Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Heaven of Perhentian Island

Have you ever see many bald people at the beach area?
Well this is a normal view each time I go to the Perhentian Ialand. It's like a "veteran" beach where old people gather themselves with their own buddies. They love to spend their time in this island.

If only I can approach them about hair loss product, definitely I can do good business here but he problem is, I can't stay more longer at the island.

Anyway, Perhentian Island is one of the more heaven place on earth. Give your time a chance to stay about 1-2 nights there. Then you will know what I'm talking about.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Let's play billiard!

Having a big family always makes me happy. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers as well and each time we gather ourself, the world is awesome.

There's many things that we can do together and the among the activities, we love to play indoor games. It's fun and everyone can participate. Playing darts, billiards, monopoly, scrabble and others will bring a sweet moment for me.

Oh ya, if you are looking for a billiard, you cak ask this billiards supplies about it. They will help you on how to place the billiard at your home.

Happy weekend ya!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big house

Having a nice big house is a pleasure. As a person who have a big family like me, I always dream to stay in that kind of house.

That's my dream but I also have another thing that I need in my life. Once I have a big house, I will find this cell booster home and put it in the house. Because it really can help.

Living in a big house sometimes will cause a problem specially the phone signal. Nobody can deny it. If you have the same problem like I mentioned above, then find the solution. I already shared it here... don't you?

Friday, May 06, 2011


Have you try to use a printing posters to celebrate your anniversary?
Do you have any intention to surprise your spouse?

Well if you do, then I think the time has come for you to do that. Giving a surprise is good for everybody. As long as the surprise comes in a good reason, then people will love us.

Life is once but if you can make your spouse happy, then it will be worth. There's nothing wrong if you want to make other people happy. Try it and I bet you're gonna love it.

As for me, life is full of surprise and I really mean it.

Sun bathing

Having a sun bathing always been a pleasure for most of us. The darker our skin is, the lovely we gonna be. Well this is a myth but this is what we wanted so badly... right?

But there's a certain few things that we should know about sun bathing. The fact is, our skin is different and when it comes to PH of the skin, we will learn something.

That's why adult acne treatment is relevant in any kind of situation. Our skin will react with the environment and we must know the consequences.

If you feel sun bathing will makes your skin worst, then go see the doctor. Happy holiday ya!

Baby gadget

When it comes to parenting, I always said to myself.. be a good dad. This is my life slogan and I really want to clear this up.

Being a father is not an easy. It needs a big commitment to handle the family. Sometimes, we need a technology to help us manage the family . Like this baby jogger city select, I just wan to say that each family should have it.

For the parents who have a twin babies, this jogger really can makes their life easier. No need to worry to bring the child even to the mall and shopping. I have seen many twin babies with their double jogger... so cute !!

Do you have a twin babies?
Can you post their picture here?


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