Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bollywood and Hollywood

How to describe the "middle" word between the title for this posting?
Are you in the Bollywood side or Hollywood side?
Which one do you prefer?

Bollywood has a very different sphere if we want to compare of. It's a musical sphere industries and there is nothing to do with the Hollywood influenced.
Let's recape the Bollywood's history.

At the turn of this century, when the country was poised for major social and political reforms, a new entertainment form dawned in India-the Cinema. The first exposure to motion pictures which India received was in 1896, when the Lumiere Brothers' Chinematographe unveiled six soundless short films at Watson Hotel, Esplanade Mansion, Bombay on July 7. And the first exposing of celluloid in camera by an Indian and its consequent screening took place in 1899, when Harishchandra Bhatvadekar (Save Dada) shot two short films and exhibited them under Edison's projecting kinetoscope. [via]

Now, what I mean with the musical sphere just now is the songs that existed in the Bollywood's!
This is so... so... so... different with the films industries that've been conducted in every part of this world. And if we want to talk about the musical part in the Bollywood's zone... definitely it will point us to the Hindustan's song. Yes... it's Hindustan song...!! It's seems like a "haunted song" for the Bollywood's fans.

Names like Amitabh Bachan, Shashi Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan were so legendary in the Bollywood history.
In Malaysia, you can feel this sphere everywhere. Once this sphere turn out to the "phenomenon", you will hear all the Hindi's song (Hindustan) all over the place such as supermarket, hypermarket and also at the departmental store!

But, there is something that "naturally" happened in this industries. In order to tackle the viewers and the audience, Bollywood's will placed their fans to the another stage of belief. The "not logic" sense that's supposed in will be thrown away...!
Let me give you an example about the fight scene between the "hero" and his 30 "enemies" at one time (with a hockey stick a their hand)...!! Guess who will win?
Hah.. hah... hah.... you knew it right?

But how the Bollywood still can inject the best outcome in their film industries?
From what I've seen and what my mother said, the "succed-source" that they put all the time in their film industries is the "family relationship" value. And I agreed with that 100%.
In order to for me to prove it, you must watch this film and later, tell me.
Correct me if I'm wrong... you may cry when this story reach at the climax part.

Now, let's talk about the Hollywood.
Opsss.... everybody know it right..!!
Even Hollywood also comes with their "not logic" sense, I admit that I love to watch their film even most of the scene comes from the computer. Music is universal right, same goes to the film.

Anyway, I should highlight here that the musical sphere also existed in the Hollywood, but that was a long... long... time ago (broadway). Compare to the currently needs, Hollywood's have to give more concentrate on the "urban" style.
And now, I'm still waiting the right time for me to watch the King Kong at the cinema...!

Wanna be my date?

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