a country like Malaysia, you will never can't control your appetite because there is thousands of delicious food here. If you like to eat Chinese food, this is the best place for you. If you want to find an Indian food, you also can order it here and if you like to eat the Malay's food, its' all here.

This is the only country in the world that have many races (multiracial) live "happily ever after". Malaysia people always welcome foreigners, that is sure.

Malaysia; Truly Asia.......

Welcome To Malaysia!

Welcome to Malaysia!

For those who have a plan to visit Malaysia, you still have 4 months left to participate with others tourist to feel the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 promotion. There's a lot of attractive places that you can put in your "must visit" list.

One of the most best place to go is Kuala Lumpur City Center or well known as Petronas Twin Towers. This is the most modern and unique building in the world because it's look like a steel buildings that you saw in the Star Wars film.

Again, welcome to Malaysia!!!

Linkworth new dashboard.

Linkworth just upgraded their dashboard panel and I think this is the best time for us to look for more money from the marketplace. It will be more interesting if we can see new advertiser in our account because there is a big chance for us to rent our space.

By the way, I think I also have to upgrade my Dell Memory. Seems like my Dell pc is getting slower now. I don't want to miss any opportunities in the future.

Life is getting easy with Linkworth and Dell!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Pulau Langkawi- I'll be there.


Maybe I will go to Pulau Langkawi next month!!!!!!!!!
I have planned to go to Langkawi since last 2 months. The reason for me to go to Langkawi because I miss Langkawi so much. The last time I went to Pulau Langkawi is 4 years ago. That time, I stayed al Awana Porto Malai. Even the rate was quite expensive, but the view was so amazing. Plus, the harbour for the Star Cruise ship is just 200 metres from my room.

What I like about Pulau Langkawi is definitely the scenary, the environment and tgeir people. Pantai Chenang is a must place to go. There's a lot of beach activities here and by night, you will feel the "Miami" sphere is here. It's so happening!

Taking its name from the russet eagles that soar over its colorful landscape, this legendary island is a spectacular tropical paradise. Surrounded by 99 gorgeous islets, this palm-fringed gem attracts visitors from all over the world who come to bask in its bright sunlight and mystical aura.Pulau Payar is home to Coral Langkawi, a large floating platform that is used for the day boats to moor up at, and as a base for divers.Coral Garden is a popular dive site on the southwestern tip of Pulau Payar. It has a rocky terrain that is rich in soft coral. That's really cool.

I still keep my photos when I got splashed at Pulau Beras Basah. Dudes... my spectacles is still at the bottom of the sea because of one accident that i will never forgot. Listen to me... next time, if you want to play the Banana Boat, make sure you don't wear any accessories, spectacle, digital camera or any valuable stuff because you never know what will happen.

For your information, our Banana Boat was "flying" and crash in the middle of the sea. We hit a big wave and 8 of us just thrown away like that! My spectacle, my friend's necklace and many other things still "rest in peace" in that sea.....

Anyway, the memory is till remain everytime I see a beach picture. Just wait for me Langkawi.. I'll be there.

Beauty abs- beauty belly.

Still looking for the suitable accessories for this weekend party?
Hey, don't worry because Freshtrend can provides you many beautiful belly button rings for your sexy abs.

You just say it and Freshtrend got it. Just go to their website and choose your own favorite sext belly button rings like this Colorado Smoked Topaz, Pink and Red Princess Cut Belly Button Cuffs.

Don't be shy girls!
Show it to your man and let them stunned when they see you. Again, don't worry okey because if you don't have a credit card to shop at their site, you can pay with your Paypal money. Sounds nice isn't it?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Payperpost conspiracy? What?? Is it true?

(click to the image to enlarge)

This is true. What I'm trying to say is each time I want to "reserve" the opportunity tonight, the captcha box will appear WITHOUT any word for me to fill in.It's nothing there because half of the captcha box was hide behind the navigation bar....!!!!

What is this?
Is this another game or conspiracy by Payperpost?
Or perhaps, this a new game from Payperpost so that Asia bloggers can't take the opportunities?

I'm not trying to look for any publisity here but, if this is because of your technical problem, why that opportunity color turned to Grey? It's clearly shows that somebody has taken that opps!!!!!!!

Why you treat us like this?
Please answer me Ted!

(we just lose many $$$$$ ... not a $)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cover My Travels.

This is another great site for all of us especially if you’re a traveller. For those who never heard of this “Cover my Travels” word before, let me explain it to you. Cover My Travels has the widest ranges of medical travel insurance policies available, with a market leading claims service and exceptional customer care.

The best thing about this insurance is they are offering more than what you expected. Other than a competitive level of cover, they also provide a dedicated 24 hour medical emergency service. As a well known travelling insurance, they don’t have any limitation for their policy holder. What I mean is everyone can buy the policy. Either for a single trip, family trip or even for a long stay, it’s all in here.

Normally, travelling insurance will cover their policy holder only for a certain condition. But with Cover My Travels, you also will be covered if you have a specific medical conditions such as Gout, Grommets, Hiatus hernia and even a Hormone replacement therapy. Now what’s more can I say?

Ageewoodworks- it works!

Finding vent free gas fireplaces can be trying, but it's not impossible to find the one you want. What can be tricky to find is quality fireplace surrounds that can be made to fit whichever fireplace you do end up getting.

At Agee Woodworks I've seen the work they do and they're masters at customizing everything from mantels and cabinets to surrounds and granite facings to fit every size and shape of fireplace. They'll even give it the finish you want so that it matches the rest of your décor, or let you do it yourself. That's service that you won't find anywhere else.

Go see what Agee Woodworks can do for you and your fireplace…I think you'll be happy that you listened to me.

Relax and Get Away

It's now easier than ever to get a Caribbean vacation rental thanks to CVOA. Why not take a relaxing vacation in one of their St. Thomas villas, or at one of their scenic Cayman villas?

With the vacation season on us there's no reason not to take some time for yourself and your family and relax on a beautiful tropical island. Just remember who gave you the advice when you're soaking up the rays on the beach.

Car Insurance You can Afford

Finding the right car insurance can be frustrating at best, but thanks to Insurance Doctor you can get the auto insurance that's right for you. Thanks to their great rates, you can be sure to get the best rates on Virginia car insurance as well as North Carolina auto insurance.

They'll file all the forms you need and make sure that you're covered by quality car insurance when you're out on the road. Fill out their online form and see why I think Insurance Doctor is a great way to get car insurance that you can afford.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Future Ambulance.

I never thought that I will see this kind of superb medical flight. I wonder how good are this people. They are so serious in helping people. I think people that live in Florida, Arizona, California, New York, Texas is a very lucky people in this people because they can use this special medial flight at anytime.

Well, this is not only about a business neither the money. But it’s about their life. Can you imagine when your mother is dying and you have to send your mother to hospital, but at the same time the road was so damn busy?

Don’t you think that you will need this air ambulance service at that time?
Yes, this is the only company that provided this kind of service. Like I said, I never thought there will be this kind of emergency service before. It’s like a dream come true. And if you think that this is a small domestic charter flight services, you’re wrong. This is because all the aircraft are approved by the FAA for air ambulance with life support equipment onboard.

One more thing that you should know is they also have their Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists and Registered Flight Paramedics on board. We can arrange to have a physician or even your own doctor on board as well. Now if you think that you will need this AirAmbulance, it’s better for you to keep this number; 1-800-827-0745 or International (USA country code)+305.868.5378 in your wallet or handphone or even at your wall (beside your house phone).

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Graduation day.

This coming 25th August will be the history date for my family because we will atttend his convocation at University Putra Malaysia. The event will be held for 3 days and since this is one of the biggest convocation in Malaysia, I think I will make my own preview about the event in this blog.

But, there is something that I want to highlight here. It's about the invitation letter that we received yesterday. It was so simple and I think the management team should change this kind of old invitation. It will be look more nice and professional if they use this graduation announcements card for a big event like this.

Mini ballroom.

Now you already have your own garage, your beautiful mini landscape in front of your house and your beauty scallop. But do you have any idea on how to make your interior more comfortable?

Yup, most of us always “forgot” about our interior. If you are a creative person, definitely you can turn your hall into a mini ballroom like what I saw at my uncle’s house. I wonder how he did it because he managed to make the main hall like a ballroom.

When I asked him where he got this kind idea, he told me that it's about a home lighting. If we know how to make a good choice for our home, our home will be the best place on earth.

And I think he is roght.

Hedonism- Only For Above 18.

In my previous post, I already share with you about destination wedding right?
Now, here is another great resort for us. They called it as Hedonism.

What is the meaning of Hedonism?
Hedonism is the name of an adult resorts thats located in Jamaica. The resort is like a heaven on earth because the view was so amazing and the beach was very beautiful.

The best thing about this resort is it's only for an adult only. That's mean all the activities here is just for an adult. If you want to bring your family here, just change your plan because it is not a wise decision. But, if you want to celebrate your girlfriend's birthday party or celebrate your best friend wedding, this will be the perfect place to get enjoy.

By the way, don't for got to bring your camera because you will not feel boring here. There's many event and activities for you to take part. If you want to make this place as happening as you want, just tell and ask the resort crew about it and they will help you. For your information, the "2008 Ultimate Men of Hedonism" finalists are now online and you see how beautiful this resort is.

Happy holiday my friends!

Google Extra Storage Space for Gmail and Picasa.

Guys, this is another great offer from Google. Maybe some of you already know about this but if you still don't know, just read untill the end of this post.

But before that, just ask yourself first either:
Is your free Gmail account full with large attachments?
Is your Picasa Web Albums at end of storage limit?

If the answer is yes, Google now offers you a way a paid option to buy extra storage web space and continue using these popular web services.

Currently Gmail offers over 2.8 GB of free storage to all users and Picasa Web Albums gives users 1 GB of storage just for Picasa Web Albums images. Now you can purchase extra storage from Google, and that space will be shared by both products as needed as you upload or receive more data.

You can pay via Google checkout and get these deals
6 GB ($20.00 per year)
25 GB ($75.00 per year)
100 GB ($250.00 per year)
250 GB ($500.00 per year)

Sounds interesting right?
Get more information here.

Superclubs Vacation.

The winter is coming and I know that you are busy for preparing your wedding stuff, right?
So how was your preparation so far?
If the answer is yes, maybe the time has come for us to ask you about your planning after your wedding.

Have you make any plan for your honeymoon then?
If not, why not you try to get more info about your next
destination weddings at is a great online source for honeymoon stuff. This is also a site that can provide you an additional info on how to get a best deal for your honeymoon budget. Not only that, they will show and help you on how to make sure your honeymoon as the memorable event in your life.

Is i true?
Yup, just visit their website or give them a call. I'm sure you will satisfied with their support team. In fact, they have all the professional people behind them who dealing with people's honeymoon everyday.

Lastly, don't forget to ask them about all inclusive honeymoons because they have a lot of resort in their list.

Made In America.

I think the time has come for me to look for a suitable table for myself. Since I'm working from home and always get online, I think I should not use my dad's table anymore to do all my work.

Anyway, I just found a table that I think very match with my room. The design is cool and I think you also should have one for yourself. The color is grey and what makes me "sold" about this table is because it look so modern.

By the way, if you also want to look for a table for your house and your office, is a right site for you. They have many types of rack and computer table such as Lan Computer Racks and office furniture.

Not only that, they also provides school computer furniture and unique computer furniture. As I said, the design is very catchy and different from other design that you always look at furniture shop.

You know what... the best thing about this site is not just the table itself, but the payment method. Yup, if you don't have a credit card, you still can get your favorite table because you can pay with your Paypal's money!

What a good service!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Geothermal treatment at Blue Lagoon.

You wake up in the morning, then you take bath with a special algae and mineral shower gel. The water itself isnot a normal water tap but it's a 38-41°C geothermal seawater that have been prepared for you. After you take your bath, they will take you to dry your skin and and also a very advance UVB light therapy. You feel like you're in a heaven but you don't realised that you just had a very good experience in your life.

Yup, that's what you can get at Blue Lagoon - Clinic. This is a natural geothermal treatment of psoriasis center. For those who prefer to use a nature as their treatment, definitely you will not say NO to this lagoon.

Not only that, Blue Lagoon also got it's own products such as Silica mud mask, Mineral bath salts, Mineral moisturizing cream, Silica purifying shampoo, Algae & mineral shower gel and even a Silica derm bar.

As for me, Blue Lagoon is a good treatment center because they still provide a leisure activities. The accomodation was so fantastic and the rates was reasonable. So of you think this will be your next place for your treatment, make sure you make an appointment first.

Home stores with coupons.

Hey winter is coming isn't it?
So what are your planning for this next holiday?
Do you planning to gor for a vacation or just stay at home with your family?

If you've got nothing to do in this winter, how about spend a very good time with your family and make your own decoration for this next coming Christmas. Opss.. maybe it's too early but there's nothing wrong with it right?

Actually, I have a very good news for you. I want to share some good info about on how you can get e better deal to decorate your house. Yup, it's about on how you can save your money for your home decoration. is a site that I want to talk about, Here in this site, you can get a very good deal through their furniture coupons and home coupons. What I'm trying to say is this coupons is FREE and it will not cost you any single cent to claim it. What you need to do is go to the website and look for a coupons that you need. Let's say that you really want to get a special price for accessories and decor items including rugs and textiles, bed and bath and also the kitchen items... just get the coupon at Chiasso coupons. Or maybe you want to look for the best prices and installation on a wide selection of brand name hardwood floors, laminate flooring, bamboo, cork, ceramic tile and area rugs... I think is the perfect choice for you.

Big expenses is not a good way to show how smart you are in making money. For me, the best way to show our smart is how we can save more. As a consumer, the more we can save, the more smart we are. Business minded people will always want to get a better deal for their money matters and if you know how to get more for a little price, you already one of the person who have a very good minded just like them.

By the way, have you got an idea on how to decorate your house?
If not, you also can take some idea by visiting the website that offers you the coupon. Who knows, maybe this Christmas will be more cheerful for your family.

So if you want to get a discount codes for your favorite stuff, don't forget to check it a and once you can save your money with this coupons, please come and tell it here in this blog!

Old ambition.

When I was child, I always dream to be a businessman. I want to bring my own briefcase, wear a necktie, drive a good luxury car and have my own office (no handphone because there is no such thing at that time).

Everytime I watch the Dallas telemovie, it keep reminds me about a job as a real estate agent. I like to be like those person in that telemovie. Smart guy with a perfect style and have a good looking.

But unfortunately, my real life is got nothing to do with real estate. It's all about blog and blogging!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Winter In Whistler Holiday.

The summer season now is getting to the end and the winter is not that far from now. It's time for us to look for another accomodation for winter vacation. Or maybe some of us will get busy for our friend's wedding.

The winter months start from late November to early March. Some of us like to go for a vacation in winter but at the same time, some of us said that winter vacations are seen to be slightly more problematic. Well I don't care about that because as long as the place can give me a happily memorable enjoyful time, that will be anough. Actually, it also depend on how great that place, the accomodation, the activities and also the recreational utilities that can be provided by the owner of the resort.

So how do you choose your winter's vacation accomodation?
Do you like a condo type like Whistler condo rental?

If you do, that will be the perfect choice for your family because Whistler accommodation provides so many facilities and also services that definitely can attract your family members.

If you don't want to stay at the condo, Holiday Whistler also provides a Whistler lodging like Aspen 2. This is the most popular ski-in ski-out lodge. So if you think that you really need a next vacation, just consider to make you booking at Whistler Holiday because I was told that, the room will fully book every year!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kailua view.

Can you imagine how does it feel when your room was blown by the ocean's wind everytime you wake up in the morning?
Or can you tell me how does it feel when you hear the sound of wave everytime you wanna go to your bed at night?

I can't describe how lucky I am if I can have all this kind of "priviledge". Sometimes, it's kind of boring live in this metropolitan city. All I heard is a car horn and the brake sleek sound. I'm not sure when is the time for me to go for a holiday to this kind of place like Kailua ocean front rental. If I can go to this place in my next vacation, definitely I will shut off my handphone. I don't want any call in or even a sound of a phone ring. Yeah... that's what I called a privacy.

Kailua ocean front rental has many types of resort. If you ask me which will be my first choice, that will be Kona Coast Resort. Why?

It's not just a resort but it's a golden resort because you they have so many facilities in this resort such as two swimming pools, three whirlpool spas, tennis courts, barbecue areas, putting green and other great onsite activities. This is what I'm looking for because there's a big different between this place with my own place at the city. Furthermore, I can take many photo shots along the Kahalu'u Beach and scenic Keauhou Bay for my photoblog.

Hawaii vacations always will be my dream!

Boat Angel.

Have you ever heard of Boat Angel before?
Boat Angel is a charity organization that helped risk kids, children many teenagers to improve themselves. Maybe some you quite not familiar (like me) about this organization but for me, this is one of the unique charity that I have ever know?

It is because they prefer to choose a charitable yacht, trailer and Boat Donations to raise money for charities in the United States and throughout the world. While you were reading this article, they are sponsoring a Boat Angel Outreach Center Church amongst the inmates. This is a good effort because there are thousands of inmates living with their family in prison especially across the border in Tijuana.

Another current project that still in progress is a permanent 5,000 square foot building. This building will play a role as a one stop center for thousands of teenagers and adults in areas such as Las Vegas and Phoenix for their summer activities. This a good idea, right?

In my opinion, this is a good concept and it's is really attractive. Here, they will learn how to have a disciplined lifestyle and they also will do a daily church services. It's good and definitely there is a big good reason for that.

These youth go on the road on outreaches across the United States so that they will realise that they still have a time to improve their life. It's like a big exposure for them.

Bacically, this organization has done many things to help others people that need their help. Most of them is a student (youth) who have a pass bad life record. What I mean is this is the best place for them to improve themselves to get their glory life back.

So if you really want to help this organization to reach their main goal, you can join the Donate my Boat programme and let them do the rest. Remember, themore you help them, the more the community will appreciate you. It's like a karma because when you give the best thing to others, others will apppreciate you in the future!


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