Friday, August 17, 2007

Pulau Langkawi- I'll be there.


Maybe I will go to Pulau Langkawi next month!!!!!!!!!
I have planned to go to Langkawi since last 2 months. The reason for me to go to Langkawi because I miss Langkawi so much. The last time I went to Pulau Langkawi is 4 years ago. That time, I stayed al Awana Porto Malai. Even the rate was quite expensive, but the view was so amazing. Plus, the harbour for the Star Cruise ship is just 200 metres from my room.

What I like about Pulau Langkawi is definitely the scenary, the environment and tgeir people. Pantai Chenang is a must place to go. There's a lot of beach activities here and by night, you will feel the "Miami" sphere is here. It's so happening!

Taking its name from the russet eagles that soar over its colorful landscape, this legendary island is a spectacular tropical paradise. Surrounded by 99 gorgeous islets, this palm-fringed gem attracts visitors from all over the world who come to bask in its bright sunlight and mystical aura.Pulau Payar is home to Coral Langkawi, a large floating platform that is used for the day boats to moor up at, and as a base for divers.Coral Garden is a popular dive site on the southwestern tip of Pulau Payar. It has a rocky terrain that is rich in soft coral. That's really cool.

I still keep my photos when I got splashed at Pulau Beras Basah. Dudes... my spectacles is still at the bottom of the sea because of one accident that i will never forgot. Listen to me... next time, if you want to play the Banana Boat, make sure you don't wear any accessories, spectacle, digital camera or any valuable stuff because you never know what will happen.

For your information, our Banana Boat was "flying" and crash in the middle of the sea. We hit a big wave and 8 of us just thrown away like that! My spectacle, my friend's necklace and many other things still "rest in peace" in that sea.....

Anyway, the memory is till remain everytime I see a beach picture. Just wait for me Langkawi.. I'll be there.

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