Tuesday, August 21, 2007

From Barcelona to Madrid In One Day.

Any plan to go to Spain in this short time?
If you have decided to visit Spain, Barcelona should be on the top of the list of the cities worth visiting.

As you know, Barcelona is home to the world's busiest seaports. Other than that, Barcelona also got their busiest airport. You may have the right place to enjoy a spring day walking through its magnificent streets, shopping or finding a Barcelona souvenier.

Travel in Barcelona is like travel to a different world because it's one of the most influential European cities. It also full of historical wonders and a vibrant cultural life. There's many Hoteles en Barcelona right now for you stay. From bullfights to Gaudi to partying the night away on Ibiza, you could easily spend a year exploring Spain and if you want to go to Madrid at the same day, there will be no problem at all because most flights are little over an hour and you don’t have to check in too long beforehand.

When you arrived at Madrid, just give yourself a quality time to taste their perfect champagne. Hey, Madrid a world class producer of reds, whites, sherry, and champagne remember?

Hotels en Madrid
is always waiting for you. You always can get a better rate but please look for more information on how to save a budget for your accommmodation.

By the way, don't forget to buy a Real Madrid jersey because you will feel regret if you don't do so.

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