Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New template and adsense.

It was such a good news when someone tell the others about our b'log. For me, it means that's our b'log is useful and quiet good (as a referance) for blo'ggers out there.
Eventhough there is a thousands of b'log in the blogosphere currently, but I'm feel proud of myself right now when someone talk about it. Same goes to you right..?? Ahaksss...!

Last night, I went to check out my last 20 referrers at my Extreme Tracking.
There is a few link from the big forum (Malaysian forum) that related to my b'log named And when I click to the thread that "mentioned" about my b'log, I just found that my url is there and it was mentioned by the person named Khalifah.

In this thread, he want to make his blog as good and pretty as he can ... but he doesn't know how to do that. I'm pretty damn sure that this is the honest statement for him to show that he really want to get his own new template + adsense programme.

My friend,
Let me tell you one thing. Me myself also was a dumb blogger before. That's why I made my true life journey in this b'log. There is 13 episodes inside it and all the articles is based on my own experience. Anyway, you may start from the 1st episode here.

Now, let's get back to the main topic.
If you want to change your template to the pretty one, just go to the Blogger Template. You might find the favourite template that you always wish for. If you don't, there is a link at the left bar in that site which still can offer you another kind of templates. And the process to "shift" the new template was to easy!

Get the new html code ----> Highlight (ctrl+A) ----> Copy (ctrl+C) ----> Paste in to your Template site (ctrl+V).
*** In order to not lose your basic html code for your original template, please make a back-up data for your basic html code or DO a copy first for your original html code in the Notepad or Microsoft Word.

Want to get serious for the html tutorial, point your browser here.
And if you're looking the best way to increase your income, make sure you know the right way to do it.
Isn't that so easy..??

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