Thursday, January 26, 2006

Make Money Project 2006 still continue...

Nevermind... the Make Money Project is still on the track....
It's fine with me and I'm prefer to do this by myself. Let me proceed with my own style.
I'm not disturbing anyone and this got nothing to do with my job at the office.
I'm happy to do it and nobody can stop me.

Why am I saying this?
I would like to tell it here because now I am in the middle of the blogosphere. Last time, I don't have any confident at all when people come to me and say this kind of sentence :

" Hey...! you can make money thru internet you know? Just sit in front of your PC and use your own damn idea to make money online!!..."
Oh my God, this thing is become real now. I have to admit that this is a true thing and there is no delay regarding this matter.

Actually, be a part of a internet money maker is not a harder job. If you have what it takes, I guest there will be no problem at all. Do it in the proper way and don't wait for the miracle. Miracle can be happen if you do the right thing at the right time in the right site. If you want to make money online, make sure you do it smart and safely.

When people come to your site, maybe that is is the right time for the money's come too. Online money is not a " sell, rent & buy " activities only, but it also may come with the clicks. Every click is too valuable for the publisher who participated in the pay-per-click programme.

In order to make your preparation perfectly, get a tutor to do it together. This is important so that you're following the right way. As I said, do it smart because it will shows you smart result. I already tried this kind of strategy and it's not disappoint me at all. Go for your goal setting for this year and let your Make Money Project come true.

We have to admit that time is the only thing that can stop us, so be smart and find the alternative way to maintain it. Even sometimes you're too busy, try to put your extra time at least 30 minutes a day to make this project succes.

Actually, this 2006 really became an official "moneyyear" if your can transform seriously. Me myself also have my own target and definitely, I want my " Make Money Project " more effective that last year so that I can have my own web hosting. Let's make money together and give the best shot for it.

So, are you with me in this Make Money Project?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pagerank Prediction.

Don't say you don't know your site's pagerank. If you are a blogger or a webbie, pagerank is an unpredictable thing that we have to alert. Even it is not a compulsary thing, we're really have to enjoy it. The feeling is so great because we can't do anything about it even at the same time, it's like a "bonus" for us.

What is a Pagerank?
Formula developed by Google to determine a web pages "inbound link ranking" Often referred to as "PR" value. PageRank aka PR is one of the methods Google uses to determine the relevance or importance of a Web page. PageRank is a vote, by all the other Web pages on the Internet, about how important a Web page is. A link to a Web page counts as a vote of support. If there are no incoming links to a Web page then there is no support. [more]

How to increase our Pagerank?
The system that Google's use has been widely adopted by the search-engine-optimization (SEO) community and is loosely based upon the number of other sites that are pointing links to a given page. Generally speaking, the more external links the higher the PageRank.

However, how do we know the future pagerank for our site?
Is it reliable or can we stick to it?
For me, the future pagerank was quite important. Whenever I see my future pagerank, it gives me a motivation so that I can do much better. I'm start blogging for myself since July 2004 and I never expect that my current pagerank will reach at level 4. This sounds nice to me because some of my friends still stayed at the level 2 of their pagerank.

Now, there is a lot of website in the internet that offering this kind of service. This sites really help me to predict my future pagerank even sometimes it's quiet confusing. That's why I just choose the site that I like.

For the fully report of the future pagerank, I'm prefer to use the Rustybrick prediction.
It is because it's comes with the future percentage (%) of increament like this:

Results: Your current Google PageRank is 4. Based on our calculations, we predict your future PageRank after the next Google update will be 4, an increase of 6.15%.
Learn more about pagerank.

TheAdsenseCode Project.

The new e-book from Joel Comm just launched within 4 hours ago. This is the 1st project from Joel Comm for year 2006 and it's quite new to me. Frankly speaking, I still don't buy this Joel's TheAsenseCode ebook.

Joel's admit that this is The Secret Society of Adsense Guru's investment and anyone that want to own this secret must be a making money online person. It's stated there like this:

"WARNING: If you’re the type of person who loves to do the things the hard way, struggling daily to decipher the cryptic code behind earning a monthly fortune with Google AdSense… this report is not for you...."

Some people still have a doubt about Joel's ebook. And some of them said that Joel is a fraud also. But for my satisfaction, I do a review about it here. What I want to say is even there's a people out there still thinking about it, I still believe that some people not. For those who use a Joel's method from the early ebook that launched by him, maybe some of you already got the "money".

I like the word that Joel's put in the 'TheAdsenCode' site.
It sounds like this:
"If your yearly AdSense revenue hasn’t increased by at least DOUBLE the $497 you invested to be a part of my “Cracking The AdSense Code” Series…. I insist you get your money back. If you don’t profit… you don’t pay. -Joel Comm."

So, what are you waiting for? Do you really dare to try?
If you do, just get it here.

William Blum At Who is he?

Just read the Harian Metro (Metro Daily) after I take my breakfast this morning. At the page 34 in the Global section, my eyes pointed at this title "Osama Complimentary Increase My Sales" by: William Blum.

Well, who is William Blum?
What the hell is he doing at
Is he the new CEO of

William Blum is a free author in US that's like to write anything that he want to, includes his country outlaw. Last week, he is very shocked when his book "Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower" was in the list of the 30 Top Best Book at Now, what makes his "sales-record" so different than before? Is there any superpower that help him regarding this?

For your information the book "Rogue State:A Guide to the World's Only Superpower" was ranked at 209,000 before and suddenly, it's shifted to the 30 Top Best Book at This 320 pages book really tell the truth to the world about US outlaw.
Let me share a few of the top chapter:

1) Why Do Terrorist Keep Picking on the United States?
2) America's Gift To The World- The Afghan Terrorist Alumni.
The best "quote" from Blum is that :
"Washington's war on terrorism is as doomed to failure as its war on drugs has been..."

Actually, all his worried gone when Osama Bin Laden "helped" him.
Yup, it's all about Osama and if it's not, Blum will not get this rank untill now. Now how did Osama Bin Laden help him in this matter? Is something fishy going around between them?

The truth is about Osama's comment about the book in the video that've been send to the broadcast company. After it's published to the public, people just look after this book. It is a good promotion from the "famous" man in the world and I can say that this phenomenon is started after the "review" that Osama's did.

And guess what Blum's said?
"I don't care who is the person behind this but I'm so happy because it's really....really help me a lot."

I think maybe all the author / writer from all over the world will looking for Osama as a part of their promotion & marketing strategy after this...didn't they?

Get Paid With Blogcharm.

New Kids On The Block?
Naaaah.... this is not the NKOTB (New Kids On The Block) but this is another "kid" from the Blogexplosion. It was launched yesterday and that's mean there is another way to make money in the blogosphere. Good news for 2006 huh?

Blogexplosion just come out with the new way on how to make money online. For the bloggers maybe this is another way for you to start your BETA with BlogCharm. BlogCharm will be introducing a whole new way for bloggers to enjoy building a blog and get paid doing it.

Is BlogCharm is same like the free blog hosting before?
All I can say is the "revenue" is very different and I'm glad to hear that. That's mean it's got nothing to do with our current blog ( I mean adsense programme).

So how do we get paid and how does BlogCharm work?
BlogCharm will pay members by splitting all advertising inventory and sponsorships.

-----> On member blogs the top thinbar will contain text ads where members will share 50% of the inventory and revenues generated from them. This will be a mixture of paid ads where members get paid each time their blog is seen and not just when somebody clicks on an advertisement which works much differently than programs like AdSense. Each time your blog is seen you get paid.

And the best thing about BlogCharm is that BlogCharm members will still be able to add AdSense ads directly on their blogs and earn 100% of those revenues. And that's what I'm talking about.

Sign up here.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Get more storage thru email.

If I ask you what is the busiest job in this world, can you tell me who is that person?
Got any idea?
Well for me, I will say that READER is the right answer. Yup... of course the READER and nobody can change that. Reader's not only read books, newspapers, journal or magazines.... they also read anything from any source in any kind of form. In another level, some of them will read the information that they can get thru internet such as b'logs, website and also via email.

So, how this people keep and organized their information perfectly?
Some of them prefer to keep all the data inside their email. By keep the data in the email, they will feel it's safe and more convenience. Nobody will disturb their privacy. Other than a normal usage of the email (send e-mail and reply), subscribe the latest news from the website also will get your storage full after certain time. Same goes if you're a true reader, apply the newsletter also will make your inbox out of storage.

Nowadays, we can see a lot of "big boys" still sponsors their email service and the more bigger storage that their offer, the more attractive it's look. Big boys like MSN, Yahoo and Google was so famous amongs them. Untill now, they still compete with each other regarding email storage offering. As for myself ... and has already make my life more easier. I've got 1 gig storage in Yahoo and 3 gig more in Google.
But is it tough enough to keep all the data inside in one account even we need more than that? What's the next step? Do we need to create new account? How many log in name that we have to remember? How many account we have to organize at one time? How many password we have to manage ? (it depends... if not, just get your free Password Manager here).

Anyway, maybe this idea will solve all the questions regarding an email storage. already offer an email storage just for you (READER). If you feel that you need an additional space to keep your data, why not you apply for it. Maybe this will help you in order to manage all your info that you subscribe from the websites. It's 30gigs dude...!!

Now, that's what I'm talking about. I just sign up and my ADDITIONAL private 30gigs email can be reach at!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Time for massage.

Ermmmm......I wonder if the holiday can be early coz Chinese New Year just around the corner (next week). And already plan to go to the massage center near my house ("body refreshment"). Yup... it is for my body refreshment and it's located at XTRA Hypermarket.

Being a Malaysian (specially in South East Asia) always make me proud of myself because there is so many kind of massage that I can choose for. By choosing the style of the massage, you could try the Thai massage, Indonesian massage, Therapeutic Chinese massage and the Malay massage.
For the Malay massage, here we called it as a traditional massage or "urut kampung".

And I have to admit that this (Malay massage) is the best massage style that I've ever tried. However, it also depends on our own taste. If you feel that Thai massage will suit with your needs, just go for it.

The only different for the each type of all this massage's style is the way that it'll be conduct. For the Malay (traditional massage or "urut kampung'), normally it will based on the sex. If you're lady, the person that will "incharge" for the massage is absolutely a lady too.
Same goes to the men. Check this out! It is originally for a men only and it's quite famous in K.L.

Ermmm.... guess what?
I will launch my new blog and that blog is special site for "MASSAGE" ...!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Free HTML code....more..!! more...!!

That's what my boss always said in the office. Whenever I'm not 'on the track', this magic word will hang-around my ears all the time. And I know the time when he saying this magic word, that's means I have to Keep It Short And Simple! (K.I.S.S). So this posting is all about on how to make our site more simple and smart.

And today, what I'm going to share with you is another HTML code that we can use in our own b'log or website. This HTML code is quite simple and easy to use (if you use a HTML code). As a blogspot "fan" (like me), this will not be a big problem. Unfortunately, I do not know whether this code can be use for other hosting or not. Anyway, you can give a try later.

As you can see, there is a cute icon at the right side of my bar. It's stated at the below side of "My Library". Yup... it is called 1 Click-Easy Drop Down Menues and I edited myself yesterday from this website. Codebelly is one of the best "online-HTML-tutorial" that I'm looking for. Even I ever list down certain link for "online-HTML-tutorial" before, I'm still thinking that this site was quite good for me.

How to put it in your site?
Well, I try to make it look easy for you. After some adjustment, I managed to make a special code so that you just copy and paste it in your template.

Here it is:

#script language="JavaScript">
var theTarget = "_blank";
function goThere(){
#form name="theForm">
#select name="theMenu" size=1 onChange="goThere()">
#option selected value="">Your Title
#option value="hxxp://">Item One
#option value="hxxp://">Item Two
#option value="hxxp://">Item Three
#option value="hxxp://">Item Four
#option value="hxxp://">Item Five

If you want your menues looks short and tiny, make sure your "Item One, Item Two...Item...and etc" also short. If not, your menues will look like mine. It's quiet long, isn't it?

You also can change the title and the total of your menu. Just do the same thing in the #option value= (just add extra url + link) . In order to get the actual result, don't forget to replace the hxxp:// to http. Opsss... same goes to the " # " symbol, make sure you replace it to this symbol " < ".

Happy coding...!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

How about Filmloop?

Get yourself into the Filmloop.
Make your day happy and meaningful.
Catch and make all your happy moment inside the Filmloop.
No need to waste your time and one more thing, you will feel "fresher" all the time with the Loop.

Actually, this is another accessories for the internet users. All I can say that this is the best alternative for the internet users whose still looking for their online album... or maybe as an another choice other than Flickr?.... well, kind a.

Anyway, what is Filmloop?
FilmLoop is free software that lets you broadcast, find, and share digital images. It's an instant way to share your photos with your entire social network, and have everyone get involved.

*** Use FilmLoop to build a "Loop" of your personal photos. Share your Loop with friends, family, and anyone else who you think might be interested. Include photos of whatever, from wherever — Internet images, pictures from your phone, or pictures from your camera. Whenever you make a change to your Loop, everyone you've shared the Loop with sees your changes. Automatically. Instantly. Plus, your Loop can be updated, expanded and commented upon by anyone in your Loop, and everyone will see their updates instantly too. No login. No URL. No hassle. ***

How Filmloop look alike?
As I said before, you will feel "fresher" with Filmloop services. Actually, this is the "moving-picture" that you compile from your own collection. Other than that, you may share it with your collegues.

For me, even the Filmloop will make my blog more "beauty", but I can't place it here. Definitely there is a reason for me to said that. Yup, it is because I don't want my readers feel boring in order to open my webpage (keep waiting). You know.... this is a free hosting and it's quite slow.... yeah, whatever.

FilmLoop is not spyware, malware or spam. If you still have a doubt about it, just point your browser here and it will bring you to the official forum. You will get more information about it.

So, are you ready to use it now?
If you feel you want to give a try to this great Loops, you may download it here.
Opssss..... this free download is just for the Windows user for this time being.
But nevermind, FilmLoop™ for Mac is coming soon later.

Top 10 Brain!

It seems like my article was quiet beneficial lately. I never knew it before untill this morning. Like others blogger, sometimes we need to know about our "url-link" journey. This is another skill to know either our article's content was adapted in a legal or illegal way. I tried to find any site that relate to my article and guess what.... I found it.

Being a blogger is not an easy job and I'm pretty damn sure you'll agree with my statement. Blogging is not just express your inner "feeling" to the world, but it will change people's mind if you know how to hit their "HOT-BUTTON". Other that express your own feeling, sometimes it will become an official reference by certain type of internet users.

Now let's get back to the main topic.
I'm very glad that my original posting about brain already being a part of this site. In another side, I knew that it will help me to get more traffic to my site. Yeah..... it's always about traffic and it's always been. I'm wondering what if I just keep concentrate on a brain study? What if I create a new "brain-blog" for myself? what if....? what if....??
Naaahh.... it's just a dream.

Now based on my original posting about brain.
This article it's just a "study-case" for me as an Education Counsellor. And this site already help me a lot. I never thought that my article -Know Your Brain- will get more attention from the readers and it's already included in the top 10 'digg' (untill this day-Monday-9th Jan 2006).
Errmmm.... how to know that?

"Figures never lie"...
Now let me show you about the hits that've been recorded by CreativeThinkingNetwork webmaster.
First, click to the site link (CreativeThinkingNetwork).
Then, click on the "The-Brain" menu on the left bar.
After that, just give a free looking at the "Item Title" on the top of the list.
Look at the "Know Your Brain" title and keep looking at the -hits- amout that've been 'hit' by the readers.
At this page (first page), my article already got the highest hits from the readers among the rest.
Well.... I know that 39 hits is too low to compare but for me it's too huge dude...!!
Now, keep your eye on the "next page" link at the bottom of the list. You will see the rest article about brain and this articles still got a hits and it's still going on. There are 9 articles in that page that got a big hits.

So, am I telling you the true story about the Top 10 Brain?


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