Thursday, April 13, 2006

Free SEO Toolbox...!

Being a blogger is not a saddest thing to do anymore if you know your own track.
There are so many site in the internet right now that offering great services regarding the SEO. In order to make yourself clear, you must know which path your blog is heading to. If not, it will become the annoying thing in your life just because nobody knows your blog.

And for that reason, I put here some of the FREE tools that you can use (it useful for me too). It's a good offers from
As for now, I just put 4 of the common tools that you've been looking all the time.

Search Spiders and Robots Tools and Tips.
----> Click here (use Google Cache).
This gives you the last indexed version of your site. It also gives you a date that it was indexed. Have you check your own lately?

BackLinks Analyzer Tool.

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Link Popularity Tool.

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Indexed Pages Tool.
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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Take my punch, Bush...!!!

What a great "punch" site I found just now.
I really want to give my first punch to Bush since the first day he start working as a President of United States of America. He is so cruel and I think many people out there also want to punch his face . But, it was so cool when you can make a hundred of punches just by sitting in front of your laptop.

Even I'm too far from Pentagon, I'm just pretty damn sure he can feel it thru the sounds of my punches ... I mean the sound of the punch was so clear. As you see in this picture, I just gave him about 450 times punches at a time...!!!

If you wanna do the same thing like I did, just visit this website. Just express your feeling in that site and definitely you can organised your anger management well.

Opsss... if you don't have a guts to give your best shot to Bush, don't worry because you can do the same thing to any celebrities that you want. Give your best shot and make sure you set your speaker volume in a high level because by doing that, you can hear a true sound of your honest punch ever...!!!

Damn good CGI preview.


I'm glad because finally, I got this video. This is just a piece of hook from my robots article and I like it very much.
Well, I just wanna say that if you have a weird dream and you want it to look "real",
you have to look for the person who specialised in CGI technology. This world can be
yours if you can transform it to the true image via CGI.
In first video, I just want to show you one of the scene from Transformers
cartoon series, so that can imagine back the structure of the Optimus Prime 'body'.
But in the second video, it got to be real.
I'm so excited when I watch the second video. The CGI art was so damn good and it
looks real.

Just be careful when you hear a weird sound at the back of your backyard...!!!
Maybe the Optimus Prime just want to re-structure his body back!

CGI = A CGI program is any program designed to accept and return data that conforms to the CGI specification. The program could be written in any programming language, including C, Perl, Java, or Visual Basic. (via webopedia)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Annoying laughter, whose cat is this?

I just can't stop laughing when I hear the sound of this stupid annoying cat.
It was so weird at first but you will get use to it when you switch off your monitor and try to hear closely the background sound. Try to spot the background sound and then, you'll know why this cat just can't hold it anymore.

Me myself just keep laughing all over the time and at the time when I increase my speakers volume, it just change my mood untill some of my friend ask me :
" Is that your new ring tone? Can you send me the ring tone thru MMS? It was so cute..!!! "
And as a result, I inform them that this is not a ring tone.... " Well, if you want this kind of ring tone, you may find it at my Ring tone website " . There is a lot of tone that you can choose.

In my previous posting, I'm attached together the video of the babies laughter. But, this time, I can't do that. So, if you want to here the sound of this stupid annoying cat, you may hear it here.


Jessica Simpson v/s Pamela Anderson?

I'm listening at Era 104.5FM radio just now about Jessica Simpson. All I know that she is a girl who full of gossip. Her life always been a figure to the public and her man Nick Lachley just fine with that.

Being a famous women like her sometimes will attract the peoples around. Now, I think Jessica will climb up to the next stage of the glamourous step. I would say that she will conquer the Pamela Anderson empire.

Jessica Simpson has been tipped to star in a remake of Californian beach drama Baywatch. A source told a newspaper: "Jessica really caught the eye in The Dukes of Hazzard film last summer. She was the unanimous choice for the Baywatch role." Jessica, 25, will reportedly play a heroic lifeguard on Venice Beach, California and is expected to take up Pamela Anderson's legacy.The source added: "Jessica has all the assets to make Pammi's part her own." Producers also hope David Hasselhoff, 53, who played Lt Mitch Buchannon, will be interested in the remake if Jessica joins the cast. (

Jessica Simpson is set to take over where Pamela Anderson left off, with Sky News reporting that the Texan will star in a new Baywatch movie. That infamous red swimsuit is set to have a new owner with producers particularly impressed with the physcial attributes that Simpson will bring to the role. (News.ninemsn)

Hey, do you know that you can play the Baywatch games?
Click here to play!

Anyway, I'm prefer if Jessica just concentrate her potential as a singer... I'm just love with her voice.

World Cup 2006 Schedule

So you are a big fan of soccer, you should have this copy of World Cup 2006 match schedule. The schedule is the latest and let your mouse to do the rest. Just click the right side on your mouse and then, click save as or save target as. If you want to know which team represent of their group , just click the World Cup logo at the top of this posting and it will direct you to the Fifa World Cup official website.


This year's World Cup is the hottest World Cup game because if you're notice, there is a few "unexpected" team that just qualified to the main event like Togo. Eventhough the team is listed under "underdog" list, but it will give a big impact for the World Cup 2006 match.

Furthermore, the momentum of the sport spirit still 'there' because we just had a great feeling from the Winter Olympics Torino 2006 untill the Commonweatlh Games 2006 Australia. They just created their own history and it is time for us as a football fan to create our own. Germany will be famous in the 2006 calendar.

By the way, there is a few thing to be highlight also, that is the stadium that will be use as a part of the games. The popularity of all this stadium definitely will be increase and it will be known by the people all over the world.

When babies laugh...!

Oooh my God...!
Why the babies laugh and what make them laugh at the same time?
I never see babies laugh like this before. As I mention in my previous posting, laugh is good for our health.

We can see here is that the mother just can't hold no more when her babies laugh at the same time. She's so lucky because the babies are twin...!
The babies was so cute and I like to share this video with you because it will make us smile together. I bet that you will smiling untill the last second of the video.

Watch this video:

Remember, laughter is the best medicine ...!
(not for those who don't have the heart attack!)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Google: I am the conquer!

Yeah.... don't ask me but it's stated in the statistic.
Figures never lie and if someone ask you "Who is the 'Hercules' in 'Search' business?".... Is it MSN, is it Yahoo....? or etc?

Well, this is the answer .. ( say it like the cheerleader did)....."G to the O to the O to the G to the L to the E..." Google..!!!!

Google had 48.5 percent of all Web searches conducted in the United States in February, far ahead of Yahoo (22.5 percent), MSN (10.7 percent) and America Online (6.6 percent), according to figures released on Thursday by Nielsen/NetRatings.

Behind those search providers were My Way, with 2.7 percent market share, and with 2.4 percent. The number of searches year-over-year grew the most on My Way, up 145 percent, and, up 99 percent, while search volume rose 46 percent for Google from a year ago, 49 percent for Yahoo and only 4 percent for MSN. AOL's search volume change year-over-year could not be determined due to a change in methodology, Nielsen/NetRatings said.

An the prize goes to......

No karaoke for me anymore.

My karaoke set just launch it's "street demonstration" yesterday and I can't hold it anymore. The microphone jack just can't fix with the mic. I don't know why but maybe it's because of my niece curiosity. He just eager to know what inside the hole. Yeah... he just 1 and a half year old and as a small kid, I will not blame for what he did.

My karaoke set just fine since 5 years ago. Eventhough it's not a "branded" karaoke set, but it has a 7.1 channel output and as a teenage (at that time), I'm very proud of myself because I bought it with my own salary. Before that, there is no karaoke set at all in my home and it was so boring.

Now, the boring comes again and it's really makes my blood high because I can't sing my Rod Steward's song ( which is my favourite) anymore. What I should think right now is how to settle this "boring". I know that I have to replace my old amplifier with a new one. There is no choice because the microphone jack is built-in with the amplifier. So, where can I get the most affordable amplifier at this time of a sudden?

Yeah... maybe I have to sell an amplifier in order to get my own. Errmmm... are you interested with my list down here?


Opsss..... did I hear someone want to sponsor a new set of karaoke for me?

When Paris Hilton met Leonardo DiCaprio.

So, you want to be a celebrity in this 2006.
If you do, you must do something like they did. Anyway, if you think this is the real Paris Hilton, you're wrong! And you still wrong if you say the man in this picture is Leonardo DiCaprio! They just lookalike....

Actually, they got nothing to do with the original Leonardo Di Caprio and Paris Hilton. It's just about the "LookAlike" that they had. I'm also was so impressed with the impersonators. By hook or by crook, I have to admit that this is the unique website for those who always get confuse whenever they said :
"Hey..! just now I saw Leonardo DiCaprio and Paril Hilton at Walmart this morning..! Well, I'm so lucky because Paris just smiling at me when I kissed Leonardo...!!! What a day......"

So now I've got to tell you that my friends always said that I'm lookalike the Superman...!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Whose laptop is this?

Got to tell you that this is the hi-tech laptop you ever seen. This laptop is not a normal laptop that you can get at the shop. It was prepared with anti-gravity technology and for those who live in the apartment or in the condominium, you should buy the laptop. It will save your cost definitely. It's just the matter of brand and I don't know either.

Can you tell me what's the brand of the laptop...
Is it Fujitsu laptop? Sony laptop? Acer laptop? F-Tec laptop? Or Toshiba laptop? ( not Apple laptop of course..)

I like this comments (from Goofyproductions):

"But my laptop is better, mine has been programmed to go to the beer store for me and bring back whatever I demand. I can make my order while its on the way. Best part, they dont ask it for id. because if they did, (Which they have) they would get a few tennis balls in the face, with the tennis ball gun that Ive built into it."

Is it fake or real...?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Wordpress Sponsored my blog ( !! )

What a great news and I think this is the best time in my life ever since I'm blogging from the day one. I've just received an email from and it's really shocked. This email really makes me stunned for a while. I should say thanks to Mike Little for his great idea. The idea to select a "100 Luckiest Wordpress Blogger" from all over the world for the next Wordpress birthday next year is really marvellous.

I'm very proud because there is only 3 bloggers from Malaysia that've been selected. Actually, I'm so speechless because I don't know how to describe my feeling right now. It's all started when I submitted a form thru email that needs me to give a comment and a poll about Wordpress.

At that time, I don't have any intention to win the "contest" because that email is not from the Wordpress team totally. But now, I'm very happy coz I will my get my own website and it will be sponsored by Wordpress untill 2010....!
I don't need to pay for the hosting and any fees at all. Wordpress just love my blog and the "honest" story about my Adsense Journal really makes them happy. By that, it's added this blog (Lampusuluh) to its first ever round of "luckiest" blogger all around the world.

Well, you can see that currently I'm using a Blogger and no matter what, it will shift Wordpress later. By the end of this year, this blog will shift to this url and nobody can change that. And for your information, the domain is already booked by me and Wordpress do the rest. I like the name ( because it means a light in a Malay language. Hope the "light" will give me a "bright" future for me as a part time blogger.

Lastly, I wanna say thanks to everyone that helped me since my first day in blogging. This opportunity really makes my life perfect because for me, this is a good chance for me to expose myself to the world. In another word, people can get know me better and by that, they will know my blog too. And for you (my blog's collegue), I just wanna say thanks a lot. You know who you are....!!!

As a sweet word before I end my word for this entry, thanks again and I really need all your supports so that I can be a good blogger one day and also a good friend of yours.

Opsss... before that.... can you spell this word for me :

...." LIRPA LOOF .....!!!!" ( spell it upside down.....!!!)


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