Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Joel Comm is a FRAUD?

This is shocked man...!

I found this "hot' topic when I was told by my friend about this site.
At first, I'm not sure whether this is true or not. I thought this is just a rumours and nothing special about it. But after I look at the contents deeply, there is something wrong about the site (from my point of view).
And as you can see, it was stated there that Joel Comm was "involved" with the "spam blog promoter" named Rick Butts.

So, what is this all about?
It's known that Joel Comm is a owner of the Adsense-Secrets website (e-book). In his What Google Never Told You About Making Money With Adsense, he already help a lot of people outside there who want to be a "wealth blogger".
Many people had read and own his ebook and also a member on his forum.

I am not Joel's "blood" and I'm not paid by him to come up with this statement.
And I also have no gain from making this statement other than to make it clear. It's because as far as I know, Joel is a person who already succed with his own way.
The same thing goes when I asked my brother (BloggerTips webbie). He said that the book is very worthwhile and he has found that he is a very honest guy.

Bear in mind that Joel's forum has a lot of members...!
And you may check that Joel's adwords ( was to "famous" in the Google Adsense?
If he is a FRAUD, do you think that he will stayed longer in this "blogging zone"...?

So, do you still think that he is a FRAUD...? If you do, just give your marvellous comment about this "HOT" topic..!!

p/s: Joel Comm is a FRAUD...? I don't think so......


PLANET GUY said...

i don't really know, could be. to me it just sound to good to be true

admin said...

well, it's a fact now. even problogger also said the same thing about his success.


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