Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Adsense Make Money: My Journal (12)

What is Online Promotion?

In My Journal (11), I promised that I will share the ideas about promotion (online promotion).
So, let's check it out.

Now, the fact is....if we want to tell the WORLD about our blog, we need a hugh exposure for that reason. No matter how much weknow about the "market", we still have to do the promotion. For me, the internet is the best way because we knew that the numbers of internet users are increased day by day.

Let me tell you something.
Those days (when I was ZERO-in adsense affiliation-), I really want the WORLD notice about my blog.... but I don;t know how to do it. Then, I asked my friend Mr Sid regarding this method and later I know that there is 2 type of promotion in for this reason.
1) Automatically. 2) Manually.

1) Automatically.

-This is the "easiest" way to explode your promotion. I did it in my past time but now, I know that this is not the only way for me to promote my site. And at the same time, there is so many arguement about this kind of promotion.

In another words, I can say it as a url submission "online" via search engine marketing.
At this stage, the "promotion" word has already shifted to "submit".
Why am I said that?
It is because all the promotion can be done by using this style.

How am I supposed to know that my "promotion/submission" was done correctly?
The answer was quite easy. When you submit your site to the "3rd party" man, they will send an e-mail to you for the confirmation.

Who is this "3rd party" man?
This is a provider(paid or free) or SEO(free) side that will do the "rest" for you.
Well, it's gonna be like this:
Basically, we want the WORLD know about our blog right??
So this is the best way for us to achieve the dream. We may submit our url to the provider by paying them a little bit of amount or buy their software (paid). The other one is via free submission and I'm the one in the millions that's use this "utilities".

But, there is a different in terms of the total for the "Search Engine" that involved.
And to best word to describe it is "No money, No Quantity".

So, how about the FREE submission...?
It's true and this is the best example for that (Free Download)

Yuppp... we also can submit our blog url to the search engine like Yahoo, Google or MSN. There is so many search engine right now and you may submit it altogether.
Another way that we can do is by "exchange links" and "link up" with the famous site and also by RSS.

For that part, I will share it in the next posting of online promotion.
See yaaaa...!

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