Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm here... and my adsense too...!!! Prove me wrong!

Woooo.... this is too much...!
I never thought that I will be the next victim for this type of people...
This people's actually just wanna take advantage from the adsense beginner like me...
What a shocked...!!!

Just now I checked my blog report via Extreme Tracking.
I noticed that there is a link from the Funponsel Blog..
At first, I just assumed that this is a normal referrals links.
Then, I click at that link and guess what I found....?

I'm felt very disappointed with this kind of people.
All I can say is this is my "beta" because I didn't mean to publish it. I'd just clicked at the wrong button.
By the way, why this people always wanna make this "small" thing as their "favourite issue" ?
Don't you have anything else to do...?

It is not professional to publish my "beta" as your main topic/title.
No need to write this because this is my "beta" and it's so rude if you wanna make this link "Misleading Message to Lead Visitors Click on AdSense Ad?" as a "new idea".

How can this people wrote their opinion regarding my beta like that?
I'm still earned the money from Google and my adsense still works as normal as them!

And the most important, my account is still active....!!

Shame on you...LOL...!!!!

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