Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Puerto Rico.

I guess all of us know how beautiful Puerto Rico and I bet everybody know how busy San Juan all the time. San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, a popular tourist destination island in the Caribbean. A walking tour of Old San Juan is an ideal way to absorb the history of Puerto Rico. San Juan also is a home to many of the island's most popular beaches.

For your information, Puerto Rico is still a territory of the U.S. and Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. If you noticed, Puerto Rico is the only country to have won it more than Puerto Rico is the United States (1954,1956,1960,1967,1980,1995,1997). Maybe some of you already forgot about this but for me, Puerto Rico is a country that have many beautiful women.

Not only that, Puerto Rico also has their beautiful tropical island where many tourist came here just for fishing. Located in the southern Caribbean Sea southeast of Florida, I'm sure you also can't miss all the activities her because the weather is good and it's more cooler than many other Caribbean islands.

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