Monday, October 03, 2005

Chitika v/s Adsense?

Last few days, I just send an e-mail to Adsense support department with NO REASON.
Even I knew about this pay-per-click via adsense, but there is some people outside there still confused about the different between "pay-per-click programme", "autosurf programme" and "new contextual advertising program".
I will tell you about the reply e-mail from Adsense support later.

Since Chitika released their own "damn good" advertise programme, it's really generated more profit to the webmasters all over the world. I'm on my way to add the Chitika. How about you then....?

Now, I will elaborate more about Chitika.
Chitika ads are a new way to make money from your website.
What's the best thing about Chitika is the Contextual Advertising Program (CAP) that is called Chitika's eMiniMalls.

I know maybe some of you still have a doubt about this new programme. And it's confusing me too at first...!
But, my doubt settled because of one message that I've received from my friend.
In that's message, he told me that Darren's will help you on this.
What I want to say here is that Darren's already help me for this confusing.
Let's take a look:

Problogger has an excellent review about the Chitika eMiniMalls ad services. And he has verified that both ad services can work together.

"I’ve talked to Google about this via email. The first email I got back from them said ‘no’ you can’t use them for two reasons:

1. They look too similar to Adsense Ads
2. They are contextual ads

I decided to follow the email up pointing out two things.

1. They actually don’t look like Adsense ads - they have a picture in them, tabs etc. I think the mistake Adsense made at first was in confusing mini-malls with Chitika’s other ads which do look very similar to Adsense ads.
2. You can actually disable the contextual element of the ads and plug in code that targets a specific product.

The email I received back said that they were sorry for making a mistake and that Chitika mini-mall ads can be used in conjunction with Adsense IF they are set to be non contextual.

Isn't that a good news...? LOL...!!!

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