Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cover My Travels.

This is another great site for all of us especially if you’re a traveller. For those who never heard of this “Cover my Travels” word before, let me explain it to you. Cover My Travels has the widest ranges of medical travel insurance policies available, with a market leading claims service and exceptional customer care.

The best thing about this insurance is they are offering more than what you expected. Other than a competitive level of cover, they also provide a dedicated 24 hour medical emergency service. As a well known travelling insurance, they don’t have any limitation for their policy holder. What I mean is everyone can buy the policy. Either for a single trip, family trip or even for a long stay, it’s all in here.

Normally, travelling insurance will cover their policy holder only for a certain condition. But with Cover My Travels, you also will be covered if you have a specific medical conditions such as Gout, Grommets, Hiatus hernia and even a Hormone replacement therapy. Now what’s more can I say?

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