Friday, November 18, 2005

Richman and Donald Trump.

It was a rainy day and for today, I've got no deal and no sales. Maybe this "weather" actually want to tell me that today is my "rest day'. I think so.
And because of that, I have some time to submit my new posting for this blog right now. It's already 2week since I submit my last post.

Yup... I've got a personel invitation from Donald Trump.
It was yesterday and I still have a doubt for this e-mail. It's quite weird huh..? I know that this is one of the way for him to market his "Trump University".

But, the thing that I'm still thinking of is "is it real?" Is Donald Trump looking for his "new student"? Or he really got a financial problem with the "education earning"? Is Trump's university got no "demand" by the American's? Or maybe the university got a problem itself...?
Anyway, it just my opinion.

It's known that Mr Trump is a good "richman". Nobody doubt about it and me myself was a one of his fans. This is good example about the man who is really damn serious about his own business empire.

Let me give an example:
Can you imagine about the "marketing" that he is doing right now about his "Trump University". Do we have a guts like him? Ask yourself. As long as I know, nobody will "market" his own university like he did thru the internet.

I'm also really into his Apprentice show. My only comment about his show is that this is the longest "interview" that I've ever seen in my life. And of course all the candidates must know how to play the game. As for me, the best thing about this show is "reverse psychology" that've been "played" by all the candidates since season 1st.

Are you want to be like him...? Do you got the desire like him? Do you want to be a richman like him...?
If you are, why not you think like the way he think on How To Get Rich!!!?

Trump: How to Get Rich
Trump: How to Get Rich

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