Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Web Detective

It's been a while since I posted my latest article today. It make me think deeply about the relation about myself and my readers.
In my previous posting ( Love me... love me not?), I did mentioned about the loves feeling. Seems like this matter makes me more curious about it. There is so many question mark in my head right now. Opsss I'm not ask you to be a web detective...LOL.

What if someone email you and he/she want to get to know you better?
What will you do?
What will you say?
What will you deny?
Believe it or not, b'logosphere will place us at another level of bonding. And nobody can't deny that.
So the question is, are we ready for that?
According to the Internet Survey, most of the bloggers will take the responsibility for their own articles. And this type of webbie/b'logger normally "stayed" in the "paid-hosting user" category.
Stay with me, I will explain it later.

In another case, what if the blogger is a "free hosting user" category like me?
Am I not honesty enough with my article?
Can anybody deny that?
Does anybody still trust me?
If they trust me, what is the proof?
Where do I live? Who am I?
What the hell I'm doing with my article?
Is it legal or not?
Who wil take the responsibility if someone's out there getting influenced by my articles?

Let's get back to the "paid hosting user" category case.
There is some facts that "they" belief with this category and most of them agreed with it.
Is it true?

I try to find the answer and maybe this is the only answer that I can share with.
However, I hope that you will like it and please do not hesitate to give your own opinion here.
What I can say order to make it look nice+honest.... the "paid hosting user" category already showed it's credibility and more professional+legal. And I will not deny it...! Yup, I agreed.

Let me show you an example of "true fact" about this "paid hosting user" category.
Try assume that this blog (url); [] has shifted -----> to -----> [].
What's your say?
Am I showing you my honesty? My dedication? My hope? And my belief?
Of course...!!! But how do I know and what's the proof?
Make it clear here.

Then, try put my own b'log url ("free hosting user"-category-) --> [] at the space given. I'm sure you will got nothing right?
Now put another's url ("paid hosting user"-category-) --> [].

Definitely you will see the full adress of the webbie/b'logger. Does it showed you the "true fact" about him/her?
It's all stated in that site. Nothing to loose and nothing to hide. No need to lie and no need to screw up! But sometimes, it's also depend on the M.O.U between the webbie/b'logger and the hosting company.... coz' some of the "true fact" are "confidential".

At this time, all I can say that I'm on my way to have my own website.
It's just a matter of financial and budget. But if you want to support me, donation will be just fine..... just point your browser at the donate button on the right bar.
Opsss.... one more thing, I'm always appreciate my reader's belief eventhough they are not web detective...!


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