Friday, December 02, 2005

Journal Of Adsense.

Don't tell me about adsense anymore...?

Nope, I'm still in the learning curve. To the webmaster of the, I just wanna say thank you for your comment in the Darren's website ( regarding my adsense's journal.

Even the "hook" was quiet simple, but now I can see clearly here and I'm also admit that maybe all the blogger should have some kind of this "hook" in their own b'log. The "true thing" is that, all the stories are came from my own experience since the day one. And I'm glad that you also did the same thing in your b'log by using the "My Journal" word.

Anyway, what I want to highlight here is all the stories cannot be done in a day. The "right man" that always acting as my adsense's guru is my friend named Mr Sid. You might point your browser to the "Jam Loceng" word at "My Links" on the right side of my bar or just click here.

To be honest, let me list down all my Adsense Make Money' journal here. It was 13 episodes of them:

True Story 1.
True Story 2.
True Story 3.
True Story 4.
True Story 5.
True Story 6.
True Story 7.
True Story 8.
True Story 9.
True Story 10.
True Story 11.
True Story 12.
True Story 13.

Ermmm....what if Google's stop this Adsense programme suddenly...!!???
What da ya think? Got any idea...?

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