Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Adsense Make Money: Last Journal ?

Maybe this is the last episode of my true experience on adsense. So far, I don't have a problem with the adsense.... but I have a problem with the traffic indeed.

By the way, I hope all my readers still keep in touch with me ...!!!
For those who are still struggling with their adsense, just keep in our mind that..... there is no short-cut to succes.
Just take your own time to promote your site or blog to the "WORLD".

Now, back to the blog promotion.
In my previous posting, there is a certain part that still not clear right?
Now, just give a high focus on this next step of promotion.


Honestly, I could not hesitate to use this kind of promotion because the effect was good. But remember ... if you have your own way to promote your site, please PROCEED! This is just an addiitional step to next stage (especially for adsense beginner-as I said in My Journal 1-).

And, if you ask me about the comparison between this 2 type of promotion, my answer is it's very different.
The big differential about this kind of promotion is about TIME. Yup...!
Actually, it takes a long time but it's MORE EFFECTIVE. But HOW?

The url's submission is not the only way to boost the traffic. We need a very good "practical" type of promotion. For this reason, I'd already asked many questions to "succeed blogger". One of the MOST valueble statement come from Mr Sid & LcF and it sounds like this
"Just give yourself a time to improve your adsense and normally it will take 1 to 2 year to become perfect.."
So, all I wanna say is don't wait for the MIRACLE's happen.... because in this "adsense-industry", we can't make it happen within one day.

As I said, I asked so many questions from the "succeed-blogger".
In order to "create" the bonding, there is a few way to promote our blog.

1) Exchange Link by submit to the directory.
2) Personel e-mail.
3) Via Forum.

1) Exchange Link.
This is my first choice to create internet users "awareness". Just take a look at MY TOOLS down-left there.
Still have a doubt?
If you do, just type "lampusuluh" at the google search bar, easily you will see my 'links" to this icons.
Isn't that great to see your "blog-name" at the BIG search engine webpage like GOOGLE?


2) Personel e-mail.
Do not hesitate to ask somebody or others if you have a confusing-fact. This can be done via e-mail and I did it before.
It's a fastest way to release your confusing. But, if we have a questions with the google adsense... better for us to contact the adsense support team. Don't worry about the reply because adsense will reply your e-mail a.s.a.p.
It's just a matter of time. But, trust me... adsense will e-mail you back within 24-36 hours.

3) Via Forum.

Wooo.... this is my favourite way to promote my blog.
It is because I can learn so many things that google's not tell. However, it may take a long time to attract the forum's member to your site. What the best about this "skill" is that we will learn new things everyday.
And normally, we can study the same problem that we're faced.
For me, the best forum that I've ever joined is:



For those who want to share the tip on "how to get a higher traffic", it's a big PLEASURE for your kindness. I will publish your tips here if you send it to me (via my e-mail).


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