Thursday, December 01, 2005

Jokes v/s Laugh?

What do you think of my posting this time...?
Is this too much for the blogger to read? What the hell I'm doing at this time, just to mention about JOKES and LAUGH?
I don't care if you said I'm a crazy blogger at this time ( it's already 1:23 a.m in the morning).

Personally, I am a funny ( am I funny?) guy in my area. I think so...ahaksss.
Sometimes, we feel happy when we can make peoples happy.
If we can make people laugh, that's good...isn't it?
But at the same time, do we need to make a jokes just to make it happen?

In my life... I always feel that when we're making the people laugh, certainly they will like us. But when we have our own problem inside, nobody will cares...!!
This is not fair and basically, it was sooo...sooo...sooo... so not good.
Is this situation ever happened to you before...?
If you said yes, maybe we can share this moment together (let's think about that for 15 second now!)

My friends,
I need to make myself clear about the science of laugh. And so far, I believe this article will make us more knowledgeable specially for "behind the laugh and jokes".
Let's take a look:

Madan Kataria, a Mumbai based physician, has blazed a trail of laughter across the globe. The "merry medicine man from India" and a pioneer of the laughter clubs movement in the country, he is also the Founder-President of the Laughter Club International, with 70 branches in the city and more than 400 nation wide. The concept has generated interest in major cities of the world from New York to Hong Kong, Italy to Tokyo. Dr. Madan Kataria in a detailed e-mail to this correspondent, elaborated on the multiple uses of this "wonder medicine" in improving physical and mental well-being.

*** The world has become serious, he rues. The media constantly bombards us with bad news and negative thoughts. There is no laughter at workplaces and children too, behave like adults. "Through the clubs we are trying to break the seriousness of life, and by reviving the spirit of laughter, alleviate stress. "Children laugh over 300 times a day whereas adults laugh only 15 times. This is because children laugh unconditionally while adults do so only if there is a cause. The club is a joint effort by like-minded people to liberate laughter and happiness from reason for where there is logic, there is no laughter. The very essence of laughter is absurdity," points out the author of Laugh For No Reason.

*** More than 70 per cent of illnesses have some relation to stress. High blood pressure, heart disease, depression, insomnia, migraine, anxiety, allergies, peptic ulcers - the list goes on. "If these symptoms recur and persist, you need to unwind and become a member of a Laughter Club", adds Dr. Kataria. The treatment of mind-related diseases is aided by the use of laughter which is the easiest form of meditation.

Well, does this article make you laugh or... at least smile...? Remember, it's good for our health...isn't it?


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