Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hedonism- Only For Above 18.

In my previous post, I already share with you about destination wedding right?
Now, here is another great resort for us. They called it as Hedonism.

What is the meaning of Hedonism?
Hedonism is the name of an adult resorts thats located in Jamaica. The resort is like a heaven on earth because the view was so amazing and the beach was very beautiful.

The best thing about this resort is it's only for an adult only. That's mean all the activities here is just for an adult. If you want to bring your family here, just change your plan because it is not a wise decision. But, if you want to celebrate your girlfriend's birthday party or celebrate your best friend wedding, this will be the perfect place to get enjoy.

By the way, don't for got to bring your camera because you will not feel boring here. There's many event and activities for you to take part. If you want to make this place as happening as you want, just tell and ask the resort crew about it and they will help you. For your information, the "2008 Ultimate Men of Hedonism" finalists are now online and you see how beautiful this resort is.

Happy holiday my friends!

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