Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good looking... always

Shopping while you were on your holiday is a heaven. It's like a dream come true because that's what life is all about. The more comfort we are, the lovely day we gonna have.

Online shopping also can be the best thing to do. If you like to wear a jeans, then try to look to this parish clothing, cause I bet you gonna love. You even can wear it along your holiday. The design is simple but attractive.

Sometimes, less is more.... you don't need a heavy looking attire to look nice. Just be yourself and make yourself cool with your own style. What say you?

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Impossible is nothing

My current weight is 80 kilograms. That's mean I need to lose 5 kilograms more to meet my target. It's so hard to do but impossible is nothing.

Mean time, I am reading this adapexin-p article and it really caught my attention. I know I can do something about my weight and I also know that I need to look for more info about losing weight.

I suggest if you were on your holiday, it's better if you bring all your pills along. Trust me... you will need it.


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