Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thank you...!!!

To all my visitors,

This is the NEW blog from me. Actually, this blog is an "exchange blog" with the old blog that I have before (

And for some reason, I have to shift from to this (

Btw, hope you will like my new "appearance"....

And for all this, I want to say thank you very much for supporting me all the time....!

Come on and be my friend......!!!!
p/s: please e-mail me if you want to PUT your link here...


mr.eims said...

hi, can you tell me why do you turn to blogspot? because usually ppl like to use wordpress more than using blogspot,.

p/s: because i just set up a wordpress and planning to change to wordpress.

ombak said...

mr. eims,

actually, this is not fully under

what I want to emphasize here is that even the format is still in wordpress, but the "" service is not so good.

many of my readers said that it's too difficult to open this blog (webpage) and it's always hang!

but, if you really want to use a wordpress theme, why not you apply from the

this is the different: only use a wordpress theme but it's not under control by the wordpress. owned by the

so, my suggestion for you is :
if you have the "" blog, just proceed ...!!! it's better!

p/s: thank you for sharing the idea with me...! (tell me when you already shifted to the wordpress...okey!)... Good Luck.

Sid said...

it is not an issue if you're on WordPress or Blogspot or any other provider. it's all about content and it has always been.

I know several ppl out there thought having his/her own domain and hosting will help them overnight. This is not true at all. Have you heard about thounsands of web owner not making any profit and hits for years! But they owned their own domain and hosting. The big picture is content and how to get those promotion plan going.

Having the fastest car will not benefit you if you can handle it right? Same goes for choosing your blog service. Running the best is great but running a great content is even much better.

Lay your plan properly before starting to blog. What kind of blog are you trying to make? Who are your target readers? How often can you update your blog? Will your blog be "here" next 5 years?

Back to your question, it doesn't matter if you are using WordPress, TypePad or Blogspot...but the way you lead your blog is vital. Hope this help. Feel free to visit my blog here (blogspot again LOL ).


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